I Donated!

I donated today. 

Nah.  Not blood.  I’m a gay male, remember?

I donated a few bucks to John McCain today.  And you know why? 

I donated because this “hit piece” in the New York Times was the shoddiest, slimiest piece of so-called reporting I’ve seen in a while.  This garbage actually didn’t even deserve the title of “journalism” even though the bar for journalism has been lowered substantially in the last couple of decades.

Go read the piece.  I won’t even to bother to recount it here except to say that the NYT threw out innuendos about McCain having an affair with a female lobbyist a decade ago without the slightest bit of proof.  They didn’t even claim that McCain had an affair.  They just threw out some buzzwords about a lobbyist that would lead one to assume that “something might have happened.”  It’s disgusting yet predictable.

When you have the likes of Rush Limbaugh actually excoriating this rubbish, you know something is wrong.  I love Rush, but I know it hurt him to defend McCain.  Of course, he also admonished John for getting too close with the MSM.  I can’t disagree there.

It doesn’t matter who would have claimed the GOP mantle.  You can count on the NYT to be there to attempt to sink them.  For those of you who have doubts, be assured – the NYT and their ilk are out to destroy the GOP.  John McCain was naive to assume otherwise.  Maybe he has learned his lesson now.

In the meantime, this BS from the Times has enraged a lot of conservatives and made many of them sympathetic to McCain.  If the point of this crap-of-an-article was to turn public sentiment against the Senator, then they have failed miserably.  Wonder why newspaper readership is declining? 

I don’t.


16 thoughts on “I Donated!

  1. Well, this was predicted by some of us “far right” folks. Before McCain became our nominee, he was a “maverick” and the NY Times reminded us of that daily. Now of course that he’s running against Obama, they’ll give us lots of dirt now to trick us into voting for him.

  2. It’s a double-edged sword.

    Phil, if McCain wins, liberals really aren’t going to care. Before the primary, many liberal friends were saying all along – “the only Republican I like is John McCain.”

    If Obama wins, we get four years of insanity matched up with a Democrat congress.

    If McCain wins, I supposed you and I can toast champagne glasses NY 2009, but in the long haul it serves the liberal agenda to get us to back him. SO what is he wins? They get a liberal Republican and it serves them in the long haul.

    Are grassroots liberals smart enough to understand this? Probably not – but grassroots liberals are not working at the NY Times.

  3. Steve offers: “If McCain wins, I supposed you and I can toast champagne glasses NY 2009, but in the long haul it serves the liberal agenda to get us to back him. SO what is he wins? They get a liberal Republican and it serves them in the long haul.”

    You’ve been spending too much time drinking from the FarRight’s kool aid stand, there Steve. “It serves the liberal agenda”?? What wild-assed conspiracy theory is next on your agenda? Maybe it’s “McCain Endorsed by Aliens in Area 51” given the FarRight’s claim that McCain wanted all illegal aliens made citizens immediately?

    I am a progressive, Ripon/Main Street GOPer and I can tell you that McCain is no liberal, no progressive, no friend of our agenda… he is a conservative who’s natural personality is to be a maverick, lone-thinker.

    But you go ahead and paint him as a liberal, Steve. And underscore how much he’s a buddy and captive of the NYTimes… which is why they published such a glowing story about his made-up past. Right, a big friend to the liberal cause that ol’ JohnnieBoi! LOL.

    I’m telling you, Steve, I wish we could somehow control who is able to call themself a Republican… because when you use it, you should be sued for fraud.

  4. Whoa. Back off, Matt. I agree with you on the McCain issue. Steve and I have had numerous private chats trying to work it out. I believe McCain is a good shot. Steve, Ann and Rush don’t. I respect that though I vehemently disagree.

    But when you go and challenge Steve’s credentials, I’ll come up in fisticuffs. Steve is a principled conservative like myself. We just disagree on McCain. Honestly, I think Steve will come around. But I don’t believe for one second that Steve is NOT a principled Republican.

    Steve, like myself, considers himself a conservative first and a Republican second. That’s the point of this blog. He doesn’t agree with me on McCain, but that doesn’t mean squat.

    In fact, Matt, you probably did him a good service by challenging his conservative/GOP credentials over the issue of McCain. You need to learn a lesson dude. You and I will never bring conservatives to McCain’s side if we berate them or challenge their committment to GOP ideals. We wil only alienate them.

    So, I say this with all due respect, Matt – BACK THE HELL OFF! It doesn’t help McCain. And it doesn’t make you look like anything but an antagonist.

  5. Thanks Phil. 🙂

    Well, we do see how someone like “Matt” does with diversity. Not only does he support limiting groups from informing everyday Americans of Presidential candidates that Republicans actually deserve like Duncan Hunter (the part you and I DO agree on), he miraculously decides to be a Republican mascot by proclaiming John McCain as a conservative and a “maverick” – say, doesn’t the NY Times say the same thing?

    I wish liberals would just come out and say they were liberals. The only way to get taken serious anymore I suppose is to call yourself a Republican.

    But one thing I’d like to mention is that throughout all the dialogue we’ve had on this issue – Matt never once talked about any of the positions mentioned repeatedly about McCain with terrorism, his wanting to shut down Guantanamo, his plan for giving illegals amnesty, etc. All we keep hearing is that McCain is a “maverick.”

    Sort of what we heard from the NY Times during the primary. Now of course, we’ll see the term “maverick” start to diminish.

    People like Matt are fun.

    And ditto to you bud. Thanks.

  6. By the way to all that read this – I said to Phil last night while chatting that it killed me to disagree with him so much on one issue.

    I’m not always “right” but I know what I know about McCain-Feingold, McCain’s horrible record, and the media’s unfair depiction of Mitt Romney in the weeks leading up to it.

    I don’t forgive and while my heart is with friends like Phil – it also knows that McCain is not my candidate.

    I don’t mean to offend anyone who plans on supporting him. (jennifer, shaw, airforcewife, phil, etc.)

  7. Steve, you are such a sweetie. I just love you and Philip to death (and I also continually click on the site on days with no posting!). But you don’t offend ME by not supporting McCain!

    I would like to point one thing out to you, though, about the consequences of not supporting McCain, and it only came up very recently.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the proclamation Obama made in the debate with Sen. Clinton about the issues facing servicemembers in Afghanistan. I won’t rehash everything that others have parsed very well about his statements, although I’d be more than happy to email you links to things I’ve said in other places and things others have said.

    Suffice it to say that the reaction Obama got on that, which was a twisted, stretched version of the truth, from the media and from many Americans who have never so much as set foot on a military base nearly had me in tears. I am 33 years old, was raised in a political family, and for the first time in my life I feel real and honest despair about what we will have to face in the future.

    My husband will be returning to the various fronts in the GWoT, he wanted to go back six months after he got home the last time! And to think that such an important war will be run by someone with no military experience, no understanding of war and what it entails or the code shared by those serving, no idea of of what motivates military members and what makes their families proud…

    I despair. I despair because I now think that Barack Obama will be our next president. And if the absolutely horror of having ICE agents imprisoned for doing their jobs and the silly prosecutions of soldiers for doing theirs (not, of course, referring to those rightfully prosecuted, the sick individuals who deserve prison time and more) isn’t bad enough, I know it will be far worse under a man who is good at inspiring and bad at following through with substance. And who has never had to face real danger or depend on his buddies to have his back in a life and death situation.

    Michelle Obama has never had to sit at home for months at a time, unable to tear herself away from the news because she might hear about a bombing or an attack where her husband was. She has never had to be afraid to wake up at 6 am in the morning because that is when the chaplain starts their house calls to inform families of the deceased.

    She has never had to see her husband come home different and not know how to reach him because people under his command have died and ultimately, no matter why they died, they because her husband led them into war.

    And, apparently, she has never been proud of her country despite all those things – and I have. Oh, I am even more proud when Air Force Guy is deployed and I can see what he is accomplishing on the very news shows that I watch in fear.

    And Obama’s use of a five year old situation in which he twisted the truth just goes to show what my loved ones and my friends and my military family will be in for when he gets elected.

    I know you have many disagreements with McCain – as do most of those you named, Steve. But these are my reasons for supporting his run for the presidency – because whatever else his failings are, at least those fighting and dying for America won’t be prosecuted for doing their jobs and singled out because no one in the administration knows what it is to serve.

    And that, above anything else, is why I will vote for McCain.

  8. Let’s see, Philip… I am “challenging” Steve’s credentials as a conservative? Nope. I’m challenging Steve on whether or not he’s a Republican… two, very very and thankfully different things.

    Since 1976, the GOP has been overrun by FarRight reactionary conservatives and Steve’s continued commentary on how “unpure” McCain is and how we’ve all been tricked by the NYTimes into voting for McCain and all the other FarRightFringe conspiracy kookiness that floods from that small niche of the Party confirms Steve is a card-carrying member fo that niche.

    Are all conservatives like Steve? Nope. Are all conservatives in the Party as looney as the FarRightFringe? Nope. Should the conservatives be courted and encouraged to remain in the Party and support the nominee even if they don’t agree with the Party or nominee on 100% of the issues, sure. Of course.

    But should we be commiting the kind of irresponsible political suicide that guys like Steve suggest by sitting out the election and letting the Party head out to the political wilderness while Obama or Clinton gain the WH?

    Heck no.

    So, for as much as your endearing loyalty to Steve is commendable… “Back off Matt” line and all of that defense… it doesn’t change the simple fact that his group has a shrinking niche of political influence in the Party and is becoming increasingly impotent and marginalized while the Party works to retain control of the WH. It’s just like when the LogCabineers failed to endorse W… political stupidity in charge of the henhouse.

    The time for the FarRightFringe to promote an alternative to McCain was in the primaries… they did… FreddieT’s failed bid, Tancredo’s failed bid, Hunter’s failed bid… even RonPaul’s silliness. They had their chance and now it’s time to pull together, drop the negative and inflammatory talking points and support the Party’s presumptive nominee.

    Politics is about winning, Philip. We don’t have to keep catering the FarRightFringe in the Party… the Party can win the WH in 08 by seeking the support of the mainstream center, the political independents, the unaligned voters, the Silent Majority. We don’t need the FarRightFringe anymore than we need to return to the Gold Standard or issue SilverNotes.

    And I, for one and many other moderate GOPers, aren’t willing to keep drinking the FarRightFringe koolaid in the hopes that losing in 08 will “teach the Party” a lesson… or that the American people, immersed in a probable 4-8 years of Democratic control of the WH and Congress will turn back to the GOP and embrace the nostalgia of Reagan.

    Elections are about now. The present. And voters never, ever learn a lesson from complete rule from one party or another… it’s all just spin on the part of the parties reacting to election victories.

    You can defend and protect Steve and his myopic view of the Party, but I still question if he’s a true Republican or just another disgruntled, angry conservative from the FarRight moving into irrelevancy and impotency.

    And if you think political concensus is somehow built by tolerating ranting nonsense like John McCain is just another TeddieKennedy… you’re wrong. It’s just encouraging kooks like AnnCoulter and others to foment disension in the Party.

  9. You’re right Matt – I am a conservative. The site isn’t “gayrepublican.com.” Perhaps you missed that but I will gladly restore that tidbit for you.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with your arguments but for the fact that you keep spouting off idiotic left-wing talking points about conservatives in general and attempting to pass them off as “moderate Republican views.”

    Moderate Americans do not support shutting down Guantanamo.

    Moderate Americans do not support giving trials to terrorists in which the intelligence used to capture them is revealed to them so that they can pass it on to the uncaptured out there that still have our world at threat.

    Moderate Americans are not against harmless interrogation methods that manage to gain absolute nescessary information to prevent other attacks.

    Moderate Americans are not attacking the Patriot Act.

    Moderate Americans do not wish to give 20 million illegals amnesty.

    Moderate Americans do not support stifling the free speech of Christian groups and political groups like “Friends of Reagan” that have a huge effect on introducing good candidates to America.

    Moderate Americans do not support shutting down limitless funding from groups like Focus on the Family while simultaneously allowing the NY Times to call our weakest candidate a “maverick” everyday leading up to the primary. Where’s the limit on how many negative articles the NY Times can print about Mitt Romney or Duncan Hunter versus the number of times they refer to the weakest Republican as a “maverick?” Would you support limiting their power to get their message out, Matt? When do we see that Bill? I won’t wait for McCain to endorse that one. (Though we already see how the love fest McCain had with NY Times begins to diminish now that he’s up against Obama – let’s see how true the NY Times is to the “maverick” they love and support so much now that CONSERVATIVES have no other choice.)

    All of those same issues Moderate Americans do not support are indeed supported by far-left loons, the NY Times and apparently people like yourself.

    And you’re position is: “I’m a moderate Republican fighting off the FarRightFringe.”

    Sorry – people who post on here are too smart for that kind of rhetoric.

    While airforcewife makes an absolute magnificient case – as well as Phil for the possibility of getting another CONSERVATIVE judge to the Supreme Court – your basis for supporting McCain basically seems to be for the all the counter-reasons that moderate Americans have against him and that any Republican I know would choke at.

    I am astonished that someone like you believes that holding all of those awful decisions he made against him for all of the reasons spelled out to you over and over again still believes that this is something out of the “FarRightFringe.”

    These are issues important to Americans.

    Most Americans are not liberal or “progressive” but somehow the last thirty years, the media, and Hollywood have convinced people as a whole that the word “liberal” sounds nice. That’s something that is going to end sooner or later as each American finds out that by in large we are all “conservative” individually.

    Let’s try a different tact Matt –

    Pick any issue – other than McCain – of mine that I stand for:

    1.) Abortion (Pro-life with exception to “life” of the mother)

    2.) Having Sex with Bums and getting knocked up (exercise your “choice” then)

    3.) Guns (Pro-gun)

    4.) Taxes (Lower them)

    5.) War (Don’t stop until we win)

    6.) Gay Marriage (Let the people decide)

    7.) Supreme Court Justices (Alito Rocks!)

    8.) Political Groups (Let Democracy Play out)

    9.) Global Warming (Lead by example, Al Gore)

    10.) Social Security (aside from abolishing it, start by lowering the cap on taxable wages back to 80,400)

    11.) Use of Tax Dollars (National Security First, Welfare Second)

    12.) Flag-burning (keep the act on your private property)

    13.) Patriot Act (only sorry it doesn’t include effective profiling at airports)

    Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, etc. All of them basically hold those same positions – while Coulter and Limbaugh will truthfully come out and say they are flat-out against gay marriage (as does the majority of America does in the most “progressive” states like California & Oregon where the “progressives” vote against it overwhelmingly), “progressives” like any Democrat will use it to win the love of Nazi-activist groups like GLADD but admit after winning primaries that they are against it, too.

    All the commentators I have mentioned are more successful in book sales, radio listeners, and cable TV viewers than any “progressive” you can counter it with.

    There you have it, Matt. Prove to me and to everyone else here that all of my positions and my reasons for hating McCain are a conspiracy created by the “FarRightFringe” versus an actual voting record that even the most blathering “progressive” cannot refute without calling it a “FarRightFringe.”

    Those positions of mine are not “FarRight” – they are “Pro-American.”

    Hit me with your best shot. After all, I’m a conservative.

  10. I will give you you one thing, Matt. I am loyal to Steve. But he doesn’t need me to defend him. Go back and read our posts from the past few weeks. Steve and I have disagreed, sometimes uncomfortably, about the whole issue of McCain as the nominee.

    We have a very healthy respect and regard for each other. We have exchanged barbs with each other over McCain in the public blog just as we have spent hours tormenting each other over the issue in private discussions.

    I agree with you, Matt, on the subject of McCain. I think it is imperative that he be elected over Hillary and Obama. I don’t apologize for that view, and Steve understands that I will not come around to his way of thinking.

    The difference between you and I, Matt, seems to be the fact that you are a moderate Republican – based on your statements (I might be misinterpreting). I am not a moderate by any stretch. I am a proud conservative.

    You use “FarRight” a lot in your comments. I’m not exactly sure what all that encompasses. I think I might be considered far right in that I tow the conservative line on almost every issue with the exception of gay marriage.

    To the extent that you are moderate (again I might be wrong), I feel like I am in a better position than you to speak as a conservative who favors McCain. I feel that Steve will come around. He may prove me wrong. And he gets me riled up everytime he bashes McCain. But I feel that it is necessary for all of us who have lined up behind John McCain to engage in thoughtful discussion with our GOP bretheren who have serious misgivings. I will continue to do that, and I hope that you will refrain from saying things to alienate those who have such misgivings. It doesn’t serve any of us well.

  11. Oh, and by the way, Phil. One year ago your view on McCain would have been much different. In fact, it was. 😉

    Hey airforcewife, your post was incredible by the way. You do raise the most important issue which is protecting our troops.

    McCain has already started apologizing to America for some of his bad choices. He would not sign a Bill that would give amnesty to illegals. He’s not hysterically attacking water-boarding. He’s not hysterically demanding that we close down Guantanamo.

    I’m surprised Matt still likes him with all of the pandering he seems to be doing with the “FarRightFringe” now.

    Though, I personally am not believing his speeches.

    If he wants to convince me, he’ll have to pick one hell of a Vice-President.

    Two ways for good Republicanism in 2012 is:

    1.) Elect Obama and watch the nation crumble both economically and fall under attack again.

    2.) Elect McCain, he continue to have a change of heart on his past-idiocy, and him to pick an excellent VP so we can get their foot in the door to run in 2012 in case we don’t get McCain-Feingold overturned.

    If I go for choice 2, he better be ready to give us someone like Duncan Hunter or Romney as a VP.

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