Analyzing Madonna – and Lovin’ the Song!

Okay – as a conservative I will admit one weakness… love of Madonna.  I’ve attended many shows, bought every CD, and saw every movie – no matter how bad.

Sometimes though (and this is open for criticism) I wonder just how “liberal” Madonna really is when it comes to politics.  Yeah, she dissed George Bush in her last concert a few times and yes she spoke kindly of Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s documentary and even rubbed noses with Michael Moore.

But – let’s take a look at a couple of noticeable highlights of the last few years.  Contradicting her position to loving Al Gore’s documentary, she still flies private jets, rides limos, and has many huge estates all over the world.  While being interviewed on “The View”, Madonna explained how having a family was important to her and put emphasis on having it all – including the hubby.  Joy Behar immediately challenged her by remarking that some single parents were happy and fulfilled.  Madonna replied “well, I need a husband.”  (which drew applause from Hasselback and the entire audience).  When it comes to spending, she personally inspects every invoice in her office daily and vocally challenges hidden charges.  At restaurants, she tips the strict rate of tip provided the help did a great job.  She demands a lot from her employees and makes them earn raises.  This doesn’t mesh well with the big-spending and big-tax ideas of the Democrats.

While other celebrities like O’Donnell, Streisand, and Fonda became active in their stance against the war, Madonna remained quiet.  (With the exception of random remarks that never seemed genuine.)

Madonna is a businesswoman and a damned good one.  If she were even a political moderate and considering the bulk of her audience, what do you think it would do to her career to say she supported conservative policies?

Just a few things to think about.  I’ll shut up now.  In any case, this song is a jam!



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