Latin American Chicken

It’s come down to a game of chicken.  Presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Rafael Correa of Ecuador are apparently putting the pressure on Colombian President, Alvaro Uribe, after Uribe (rightfully) authorized a strike 1 mile (2 sites say a mile, MSNBC is saying “deep”) inside the Ecuadorean border. The strike killed the 2nd in command of FARC, a terrorist rebel group that has terrorized Colombia and taken numerous hostages (including Americans).

Apparently the socialist nutjobs, Chavez and Correa, are incensed that Uribe took such a bold move.  Chavez is threatening war, and Correa is doing whatever Chavez tells him to do.  Nevermind that both nations are supporting a violent narco-terrorist organization that is bent on destroying Colombia’s democratic government.

Colombia earlier said it found documents in the FARC camp inside Ecuador showing evidence that Chavez gave the rebels $300 million and that the slain commander, Raul Reyes, had ties with an official close to Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa.

Naturally the communist assholes deny this.  Colombia’s discovery of this information only substantiates what the US and Colombia have known for a long time.

My message to Chavez is this –

Back off, jackass.  The intrusion was on the Ecuadorean side of the border – not yours.  Your pathetic rhetoric and threats of war are aimed more at the US because they support Colombia and Colombian efforts to stand up against you, your leftist puppets and drug lords.  Want to declare war on the US?  Bring it on.  Declare war on us instead of waging a proxy war against a nation that has demonstrated that democracy can work in Latin America. Or is that the reason you hate them so much?

Chavez gets a major F-U from me for his attempts to foment discontent.  He has been waiting for a moment like this.  The fact that he does it now, at a time when Colombia blows up a terrorist hiding one mile inside his neighbor’s border is evidence that he is nothing more than an incendiary, egotistical, left wing blowhard looking for an excuse to fight.

You want a fight, Mr. Chavez?  Come fight us!  It’ll finally give us the excuse that WE have been looking for to depose your sorry ass and send it to hell.  Eat some Tomahawks, you sorry, communist bastard.


MSNBC on Rebel Ties to Ecuador and Venezuela


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