Olbermann Declares “End is Near” for Ann Coulter

Keeping with the issues as well as they always do, liberals and Olbermann are fixated on Ann Coulter’s visit to a supermarket last week where her credit card was rejected (reason never reported).

This of course is the billionth time Olbermann has made Coulter the “Worst Person/Best Person in the World.”

Signs that Coulter’s end is near: her credit card was rejected and a liberal Newspaper characterized her in a negative manner.  (Gee that’s never happened before!)

Signs that Olbermann’s career is already over: Making Ann Coulter the “Worst/Best Person in the World” more times than the number of viewers your show gets.


10 thoughts on “Olbermann Declares “End is Near” for Ann Coulter

  1. My credit card has been rejected more than once, and not because I was over my limit, or not paying, or whatever.

    Sometimes there are glitches in the system.

    And Olberman is a shrill harpy. How totally unattractive that is in a man. Sometimes I wish Marlon Brando would grab his head a la The Godfather and rasp, “You can act… LIKE A MAN!”

  2. Not really….

    I know the last one was her sixth #1 bestseller. Plus even if it was not, she received the largest bonus in history from Crown before the book was even released. 😉

  3. Keith Overman is in a world unto himself. I’m surprised he has any viewers at all. He is a front man for all the young lefties that don’t know any better.

  4. I heard she had a fall, broke her jaw, and it is now WIRED SHUT!!

    All we need now if for Dick Cheney to hit a fire hydrant with his car, be trapped in the wreckage with the water spraying on his face (a la “waterboarding”) and we will KNOW there is a God with a sense of humor!

  5. Wow! A Christian liberal exuding such love, care, and compassion.

    Tell us, what will MSNBC do without George Bush and Ann Coulter?

    As a Christian, this would be like me saying that the sense of humor would be evident of Obama actually being the one in the blue dress taking it on the chin this time.

    Only time will tell. Didn’t you hear Ann’s new book comes out 12/30?

  6. Silly Steve…they’ve already turned their sights on Sarah Palin! Didn’t you know, they’re all paranoid we’ll put ‘er in office in 2012!

    Christianliberal–intolerant much?

  7. Last week alone, she was on The View, Today Show, O”Reilly, Hannity, Rush, etc.

    Plus she has yet another best seller on her hands.

    Oh, plus liberals think she’s hateful again. That’s always nice.

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