The Danger of Barack Obama

I couldn’t help but notice that in the last three debates, Barack Obama has indeed played the aggressor in constantly reminding America the bad choice Hillary made by voting to go to war.  He asserts that the war has “diverted attention from Afghanistan” and is happy to remind Americans that it was; after all, Al-Queda that killed 3,000 on our soil. 

His views really are no different than Rosie O’Donnell’s or any other left-wing kook that seem to think that terrorism was born in the mountain-cracks of Afghanistan.  He doesn’t even acknowledge the 19+ years of attacks we endured from Muslim fanatics preceeding 9/11.  How do stop that problem?  Moreover; the last time I checked, Bush had rounded up most of Al-Queda’s top men.

Since McCain’s latest run-ins with the NY Times and the same Democrats in Congress he worked so hard to impress all those years with Bills like McCain-Feingold, some of you will be happy to know that I am warming up to him finally.  I just may support him if this keeps up – but my stipulation of a good V.P. still stands.

Still though, it’s important as Americans to watch all the debates – as I have been – even during this horrific tax season I am having.  And if you’re paying attention, you will see that 4 years of Obama will me fifty times worse than four years of Hillary.

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9 thoughts on “The Danger of Barack Obama

  1. I stand by my earlier comment about my absolute fear of an Obama presidency and it’s effect on the military. Have we learned nothing from the way the Clintons treated the military in the 1990s? The drawdowns that are the root cause of our manning issues now, the moral problems we had then, in an administration that didn’t allow military to wear their uniforms in the White House.

    I don’t believe that a good commander in chief during wartime needs to have served directly in the military – FDR was never in the military, but he was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy and was thus exposed to the military way of life and speech. And for goodness sake, he was TR’s cousin! How could he not understand the brotherhood!

    Has Barack Obama ever even set foot on a military base anywhere?

    And he’s supposed to lead us in war?

  2. Steve – since you gave a little on McCain, I’ll give a little on Hillary. I would 10 x rather see her in charge than Obama. This man is indeed dangerous. He’s a left-wing loon, I can’t even fathom the BS that he is spouting.

    In my opinion, both Dems are very dangerous. I pray that we don’t have to consider the fact of a Dem presidency. I am optimistic. I just hope that the GOP gets serious and takes out these 2 imbeciles – stat!

  3. That’s a GREAT quote. A beautiful line – I re-read it often.

    You can add whatever you want, Mr. Winks. But Annie stays!


  4. How about Ronald Reagan’s toast to former Dem Speaker, Tip O’ Neil at the Speaker’s 70th birthday? “If I had a ticket to Heaven, and you didn’t have one too – I’d give up my ticket to Heaven and go to hell with you.”

    I love Ron.

  5. Airforcewife, you seem to read my thoughts. I find the idea of Obama absolutely frightening. I too wonder if he ever stepped foot on a military base. His advisors read from the ‘Book of Carter’. Remember, too, none of his hysterical fad-fainters remember those days and history has been re-written. Clearly, nobody wants to remember the Clinton-clutch on the military.
    Our military should be ready at all times and ready to hand over to whatever administration follows. Thus the dereliction of duty comments on Clinton.
    With a prepared military, we could have taken Saddam to account without the WMD argument, but for violating UN provisions and for violating his parole for the 1st Gulf War.
    How simple can it get.
    Haven’t all these people who went ga-ga over a movie about the Trojan Horse learned anything?
    Silly me. Of course not.

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