And the Big Spending Begins!

Just moments after learning that Mitt Romney is officially out, Democrats are wasting no time at stupidly spending our money.

Social Security recipients and certain “jobless” Americans feel it is “unfair” that they will not be receiving the tax rebate checks endorsed by President Bush this year.  So, of course Democrats and “some Republicans “are including them.  After all, it’s free money, right?

It’s not like I’m a licensed accountant or anything – oh wait – YES I AM!  Let me explain what a tax rebate is.  A tax rebate occurs when we wind up paying the United States Treasury (as all of us that work do) tax in any given tax year.

SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENTS and JOBLESS ONES do not have tax liability!  How in the hell can they expect a TAX REBATE when they don’t pay any tax in the first place!!??

I propose an all-out Republican vote-out this year.  Just don’t go to the polls at all.  That way, we won’t have the embarrassment of further decisions made like this under John McCain and we won’t have to be insane enough to vote for Hillary Clinton.


10 thoughts on “And the Big Spending Begins!

  1. Oh good grief, Steve. The Venezuelan opposition called for boycotts of their elections. The result? Hugo Chavez gained greater power in the legislative branch and entrenched himself in power for years to come. Iranian moderates called for boycotts in their elections a couple of years ago. The result? The nutjob made his job easier by sweeping into power the nutty conservative Islamists who prop his sorry ass up.

    A boycott is NOT an answer. Take a breath and relax. There’s a lot to fight for, and I’m about to go nuts with hearing conservatives ready to cede this election to people like Hillary and Obama who will only run this nation into the ground. Where is the principle in that?

    I respect you, Steve. But I see that statement as highly asinine. You don’t give up when things don’t go your way. That’s not the story of American democracy.

    You’re gonna love my next post.

    If we make it through this election without strangling each other, we’ll be doing good. You’re still my favorite Illinois dude though.

  2. Philip,

    It’s either Hillary, McCain, or it’s Obama.

    Pick one. What’s it equal? 4 ROTTEN YEARS!

    Now take this point seriously – assuming both McCain and Clinton are going to make the same preposterous decisions, which one do you think Republicans in Congress are going to fight harder? Hillary or a fellow “Republican?”

    Making it through this election is not my long-term view of this Phil. It’s making it through the next 40 years!

    Sorry, but we have perilous times ahead. And the sooner we face it, the better.

    It is yours and my responsibiliy as conservatives to send a message out to Americans that conservatives DO NOT accept candidates like John McCain, Bob Dole, or Barry Goldwater.

    Let’s start today. Really, just accept it…it will bring more clarity.

  3. Moreover; as a friend I love you very much. But stop letting your temper get to you.

    You, I, and the rest of us are PISSED OFF and we should be.

    You’re accepting a shit candidate.

    I’m accepting that we’re going to have four horrible years. I just don’t want Americans looking back and saying it was “because a Republican was in the White House!”

  4. I’m laid-back and have a notoriously calm temperament. I do get agitated, however, at folks who are willing to be knee-jerk and cede the party because they didn’t get their way.

    I’m glad that you, Ann and Rush subscribe to the same line of thinking. I guess I’m not a good conservative. I just think that Hillary Clinton will do more bad in 4 years than John McCain. You talk about 40 years. Think about 40 years inspired by Hillary.

    I’m calm and relaxed now. I understand what I need to do. I just hope everyone else understands that too.

  5. Don’t vote for Hillary. I honestly don’t care.

    I personally would vote for Daffy Duck over John McCain, Phil because I think McCain and ANY Democrat’s positions are about five millimeters apart.

    Hillary has an excuse – SHES A LIBERAL.

    What’s McCain’s?

  6. It is not a tax rebate when people who haven’t paid taxes are getting a check.

    It is not a tax rebate when not all of the people who have paid tax are getting a check.

    It is not a stimulus for our economy when most of the funds will wind up, through Hillary’s friends at Walmart, in China.

    It is not a stimulus for our economy in that I thought we had gotten past the old Keynesian theory of deficits stimulating the economy. We already have a $200 billion deficit– how will more debt help?

    If we are going to insist on burdening our children and grandchildren with more debt, the least we could do is build or repair some roads, or bridges, or help end our dependency on foreign oil by building more refineries or by slapping solar panels on every flat roof in America– something that will help the next generation.

    Anyone receiving this check should know what it is– a welfare check drawn on our children’s checking account.

    This isn’t just sour grapes–and on other sites I’ve received a lashing that anyone earning over $75,000 “doesn’t need” a rebate. That’s not the point. If the government is doling out a check based on “need”–then guess what? That’s welfare. And they should have the guts to call it what it is.

    Shame on every politician that supports this wasteful giveaway, and shame on every person who cashes the check.

  7. I have no problem with taxpayers receiving the rebate checks. I’ve always been of the opinion that the government takes too much of our money to begin with. It’s not theirs. It’s ours!

    They need to stop the flow of our money to stupid entitlements and pork-barrel projects. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about burdening future generations. The government wouldn’t require so much of our hard-earned wages to sustain itself.

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