A New Reason to Love the Saudis

Just for my sweet friend, Phil whom I love more than life itself:

Saudi king pardons rape victim

Though he still believes the sentences in the case were fair and while he is not changing the law, he acted in the interest of the people.

All along, I believed that the sentence was harsh.  However; I still believe it is the United States duty to butt out of international law when other countries serve us no threat.  Furthermore; I was sure the girl was going to get pardoned and knew that opportunists like Huckabee took it upon themselves to make light of this one isolated incident to fall into the liberal trap of pitting us up against a strong ally.

In the end, we’re all happy I suppose.



4 thoughts on “A New Reason to Love the Saudis

  1. But there are many more that haven’t been pardoned. Like the princess who was beheaded for adultery.

    I don’t think we should invade Saudi for their horrible treatment treatment of, well, everyone. But I do think that as Americans we are beholden to make our displeasure known in other ways when a culture is being ass-backwards and sick.

    As to the threat from Saudi Arabia… Well, how many of the 9/11 hijackers came from SA? With the royal family in charge, the threat is under-the-radar terrorism that is funded by… the royal family!

    SA may not be a significant and overt national threat right now, at 10:22 pm December 17, 2007, but I’m not making any predictions for the Royal Family’s future past 10:23 pm. And, much like the fall of the Shah, we’ll be in deep crap when it happens.

  2. I just imagined John Edwards in charge in such a situation…

    New pants are necessary. Remind me never to do that again. 🙂

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