McCain’s First Sign of Conservative Reformation

Hey, I just may end up liking this guy afterall!  As Tuesday ended and as Hillary took the states of Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island, a fabulous impartial account was released tonight by the AP – of course doing its duty in reporting:

Hillary Rodham Clinton scored comeback primary wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island Tuesday night, denting Barack Obama‘s delegate lead in a riveting Democratic presidential race. Arizona Sen. John McCain, an unflinching supporter of the war in Iraq, clinched the Republican nomination.

Taking into account the article was supposed to be informing Americans of Tuesday’s results, the same author would have reported on FDR’s death in the following manner:

FDR, an unflinching supporter of carpet-bombing german cities, died.

Suddenly, McCain is an “unflinching supporter of the war in Iraq” and no longer a “maverick.”  I wonder why; up until now, the mainstream media never referred to him as an “unflinching supporter of the war in Iraq.” 

Maybe they just weren’t paying attention?  Or maybe we weren’t.

In any case, part two of McCain’s recovery could be an excellent choice of a VP that the press will say horrible things about.

The rest of the steps could include apologizing for McCain-Feingold, denouncing amnesty for any illegal, fight to save Guantanamo, and not harp about interrogation methods of terrorists.

We shall see, Phil.  😉


4 thoughts on “McCain’s First Sign of Conservative Reformation

  1. I actually breathed a sigh of relief when Sen. Clinton won 3 of 4 last night.

    I never, ever thought I would say that. Or do that.

  2. Likewise…

    Until this morning of course when I read the headline that she “hinted” at a Clinton/Obama ticket.

    I suppose Vice President is better than President for the Ultra Insane.


  3. I think she hates Obama too much to be #2, but she might want to grind him down if she’s #1.

    Either way, I doubt either would accept the #2 from the other. But I’m going to enjoy watching them fight to the bitter end. I want Sen. Clinton to win, but in the BITTER end.

  4. I know – I accidentally bumped by radio station over to the station the played the Stephanie Miller show (major liberal) and MANY were calling saying that if Clinton wins, they refuse to vote. Now they are all upset saying McCain will definitely win, and we will be under four more years of right-wing rule.

    I tell you, I am really starting to like this McCain fella.

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