They Hear What We Say

Don’t the Democrats understand?  When they run around bashing the United States in order to secure a path for their own elections or reelections, they do so at a risk.  Take these comments from Libyan President, Muammar Qadaffi (at least that’s how it is spelled this month).  These are excerpts from his speech.

“I’ve seen that in America, a candidate who wants people to vote for him keeps talking about change,” Qaddafi said earlier this week in a televised address on Libyan TV, an obvious reference to Barack Obama.

“They all keep saying ‘change, change,’ ” he continued, adding Hillary Clinton to his reference. “They want to change America and its current political system. They want to make a change in their lives. They say their system is a failure, that their government is a failure, and that their elections are a failure.”

Failure?  The comments made by the Dems are being interpreted by this fourth-rate dictator as admissions of the failure of the American way!  Don’t think he’s the only one who thinks this way.  Qadaffi isn’t even the most extreme of the Middle East thugs.

I wonder when American voters will wake up and realize that the way to make this nation better is not to tear it down.  While Democrats blame Bush for our bad image overseas, maybe they ought to look at their own rhetoric.  They are the ones making the United States look weak and/or imperialistic.  Rather than standing up for this nation and against tyranny, the libs are portraying us as being more evil than that evil which we must fight against around the globe.

This was just a perfect illustration and more food for thought.


One thought on “They Hear What We Say

  1. I hate to have to give this murderer his due, but, believe it or not, I witnessed pre-Khadaffi Libya. It was squalid once outside Wheelus AFB or the Petri Palace (though you could clearly make out US tankers in and out of terminals). He brought about change in a coup. He even brought about a change that the deserts of the world had earlier witnessed when the Jewish agronomists began to irrigate Palestine – all of Palestine – Christian, Arab and Jew. (BTW – “Aronson’s Maps” might be worth a library visit.)
    Damn. My honesty Muse forced that.

    But, the world does listen to what’s going on in our political arenas. In the mid-70’s Americana was beating the bongos for “Change” after Vietnam, Watergate, and lines at the pump. They were setting the stage to become Yuppies. (Oh, let me set your reader’s interpretation. I use ‘Americana (the additional “na” denoting those of the citizenry who echo and act by sound-bite free of thought-provocation.) So, with all civic ardor, the country attired in Leisure suits elected an anal-compulsive all decked in a cardigan sweater. Change? It was a faster retreat from US integrity then we have ever witnessed (albeit we had Vietnam on our record). Jubilation T. Cornpone would be a tortoise in retreat strategy compared to Jimmy Carter with Elmo Zumwalt and Zbignew Brezisnki.
    (The latter a foreign affairs consultant for Barry O’Bama.)
    But after the Iranian invasion of our soil, our embassy, the burning to the ground of our embassy in Pakistan (Anyone forget that? Look it up.), and criminally usurious government sanctioned interest rates at home, we made a correction. We even neutralized the greatest threat to the “Free World” while we were at it. (Anyone remember the USSR?) You know, it was when Gorbachev made “Rock Star” status. There was another guy involved that I heard some Republicans reference recently.
    Then the work of a few fatigued the many and Americana wanted to rinse themselves of the sweat of their leaders and they wanted to “CHANGE”. Americana choosing to indulge in hubris, chose to party.
    When we chose to get back to work again and clean up from the “most ethical administration” (that hedonism ever celebrated) reality fatally smacked us sillier. In the morning, during our change hangover, we had to account for all that was neglected.
    Now, we hear another call for “Change”.
    Of course the Libyan Colonel is listening. The Imams, the Petro-Princes are listening.
    They never do better that when Americana echoes the word “Change”.

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