An Update On The Pups


An update on my baby pups.  They are entering week 6 now.  We have a few takers, but I’m not letting them go for another couple of weeks.  The picture above is my hubby, Patrick, and my favorite baby.  We’re calling him Squirt for now.  He is staying with us.  I love runts, and this was the runt of the litter.

I’m looking for a unique name for my boy.  It has to end in -ee (not the letters, but the sound).  Mom is Chloe, dad is Loki, and my other dog is Lottie.  If you have a name idea for my baby boy, give it up.  I’m looking for something different.


6 thoughts on “An Update On The Pups

  1. Well, I would go with Harry (as in Truman), but we have a penchant for naming our pets after famous people! We currently have an Ike (Eisenhauer, not Turner!), and we’ve previously had a Teddy (Roosevelt), an Aggie (Agamemnon), a Bogey, and a Ben (Franklin).

    I was all set to name Ike *Golda (Meier)* had he been a girlie dog, but we were blessed with our boy instead.

  2. I really like Teddy. I wish I had thought about that. I spent hours pouring through names over a period of a couple of weeks. It was beginning to get frustrating.

    I appreciate the input. We did finally decide on a name, however – Brodie. We were looking for something from the realm of mythology or ancient history to go with Loki and Chloe. But Brodie really suited him. It feels better to call him something besides “Squirt.”

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