Saving The Economy

High oil prices, a weakened US dollar, the subprime mortgage fiasco and other factors have pushed the nation to the edge.  GW, unlike his father before him (faced with a hurting US economy), has acknowledged the fact and is going to do something about it.  The White House has engaged leaders of both parties and Fed Chairman, Ben Bernake to come up with a quick response in order to avoid a recession.

President Bush has suggested a $145 billion economic stimulus package that includes a tax rebate of $800 for an individual or $1600 for a married couple.  The idea is to put money into the hands of people who will spend the money quickly and spur the economy.  Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, agree and are working with the the White House to iron out the details for a quick response.  The Dems want to extend unemployment benefits and reach out to those who don’t pay taxes, but they have quickly embraced Bush’s ideas.

Stop for a minute.  Ponder for a moment.

It took a couple of days for this to sink in for me.  But now, I’m mad and joyous at the same time.

When faced with an impending economic crisis – when the economy is at a critical mass —- the Democrats are willing to embrace tax cuts and rebates!

Does anyone else see the irony here?  Does anyone else smell the stench of hypocrisy?  Dems are gung-ho about raising taxes and taxing the public into oblivion when times are good.  But when a real crisis looms, they suddenly understand the need to put money back into the hands of taxpayers.

I’ll say it again.  The Democrats led by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are happily embracing a stimulus package which includes tax incentives for businesses and gives tax dollars back to the American people.  They admit that this will spur the economy and potentially help stave off a recession.

What the F, people?  Why does it make sense for the Dems to advocate such actions at this one moment in time?  But it doesn’t make sense to them to do it ALL the time?  It just betrays their hypocrisy and total lack of economic knowledge.  This all goes to prove that the GOP has it right. 

Bush helped in heading off a major economic catastrophe after 9/11.  His tax rebate plan and his tax cuts infused more money into the economy that kept us from falling into a deep hole.  The Democrats knew that then and they realize it now.  But don’t look for the tax sucking, class-warfare breeding numbskulls to carry this over beyond the moment.

We will help the economy, spur growth, and avoid a major recession and then the Dems will be back to their old games – swearing up and down that tax breaks won’t do enough to help the American people.



5 thoughts on “Saving The Economy

  1. Great Post, Philip!

    You are *SO* right!

    And to go further the Dems should admit that they’re part of the reason for high fuel prices; seeing as how their special interest groups are what have kept us from building new refineries or drilling for oil on our own soil.

    Makes my blood boil.

    At least W wants to do something about it.

  2. Thanks Jennifer.

    The Dems kowtowing to the environmental lobby is a big reason why we are so energy-dependent, but I also fault the GOP which did nothing about in 12 years of Congressional control.

    I am happy to see the bipartisan response to the pending economic downturn. When George Sr. was faced with a recession, he chose to ignore and deny it until it was too late. GW has every right to be proud of how this economy has thrived under his administration, but he’s also not too proud to admit when things are looking rough.

    His quick action and attempts to pull in the Fed as well as both parties for quick action almost reminds me of his bipartisan days as governor of Texas. That’s the W I remember.

  3. I’m not suprised that they support the presidents proposal. Let us remember one thing, it’s election year. It’s all calculated. Let us not forget that every tax increase proposition last election went down because the people said no to higher taxes. They think were stupid enough to believe that they are for lower taxes.

  4. I was actually surprised today. I didn’t catch the whole speech, but it seemed that Rush was deriding the stimulus plan as an election-year scam. I would be against any final provisions that give rebates to non-taxpayers or provisions to extend welfare handouts, but I think the rebate for taxpayers is a smart idea. Anybody know why Rush might be slamming the proposal?

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