It’s “Inexcusable” To Do Their Job

Some folks really are THAT idiotic.  I suspect this story has snuck out to the rest of the country – mainly due to the fact that friends from California are talking about it in e-mails to me.  Around here, it’s been over-talked about.

Of course I am talking about the cougar-shooting on the trendy Northside where; up until last week, the wildest cats to ever exist in these parts were the countless men in Chicago’s Boystown gay clubs.  At least that’s what is was like when I lived there.  When I lived there, the only threat was more Democrat-tax hikes which ultimately drove me 30-minutes south to a new county with a house and my own driveway. 

I suppose it is not shocking that many animal rights’ goons are attacking the Chicago police department for killing the cat.  The woman showcased in this video clip rambles on about how there is not a single incident in 100 years of a cougar attacking or hurting a person but remained cautious by using the word “probably” before giving her own analysis.

I wonder what the statistics are of cougars (“top predators”) roaming densely populated cities of six million people in the last 100 years?

Since, there have been numerous more sitings of cougars and mountain lions on the Northside of the city.  I propose that every animal rights’ extremist and people like this lady be in charge of being the guinea pigs responsible for capturing these animals.  Let them go out there and assume the responsiblity of protecting neighborhoods with thousands of children and other innocent domesticated species.  Let them “become one” with the “top predators”, come back a week later, and let us know how it turns out.

Obviously these idiots aren’t realizing that food and prey which is more accessible to these animals in forests and jungles fails to exist in Chicago’s northside where half the residents are vegans.  Going long enough with out it, the cat will move on to the next best thing.

Note to cougar: if roaming the streets of Chicago hungry for fresh meat, your best bet is the local humane society.




2 thoughts on “It’s “Inexcusable” To Do Their Job

  1. Hasn’t been a case of a cougar attacking a human in the last 100 years? Um… okay. Whatever.

    Being from CA and spending a lot of time in the foothills there (my Pop was a forest ranger in his retirement), we heard ALL the stories and saw many of the effects of a big cat population grown too large because of the moratorium on hunting. Nasty stuff.

    Luckily, the whacko environmentalists there tended to stay away from our specific area of the mountains… no Starbucks for about a 2 hour radius.

    They did prevent diseased trees from being dug up, though, which caused an entire stand to come down with something that could have been easily protected against…

  2. I agree Air Foce Wife. I live in Nor Cal and cougar sightings are very common. Cougar attacks are rare. They are so rare they are front page news when they happen.

    The hunting ban encompassed with unrestrained urban sprawl has resulted in more human/cougar interactions.

    Here is CA surplus big kitties should be turned loose in the Point Reyes area to wipe out the over population of deer. With Bambi and his friends running loose in Point Reyes there is no need for a cougar to set eyes on a human.

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