You Say Good-Bye. I Say Hello.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, gave his farewell speech in advance of Russia’s March 2nd elections. Obviously (if you even remotely follow Russian politics), Vlad is not going away.  He will be the next Prime Minister and will continue to pull the puppet strings of his annointed successor, Dmitry Medvedev – the all-but-guaranteed winner of Russia’s rigged elections.

Russia is not a democracy.  And Putin is a diguised dictator. Well, not very well-disguised.

Putin railed against the West and NATO – particularly the United States’ missile defense efforts that include stations in the Czech Republic and Poland.  He also decried NATO expansionism into East Europe (the former Soviet satellites).

Putin is a murderer, a liar, a dictator and a sorry excuse for a human being.  He has quelched any real opposition, denied basic freedoms to the Russian people and aided anti-democratic/terrorist regimes around the world.  The bad part of all of this is – the Russian people have bought into this BS.

I have no hope for Russia.  I don’t pretend to believe that there will ever be any progress in this nation in the near future. They are relevant to an extent, but they have been neutered by the West thus far.  I hope that continues to be the case.  If oil prices continue to fall, Russia’s weaknesses will show.  The problem is that most Russians are content to live under a fascist dictatorship.  And Putin will continue to rule for years to come.


One thought on “You Say Good-Bye. I Say Hello.

  1. Twenty years of working toward democracy does not erase over a thousand years of serfdom with an existential belief in the sacrifice for the great Mother Russia.

    Russians see Putin as their ticket towards greatness again. Thus, they revere him, just as they revered Stalin for making the world fear Russia.

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