Coulter Picks Hillary Over McCain

I feel a big debate coming on.  I have to throw it out there to get everyone’s opinion.

I usually keep Phil’s and my conversations personal, but he will vouch for the fact that him and I – around Christmas – had a discussion where him and I talked about the front-runners and I was saying that Hillary was no different than McCain when it came it their positions.  He was also a little shocked when I was saying I wished Hillary would get the nomination over Obama for the Democratic ticket.

I suppose in the end, Coulter and I are soulmates on these positions. 

For the record, I’m praying for Romney at this point.


28 thoughts on “Coulter Picks Hillary Over McCain

  1. What you have to understand is that irrelavent people must continue to push the envelope of the absurd to get attention.

    Anne Coulter is the Britteny Spears of the far rightwingnut political spectrum of American Politics. I think she needs help.

    Along with the talk radio hacks who also are fading into utter irrelavency – the “Howard Stern” approach is all they have left.

    Shock jock prevaor of all that is truth – Shawn Hannity has been following his mentors Limgaugh and Levin down the same tracks that lead to….. THE CLIFF OF THEIR OWN MAKING.

    Once upon a time they talked about Republicanism, Reaganism, the values of conservatism in a passionate, entertaining, and thoughtful way. Being the ‘opposition’ party and wing during the Clinton years they hammered away at the scandles and failures of Clinton while dodging the sucesses. Then in the Republican re-alignment with the Contract for America – bold new opportunities arose to complete an agenda for change they had so long touted. Squandered – utterly and hopelessly wasted. Of course.. blamed on the ‘democrat’ party and Clinton…. one they went spiraling down the cliff toward the abyss.


    Because they are NOT conservatives. They are hacks, pure and unadulterated political hacks with near ZERO understanding of the foundational pricipals of this nation. Oh sure they quote the Gipper, hail judicial restraint, and oh let us not forget their first commandment – lower taxes. And there it is. Unashamed GREED, in the highest tradition of Ann Rand and John Galt.

    Throw out the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution – insert the Holy Capitalist Manifesto. The temples of their faith – not too disimilar from the new Churches of Riches where God actually owes you money phenomenon – are the halls of Government, and massive congregations of loyal listeners passing the plate.

    They have a very loyal neandrethal audience who babble their very words around the water coolers and dinner table day in and day out.
    But alas – that is all they have left.

    So what Ann and the rest of them REALLY want – is for Hillary to win. Because without her – they have zero hope of capturing the causual listener, providing the loyalist with more hate filled demagougery, and about zip chance of having any political influence in or out of the republican party.

  2. See, I just totally disagree with the notion that she’s just trying to be outrageous. She never “tried” to be outrageous. She’s an American person who is brave enough to speak her mind – HOW SHOCKING! Apparently you’re the same.

    John McCain is indeed the only Republican candidate that liberals are supporting. Also, the far-left loons (the same ones that say Ann Coulter is a “shock-jock”) are the same ones who despise Hillary and love Obama and Kerry for denouncing the success of the troop surge while Hillary remained the only Democrat that refused to jump all over Bush’s parade.

    Ann Coulter is as conservative and level-headed when it comes to politics as they come. She’s nothing but a mere Republican defending the principles of her party.


    Democrats are allowed to vote in all aspects of the primary, thus explaining John McCain’s sudden surge at the polls.

    McCain’s policies are so close to the left that the difference between him and Hillary in terms of long-term affect on the country is; at best, similar! So the negative things start to happen as a result of their abusurdity on the things that we disagree with as a party.

    THAT; people, is when we have to care about the letter “R”! The reputation of the Republican party and the long-term affects one is going to have on the country for generations to come….

    Do you want them looking back and saying a Democrat (Hillary) caused that? Or do we want to look back and say a Republican did it?

    I’m so disappointed in the segment of our party that fail to see the bigger picture. The letter “R” is important when it comes to our principles….not for the sheer purposes of saying “we beat the Democrats!”

    There are elections in the future, Senate, Presidential, Governorships – that depend on who will take the blame for the mess that is going to happen as a result of either Hillary or McCain taking the White House.

    I’m sick of the idea that anyone out there with the ability to make this important distinction could be pegged as “outgrageous” or “bad for Republicans.”

  3. I appologize for the sting of my remarks.

    I voted for the Gipper twice. Voted for GHW Bush twice. Voted for Jack Kemp – then Bob Dole. Voted for GW Bush.

    CONSERVATIVE: a definition.

    A Constitutional Federalist. Also can get along with Hamilton.

    The role of government should be limited to the functional, and shared relationship between the states, ergo national defense, infrastructure etc.

    Taxation should be primarily progressive – consumption based, with zero penalties for savings and invenstment that actually provides for family wealth generation or builds something in the economy.

    The rule of law – not men.

    We the people – not “I am the decider”, pork barrels and sows ears.

    Judicial restraint.

    A foriegn policy that reflects our highest values laid down in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Peace through strength. Trust but verified.

    All articulated in the spirit of statesmenship and reason.

    (how am I doing so far?)

    Now here is why Ann and the others of the far right are befuddled, bambozzled and just plain scratching their (arses) heads.

    They want all of the States to tow the line on crap like REAL ID and survailance from the executive branch of the federal government.

    They are hauling our national guardsman off to a foriegn war of occupation, leaving our borders wide open, borrowing money from China to bomb bridges in Iraq, and borrowing more money from China to fix them …. in Iraq. We have bridges falling down – and don’t even get me started on Katrina.

    Bush Tax Cuts. Give money to Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Shawn Hannity, and make it permanent for all eternity. Borrow money from China.

    The constitution gives the power of TREATY to the Congress. Republicans want executive control to open the borders even more… and did I mention…. borrow money from China?

    We the People – actually understand that in this new century and new millenium – that the powers of South East Asia together will represent the most explosive economic and military growth ever seen. That this presents vast new challenges, and opportuniites that must be managed. Our attention to this part of the world, and our relationships there are critical. We the People understand that Russia is an important ally and friend that requires cooperation and grooming, as well as patient, and dillegent restraint.

    Our foreign policy must reflect the reality that we possess over FIVE THOUSAND THREE HUDRED AND TWENETY TWO POINT FIVE nuclear warheads that can target anything and anywhere on earth in a matter of 30 minuts. The idea that we need to FEAR a bunch of hooka smoking camel jockies hidding in caves half way around the world is beyond rediculous. THERE IS NO EVIL ISLAMOFACIST EMPIRE OF DOOM. Honest and dillegent offensive action is necessary and prudent, but in order to be JUST it must be measured and symetrical to the threat.

    Whiping out entire villages, indescriminatly killing 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of civilians in the crossfire of disproportuate use of military force is immoral – and borders on a high crime and misdemeanor in violation of the constitutional charge of the office of President of the United States. If we loose 3000 on a clear September day… and then turn around and kill a hundred thousand innocent civilians who had nothing to do with that day – that is not protecting America, it is not Moral, it is not Justice – it is blind revenge and delusional hatred.

    Conservatives no longer walk softly and carry a big stick. They smack everyone opposed to their narrow ideology with a massive telephone pole, and spew venomous hatred at the top of their lungs both at home, and across the oceans of the world to distant shores, or desert sands.



    The time has come again for resonable men and women of different opinions to gather at the parthenon of truth and debate their differences with civility and grace.
    The time has come for our leaders to lead by the example and strength of their ideas – rather than the rankor and vitrol of their fowl mouths.

    The polar extreams of this nation are SCREAMING for attention – because they are becoming marginalized and powerless. The common man is standing up to cast ballots for those with vision, and a focus on the future.

    And I sir… am one of them.

  4. Who’s becoming marginalized and powerless? This has nothing to do with that. All mainstream talk radio, Fox News, Coulter’s books, etc. remain the best sellers, the most-watched, etc.

    If Ann Coulter were an everyday citizen, she would make sense making the same point. What you’re not getting is that she isn’t buying into someone just because they claim to be Republican.

    We are needed all over the world! That’s the part I am not sure you understand…though you seem to understand it quite well in the case of Southeast Asia.

    Constitution has nothing do – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – to do with how our enemies or their supporters living right here in the United States are treated.

    The Patriot Act, holding prisoners at Guantanamo, occupying Iraq until it is our military – NOT TERRORISTS – that have the strong foothold there are measures taken to protect us.

    FDR held loyal Japanese Americans in internment camps during WW2, Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus during the Civil War. In war time – which our country is in – Supreme Courts do not touch these issues, nor should they.

    Real Republicans (Americans) understand the point. They don’t support granting amnesty to illegals, they don’t support letting terror suspects captured throughout the war run all over the place un-detained, they don’t support high taxes.

    Taxes are to be used for our National Security – first and foremost…not to provide more welfare to millions of people who are on their 4th child that they cannot afford.

    We cannot raise taxes any further. The top 1% of wage-earners are already responsible for 70% of what is retained by the Treasury – how much more should they pay? Taxes not only cannot be raised, they need to be lowered as Bush has done three times now since entering office.

    Real Americans agree with these policies, it has nothing to do with extreme Republicanism, or outrageous people.

    Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. would not be successful if it weren’t for the American people. The same ones listening, buying books, and watching Fox – making them all NUMBER ONE – are the same ones going to the polls to cast ballots for those with common sense (or the lack thereof)…

    I, sir am one of those!

  5. You beat me to the punch, Steve. I was a little slow on this one, but I logged on here with the intention of posting that clip of Ann and asking your opinion.

    First and foremost, I think Romney is more conservative. I’m bitter that voters didn’t choose Duncan or Fred. Their loss. Those were the true conservatives in the race.

    But you/Ann/Rush are on a different side of the boat from me and Hannity. Yeah, underdog, Hannity has bashed McCain, but from what I have heard, he will also vote for him against Hillary. That’s as it should be. We’ll watch him like a hawk and hold him accountable, but we aren’t suicidal.

    Everyone needs to log onto today and read the articles about McCain. It’s point-counterpoint stuff for sure. I’m pretty torn up. John leaves me with mixed feelings, but I think it is asinine for any conservative to say that they would support Hillary over McCain. Tell me that you’ll sit this one out. I’ll still be dissatisfied, but at least that is a more respectable position versus supporting Hillary.

    Ann has gone off the deepend, and even Hannity (her friend) was bemused by this ridiculous assertion. Let her go support Hillary. She will lose a lot of credibility with most in the GOP and what little credibility she has with me personally.

    I’m rooting for Mitt right now, but I refuse to let the Hell Bitch into office. And I refuse to let Barack Hussein Obama into office. I will begrudgingly vote for McCain if he is our only choice. I just don’t see how any Republican and/or conservative could do otherwise.

    Maybe I’m naive. But I’ve made up my mind.

  6. I agree with her. And I know you and I spar sometimes, but the thing is I know we believe in all of the same things.

    Bottom line: both ideals are going to mess up the country. There has been nobody like Rush or Hannity or Ann that has been a good voice for strong conservative ideas. These people’s inner-principles are no different than yours and mine.

    It’s the after-effect. It’s so bad now that I really am thinking about the future. Under Hillary at least – when the country is a mess – we can look back and say “Democrats did it!” We let one Republican like McCain get in – who may as well be a Democrat – and I guarantee, we will lose control of the White House for years and years and years.

    But I suppose I could be wrong. We’ll see I guess.

  7. Steve, buddy – you agree with everything Coulter says about anything. She’s attractive, feisty and sometimes entertaining. But she’s also often a mindless extremist. Even Hannity was ripping her over the statements about Hillary.

    You’ve got to stop drinking her Kool-Aid. You’re smarter than that. I know I’ll probably open a can of worms here. But consider this an intervention from a concerned friend.

  8. You aren’t opening a can of worms in the regard that I am going to be angry at you for stating your opinion.

    But she isn’t handing out Kool Aid. And your characterization of her – a fellow Republican – whose positions are more in line with your own; certainly more than John McCain’s are, a “mindless-extremist” is preposterous. Is Rush a “mindless extremist” too? How about Sean Hannity?

    Her point is that we have become so damned terrified of Hillary Clinton that we really are willing to sit back and allow liberals, the media, and others to literally re-define Republicanism.

    And you know what Phil, it’s working! You’re proof of it right now! You think that Ann Coulter; an Ivy league grad and someone who stands more with you and I on positions than John McCain does, is a “mindless extremist” because she has the ability to make liberals scream in record number.

    You can disagree with her tact if you choose to. But she is absolutely right on this one. Because we are so scared of losing to Hillary, we have turned into a bunch of weenies scraping the bottom of the pudding cup for anyone that stands with a letter R at the end of their names.

    Her point – and mine as well (if you remember our conversation at Christmas when you were trying to get me to admit that John McCain was a conservative) is that Hillary Clinton is absolutely more conservative than John McCain is on many issues.

    It really will be no difference in terms of the long term affects on our country.

    That doesn’t make someone a mindless extremist Phil; it makes someone logical enough to see the distinction between a party that has values and ideals and a party that is desperate.

    Moreover; you knew I felt this way already because of our conversation in December. Remember, when you almost leapt through the computer screen and strangled me?

    This really is a frustrating time to be a Republican.

  9. I don’t consider Rush or Hannity mindless extremists. That’s because they are typically thoughtful and coherent in their defense of conservativism.

    When I listen to Ann, I usually cringe because a lot of what she says, while technically correct, is said in a manner that is grating, logically incongruous and belligerent. She is patronizing. She carries her points to an extreme. And she taunts people like a 10 year-old schoolgirl. She might be well-educated, but she does little to help the conservative cause. She has become a caricature that the MSM loves to seize upon in order to portray the right as a bunch of unstable, shooting-from-the-hip nuts. And why the heck not? Ann provides them plenty of fodder for perpetuating that sterotype.

    And I am not a “weenie.” I know that four years of a Dem in the White House could lead to four more. Not necessarily because I think Obama and Hillary will do a good job, but because I understand the power of incumbency.

    I am not willing to let Hillary rule from Pennsylvania Avenue for 8 or even 4 years. Do you know how much devastation she could cause in that amount of time? Are you and Ann really willing to risk that? That’s selfish if so.

    You cannot tell me that a man with an 83% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union is worse than Hillary. Fred Thompson was 86% and Newt Gingrich was 89%. It is absolute lunacy to say that you would rather see Hillary in office than McCain. It is also absurd to claim that she is in anyway more conservative than him.

    Support who you want in the primaries. That’s what they are for. I am supporting Mitt. But at then end of the day, if McCain is the nominee, I will line up behind him because I understand the alternative. Apparently Ann doesn’t. Or she doesn’t care. I’m sure it will just give her job security if Clinton gets into office. At least someone’s job will be secure.

  10. Ah, so now it’s not what she says, it’s how she said it.

    I suppose you’re right though. I mean; after all, back during the B.C. (Before Coulter) days of the “conservative cause”, the New York Times just held the conservative cause in such a high regard, didn’t they?

    Back in the 70’s when John Lennon was singing “Give Peace a Chance” and Walter Cronkite was screaming about the Red Coats coming during the Vietnam war, thank God conservatives remained sweet and acerbic through it all – otherwise we may have suffered an embarrassing withdrawal from Vietnam and those people would still be living under communism today! Oh, wait.

    The wonderful days of B.C. conservatism when Ronald Reagan was denounced and gay liberals spit on the Eucharist in response to rumors that Reagan blamed AIDS on them.

    The peaceful harmonious times of 1994 when the Gingrich Revolution hit Washington and the new conservative government “acerbically” rewrote legislation that stripped funds away from “many programs that helped children and the poor” (Dan Rather, 1994). Thank God we remained acerbic and nice, otherwise those liberals and the media may have portrayed us as Nazis or segregationists.

    Finally, who can forget when Newt Gingrich was brutally attacked by the NY Times for the duration of the 90’s and throughout the Clinton administration?

    I’m so happy Ann Coulter wasn’t around in the 70’s through the 90’s – because the “conservative cause” would not have had the opportunity to prevent much of the dangerous effects liberal policies would have had on us for decades to come.

    Yes, that was sarcasm. Yes, it was said in an Ann Coulter type of way. Sometimes it takes that to get people to listen.

    When will people learn that liberals do not respond to sweet and acerbic? And when they do, they transform it to hate speech immediately, spin it, and make it 10-times worse than anything Ann Coulter has ever realistically said.

  11. Steve, it’s not just how she says it. It’s the extremes that she goes to. She can take a good concept and carry it to a stupid, idiotic extreme. Just like this McCain thing.

    She started out being principled by objecting to McCain for his flaws and missteps. Then she carries it out to the extreme that says “I’ll campaign for Hillary.” Not just vote for the hellcat, but actively campaign for her. I’m not even sure Ann believes what she is saying.

    I’m sorry to be so blunt. I know you love Ann. I love you dude, so this isn’t meant to offend you. But the woman has diarrhea of the mouth. She can’t help herself. She doesn’t know when to stop or when to zip the soup cooler. She starts with a good idea and takes it out beyond the stratosphere to a place where no real human would go.

    Don’t think that I’m a lukewarm, moderate wuss. I’m not and you know it. But I can just think of 1000 other conservatives that I would rather have speak for me than Ann Coulter. She’s a disaster.

  12. It isn’t taking it to an extreme. Just because Hillary has a “D” at the end of her name doesn’t theoretically mean that John McCain is going to run the country any better.

    If McCain runs the country, it’ll be as big of a mess as if Hillary runs it.

    He’s denounced Guantanamo, interrogation at Guantanamo, he supports amnesty for illegals, etc., etc., etc.

    Everything GW Bush put in place to protect this country, he denounces. (The only thing he supported Bush on was the amnesty for illegals.)

    I just find it really odd that of all the reasons you would say someone is bad for the “conservative cause” that it would be Ann Coulter because she speaks her mind rather than John McCain who’s against everything we need to support in order to remain safe and to win the war on terror.

    Let’s not forget campaign finance reform!

    His ONLY strong point is that he is pro-life. That’s it! But he also seems to be against justices to the Courts nominated by Bush.

    Pick one – I will pick Hillary and you will pick McCain. Either way, the country is headed for perilous times.

    I’d just rather it be on the Democrats watch, not on someone who should be a Democrat parading around as a Republican.

    THAT is what is bad for the conservative cause.

    Finally, you are right. I do love Ann Coulter. But I have disagreed with her positions numerous times in the past. When she said that Bush alienated the country by coming out for civil unions, when she originally said that she would not vote for Giuliani because he was not pro-life (just to name a couple.)

  13. I know, bad reader over here, but I didn’t take what Ann said as anything more than just a sarcastic way to point out that the She Bitch and McCain are close in what they believe.

    McCain is NOT a conservative. He’s a RINO. Period.

    I figure by saying she’s voting for Hillary that she’s trying to make people think about why we’d want McCain.

  14. Wait- I should clarify my bad reader comment- I didn’t read through the entire banter between
    Steve-o and Philip, so that’s why I’m a bad reader.

    I simply put in my two cents. 😛

  15. You’re a good reader Jennifer. We love ya.

    BTW – Ann has been given ample opportunity to clarify her remarks. I heard her on Hannity’s radio show when Hannity and Pat Cadell were trying to call her bluff. She said she is serious and not joking. That’s what she says anyway. You never really know with her.

  16. In life, we’re given choices. I am simply saying that between the two, there really is no difference.

    That’s it.

    Can we get Bush to run again?

  17. Why get Bush to run? He advocated McCain’s immigration plan which was virtually identical to his own. He signed McCain-Feingold into law. He buddied up with Ted Kennedy on “No Child Left Behind” and the Medicare bill. Of course he is anti-abortion and strong on national defense.

    Not trying to prolong an argument. Just trying to make a point.

    PS: I still love ya, Steve.

  18. I don’t think Hillary’s reaction to the war will be anything different than McCain. Right now, she’s still trying to warm the hearts of the Moveon nuts. But, at the state of the union – as Coulter stated – when Bush announced that the surge had lowered violence and moved us closer to victory, Clinton lept up and applauded while the other Dems sat.

    Clinton supported the war going in and played politics throughout the last 2 midterms and now of course with the Presidential election. I am sure though that she won’t pull out especially now that we’re making great progress.

    McCain is not equal to Bush on national security however. He’s against interrogations, Guantanamo altogether, etc. There are vast differences and moreover; Bush gave us Iraq (which I’ve always supported) and gave us two amazing Supreme Court justices (something McCain whined about both times.)

    Bush is a good conservative who screws up and pisses us off – he isn’t Ronald Reagan, but he’s much better than John McCain.

  19. I could keep going, Steve. But I’m gonna end this thread (my part of it). We’ll just see what happens over the next few days. Should be interesting.

  20. Sorry Jenn!

    I think Phil has people like myself (or Ann) as Hillary lovers now. What he doesn’t get is when we are faced with a probability of something like John McCain, we MUST see the strong points of the alternative.

    And I’m going to make this point one more time – it’s the after-effects of the NEXT presidency that is going to reflect on the same party that is going to hold it for decades to come. People just don’t understand what kind of mess the world is going to be in with Clinton or McCain.

    So lets be clear:

    McCain is no better than Clinton.
    But Clinton IS much better than Obama.
    Obama is no better than Kucinich.

    And God Bless us all.

    We must expect perilous times. It’s just better to allow it to fall into the laps of the Democrats where it belongs. Not into the laps of Republicans because of one man who may as well be a Democrat.

  21. I don’t support John McCain. He claims that he is proud of his conservative record. If he is proud of his conservative record, why does he leave out McCain/Feingold, McCain/Kennedy, McCain/Lieberman, and McCain/Kennedy/Edwards on the campaign trail and the debates?
    At the last CNN debate, he flat out lied when he said he voted for the Bush tax cuts. Tax cuts he opposed using class warfare to make his arguments. Now he’s for making the tax cuts permanent.
    He claims he’s the strongest candidate on national security, but I strongly disagree. He’s againts tough interogation on terrorists, he’s for closing Gitmo and he’s for open borders. He couldn’t even answer the question when asked if he’s president, if he would sign McCain/Kennedy.
    With all that said, I will never forget when he and his partner Lindsay Graham called us who are againts his amnesty bill, BIGOTS. I happen to be a legal immigrant who will become a US citizen and voting. I and so many Americans were insulted when they called us bigots.
    I support Gov Romney and for the sake of the Republican party and the country, I hope he wins the nomination and the general election.

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