Fact or Fiction? Appauling Nonetheless

In scanning the latest news articles on Iraq, I stumbled upon a few disturbing articles regarding U.S. Soldiers hurting animals in Iraq.  One makes light of a video with an alleged Marine throwing an alleged real puppy off of a cliff.  The other shows U.S. Soldiers purposely throwing rocks at a wounded dog.

Sickening as it is, these videos are being posted by liberals and liberals of course are using this as part of the “bad news from Iraq” fest they love to keep spewing. 

As an animal lover, it’s hard to watch these and imagine if indeed these are real American soldiers and if indeed these videos have not been mocked up somewhere by a group funded by rich and powerful liberals.

I’m curious as to AirForceWife’s opinion of this.  These videos almost bring tears to my eyes and fill me with anger as I am totally unable to argue back against the liberals bashing these troops who are adding this to their “list of things Americans denounce in Iraq.” 

An article in the Sun Times states that “Military officials are investigating” the video.

These people cannot represent our troops and must be punished if indeed these videos are true.


9 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction? Appauling Nonetheless

  1. Oh, come on, big guy. Grow up. These are men in the most perilous of situations. If they blow off steam in a way that wounds your sensibilities, change the channel. You make them sound like war criminals when they’re only doing what boys have done since the Stone Age. Sure, it’s unpleasant, but on a scale of one to ten? These are human males in war. Think.

    They’re dogs and cats. Not people.

  2. Okay let’s re-think this here.

    Are they really there to throw rocks at wounded puppies and to throw puppies over cliffs?

    No. The message this sends to the rest of the world – and sadly this is the only thing that makes news – is that their mission in Iraq is less than noble.

    In my never to be humble opinion, when someone has no problems throwing rocks at a dog that is already in excruciating pain, there is something to be said of their ability to be kind in any situation.

    Sorry, this is a problem. And it’s not funny, and there is no excuse for it.

  3. There are actually a couple of issues at play here. The first is that the overwhelming majority of military guys (I use guys as a gender neutral term) are the opposite of vicious to animals. Several have moved heaven and earth to bring the dogs and cats that adopted them downrange home. The media really has been covering this – it’s easy to find the stories.

    Another issue at play is the treatment of animals (dogs in particular) by most Iraqis and Afghans. They are HORRIBLE to them. When AFG was in Iraq, he noted that sometimes natives would go out of their way to kick a dog, or throw something at it. They were HATED. And if not hated, completely devalued. Animals “adopted” by servicemembers usually became utterly devoted because they had never experienced good treatment before.

    A third thing to take into account is that, however horrific it sounds to us at home in America, there are several instances in the war zone when such animals HAVE to be euthanized in the most humane and quick way possible because of outbreaks of disease such as leishmiasis or other animal born diseases in a nearly feral population. It is not America, animals are not conveniently turned into shelters to try to adopt or euthanize with a quick painless injection. They have to shoot these animals – they have no choice.

    So if you put these two taped incidences into those perspectives, it does not make them seem any better, and the disgust is genuinely felt by most military people. But it does explain some of what ELSE is going on that is sure to arise from the liberal blog “investigations”. Things they will not want to understand no matter what the situation is.

    When the military says they are investigating this, you can bet your butt they are. And those involved will be SEVERELY punished. Their careers, among other things, will be finished. As is the tendency with all military justice matters, your average servicemember will get a MUCH harsher sentence for the same crime than a civilian would get. And I, for one, am quite content that it be so. People who have the guns and are trained to use them need to behave better and be held to a higher standard than others.

    But civilians also need to recognize that this is the case. And, I have to say, completely aside from this issue I’m just not feeling like most Americans bother to think about the military, much less recognize what being military entails.

    The only other thing I have to add is that, much like the NYT story that purported to show how there was an epidemic of military vets killing people in the wake of war (which turned out to be blatantly manipulated to make a lower than the national average violence rate look worse), there will be a hue and cry about military members and animal cruelty which conveniently ignores the cruelties perpetrated by idiot teenage boys in suburban America with no military affiliation.

    The liberal blogs are welcome to see my twice-deployed husband interact with Ike, my pit bull. I mean, really. The man brings the dog special treats home from the store!

  4. Frankly, I find this story as appalling as any decent person would.
    On the other hand, and this is a pretty well worn counter-biased of mine,
    MSM and Liberals will do anything to discredit the military. As they did in the case of Vietnam, when they can’t win by dialogue, they criminalize the soldier. (Ironically, they weave this into common assumption, the soldier can’t fight back.)

  5. I only got to watch the vid on the bottom since the other one had been deleted. It’s unfortunate that a few bad apples do so much to distract from the thousands of soldiers who do good deeds and help the Iraqi people.

    As an animal lover myself, I hope that the soldier who threw the puppy from the cliff will be made to answer for his actions. I also know that he is an exception to the rule. It pisses me off that some a-hole would go and do something as inhumane as that when the troops in Iraq have made such positive contributions. Just bad, bad publicity given all the good that is happening over there.

  6. As a former Marine, I detest this kind of sickness and it goes to show that 10% of any group will cause problems.

    But, for people to equate the throwing of a puppy by one sick individual as a reason to get out of Iraq is just as sickening.

    It shows a lack of critical thinking!

  7. One more point – this guy is not a Marine in my opinion.

    At the very least, he should be reduced in rank to Private and booted out.

  8. Thanks for the link Devil Dog. But honestly (not to sound like a lib) – if the dude did actually kill the pup, he should be dishonorably discharged at the very least. If it was a fake, he should still face severe disciplinary action for tarnishing the reputation of the US Marine Corp with the stunt. No excuse either way.

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