Now It’s Personal

Barack Obama made the mistake, as far as libs go, of praising former president Ronald Reagan.  The response from Hillary and John Edwards left me dumbfounded.  I’m a little amazed, but not totally surprised, that these two would rip the Gipper.  After all, they absolutely need to win back some of the Reagan Democrats in their pursuit of the White House.

I love the words, particularly, of the Edwards camp…

“The breadth of change Ronald Reagan brought was crippling for millions of Americans, with the two worst recessions since the Depression, a complete disregard for the rights of American labor, and tax cuts that lined the pockets of the richest Americans at the expense of fiscal sanity and the well-being of the most vulnerable in our society,” said Edwards campaign manager David Bonior.

Incredible.  I’m amazed that Obama made the statement in the first place – especially his comments about shrinking government.  I doubt Obama is sincere about that.  More likely he has the better plan – appeal to the Reagan Dems by invoking the greatness that made Ronald Reagan an icon.  His opponents are idiotic in attempting to degrade Reagan.  I can guarantee you that no Democrat will win without pulling in the Reagan Democrats.  Why the hell, then, would you go and alienate these people?

It’s incomprehensible, but I hope they keep it up.  As Hillary struggles against Obama, she just keeps saying the wrong things again and again.  Maybe Obama actually has a better head on his shoulders than the Hellcat.

Don’t take that as any kind of endorsement.


5 thoughts on “Now It’s Personal

  1. Ron was a monumental mistake.

    Dear One. Your party does not care about you.
    What are you thinking?

    Peace anyway.

  2. Thanks for your comments and your concern, but Ronald Reagan’s presidential legacy has already been born out as one that led to the collapse of communism and created a blueprint for economic strengthand prosperity. But I wouldn’t expect most liberals to understand that.

    As for my party, there are those who don’t respect the fact that I am gay in the GOP. I also know that there are plenty who do or don’t care one way or the other. I also know that conservative principles are the best bet for the preservation and strengthening of this nation. And THAT – is important regardless of one’s sexuality, gender or ethnicity.

    This is an old argument.

  3. Hillary and Edwards cite the best example of my Dad’s advice, “When you really have nothing to say, don’t .”
    I’d say, Obama set a trap and they ‘talked’ right in.

  4. I never really thought about that, Shawmut. It’s entirely possible that he was setting a trap in keeping with his goal of being a unifying candidate. If so, then I would rate it as a brilliant strategy. Think it’ll make CNN’s “Political Play of the Week?”

  5. That’s a worthy question. On the other hand, CNN may not want to amplify irreconcilable differences to the benefit of future GOP efforts in the finals. I should think that Hillary and Edwards would be smarting a bit from such a bite.
    Remember, Hillary used to commune with Eleanor Roosevelt as though she had access to the Oracle at Delphi (and Mrs. Reagan had a ‘spiritualist’.)
    I guess it’s atmospheric as one goes higher in the ether.

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