Escaping the Sean “Bell” Jar

Since the judge’s decision this morning to rightfully acquit the officers who shot Sean Bell, I have been anticipating all of the left-wingers running out (particularly those who are supporting Obama) and playing the race card.  Much like the death of Jerry Falwell where his name always followed “whether you agreed with him or not” we hear the same regurgitated prelude to the point of Bell’s death: “Just before he was married, Sean Bell was tragically killed by a round of 50 bullets.”

It’s a fact that Bell and his two friends were having a bachelor party the night of the shooting.  It’s a fact that witnesses heard his thug-friend; Joseph Guzman yell “yo, get my gun!”  It’s a fact that Sean Bell had been arrested previously for crack-cocaine possession.  It’s a fact that Guzman and Trent Benefield (the other thug-friend) had been arrested “nine and three times, respectively” and each having at least one of them for illegal possession of firearms.  (Where are the gun-control liberals, incidentally?)

It’s a fact that Bell and his friends refused to obey police orders and “freeze” choosing to speed off while incredibly intoxicated plowing into a police vehicle in pursuit of their getaway. 

It’s a fact that unto approaching the car of thugs, police testify that Guzman made a gesture that led them to believe he was reaching for a gun.

Now, let’s throw all those facts out the window. 

Let’s recharacterize “after getting trashed and flirting with prostitutes, yelling “yo, get my gun!”, disobeying police orders to “freeze”, violently driving into a police vehicle while grossly intoxicated, and making a phony gesture which led police to believe Guzman was reaching for a gun, police shot Sean Bell which tragically ended his life” to “police shot and killed Sean Bell 50 times the day before his wedding.”

To all the race-card playing, Obama-supporting, Reverend Wright-Al Sharpton imitating liberals of the world, escape the “Bell” jar already.

Rather than suing the NYPD, Bell’s family should bring a civil suit against Joseph Guzman and may want to raise the rest of their children to avoid selling crack-cocaine and hanging around gun-toting criminals.


10 thoughts on “Escaping the Sean “Bell” Jar

  1. It’s also a FACT that their was no gun on the scene. It is also a FACT that cops had no idea what their legal history was. It is also a FACT that you don’t need to shoot a person who is driving erratically.

    Also, when did 50 shots become logical for stopping criminals? And don’t tell me that they “thought” someone was shooting back. They are trained to know better. And if this is normal behavior then how come I haven’t seen the man other than black who has been shot up over 20 times for a perceived crime?

    Also, would you if a black man walked up next to your car brandishing a weapon, sit there and wait to see what was next? Don’t lie because you would drive off. The cops had no uniform and how the hell do you know it is a fact that they even heard him say freeze? Not to mention why would I freeze for a man with a gun. I would speed away, thinking I was being robbed, car jacked or worse.

    So until I see this behavior from cops towards other races then it IS racist. Other races of men are doing real crime that doesn’t garner this sort of reaction. What is your reasoning behind that? And NO they don’t always freeze on command, just watch “shocking behavior” on Spike T.V. to see these fellows.


  2. The fact that there was “no gun on the scene” would have been easily discovered if the little hoodlums would have obeyed the officers’ orders and simply FROZE before jumping into the car drunk out of their minds, dramatically speeding off and even smashing into a cop car on the way out leading officers to believe that they were in fact hiding something!

    It could have all been put to rest if officers were allowed to search them. But unfortunately, they thought otherwise didn’t they?

    And furthermore, when someone pretends to reach for a gun, what would you do after they violently sped off drunk and hitting a police car AFTER flirting with hookers and AFTER screaming “yo, get my gun!”

    All of the facts I mentioned – the ones you claim are cancelled out because of the fact that the officers did not bring their crystal balls to work with them that evening – are still FACTS. They were rotten people, Bell and both of his friends who factually and continuously committed acts of crimes.

    That would most certainly pose as the desideratum of establishing anyone’s (judge, jury, etc.) decision in regard to this case, and it should be. The judge knew they were credit-less thugs, and a jury would, too. This should be a lesson learned about personal responsibility, and certainly NOT on the part of the officers.

    So before you start yammering on about race, you better be damned ready to be able to utter “racist” and have the ability to cancel out facts that proved the character of these three animals that plagued society. Not idealistic blather.

    Dr. King did not advocate equality and rights under an “anything goes” mentality. He understood personal responsibility, and so should you.

  3. What I am saying is that they are NOT FACTS. Just because a police officer says that is how it went down is NOT FACT. There are way too many accounts that say the cops did not even approach them until they were IN the car. And you didn’t answer the question. Would YOU stop for a black man standing outside your car with a gun?

    Character is NOT the end all. The cops did NOT know their character before shooting them. So how does it play into anything until AFTER the murder was committed. Animals, you should be ashamed of yourself. These are HUMANS who have a right to be considered such.

    Also, where did this anything goes come into play? The fact that cops feel entitled to shoot first ask questions later? The fact that obviously anything goes for the police?

    I and MANY others understand personal responsibility. But unlike you we understand that it goes BOTH WAYS.

  4. So what you are saying that a person who has committed a crime is now an animal who is devoid of rights. Or devoid of being capable of telling the truth.

    So does this hold true for Scotter Libby? He is now a criminal at the highest level, should he be shot in the street by a cop if he sees him speeding?

    Give me a break. People would love to paint everyone as a career criminal. Did these people have outstanding warrants at the time that they were being shot up? The answer is NO. So now we have to extend them the benefit of justice like any other citizen until they HAVE committed a crime.

    The car did not wreck into the police cruiser until the shooting was already under way. So your “they were speeding criminals” is just absurd. You should pray that you are not afforded the same treatment as these HUMAN Americans.

    As their are a lot of ex criminals out there who are not being shot up by the cops 50 times, who have actually committed crimes.

  5. I never said a person didn’t have rights. You’re the one – stuck in the “racist mindset” making that extreme proclamation.

    You start by saying that the police testifying certain parts of the case does not equate their testimony as “fact” which implies that you are immediately taking the position that they are lying and that the testimony of the boys involved somehow holds a higher factor is the deciding of the officers’ actions.

    This is where the FACTS come into use. Let’s review the arrest records and previous arrests of both the officers and then lets review them of the three men who defied police order to begin with.

    Which one is more credible? As a judge or even as a civil member of society, which one are you deeming to be credible?

    Do you even understand that the extreme position you are taking would have to require pre-meditation on behalf of the police? Does any one of the officers have a prior record of shooting bullets at just anyone that happened to be black? Are there anyone in their lives that can attest that any of them were racist?
    Moreover; aren’t one or two of the officers men of color as well?

    Your rationale is not even credibly circumstantial. Just think this through for me and learn to realize the difference between all of us realizing that Bell was shot and his life was sadly ended versus Bell was shot by a bunch of racist police officers merely because he was black. That’s preposterous.

    No counter-argument to Sharpton or to folks like you could even begin to compare on the scale of extremity you folks have taken it to.

  6. I nor any other black person could care less about Jessie or Al. So talking about whether or not they spoke is irrelevant. And the minute you start calling humans animals and saying that their words are lies and other people’s are facts due to past history is when you say they have NO rights.

    Also, why pre-meditation? Is it not plausible that they made assumptions and shot. And the fact that two of the cops are BLACK does not mean that they don’t have stereotypical views of other black men.

    That is the great thing about racism it can infect those that are the victim of racism. This doesn’t mean that being the same race somehow excludes you from hating those like you.

    I am saying racism not because this is a case of a black man that was shot. It is the history of a long line of black men shot astronomical amount of times by police while UNARMED. If there was a gun on the scene, whole different story.

    But you assumption that just because a person has a criminal past they are unworthy or somehow unbelievable is ludicrous. It seems that the testimony of a convict is just fine when convicting some black guy but not fine when trying to defend him.

    Can anyone in this country attest to the fact that black men are being shot while totally unarmed, regardless of their legal past. Because past doesn’t play a part in a cop shooting someone since they don’t know them.

    I am not giving the”boys”, I think you mean men since none of them were under 18, the benefit of truth. I am simply looking at the case. If the cops say that they told them to stop, fine, does not stopping when the unidentified police officer yells now a pretense to shoot a person 50 times?

    The officer himself said after being asked if maybe Bell didn’t realize he was he police said that oh he knew because I made eye contact. If you identified himself wouldn’t he have said that. At least I don’t know peoples identity from eye contact. Unless that person is wearing a uniform which identifies them as something. Yet they weren’t.

    All you have is the fact that they were past criminals. What else makes them guilty. Where is this gun he reached for? Where are these prostitutes you mentioned? Where is anything that makes them guilty besides trying to drive off after an unknown man points a gun in your direction?


  7. The black man pointing the gun let them in on the fact that he was NYPD!

    I am saying there are two sides of the story here:

    One told by the police.

    One told by Bell’s friends.

    When you look at the past records of BOTH giving their details and recollections of the events, you must take these into consideration when you are to be reasonable and judge & discern the credibility of their stories. In this case, we must err on the side of the police – the ones with the responsibility of protecting innocent citizens, the ones without the criminal history, not the ones lacking the simple knowledge to obey police orders.

    If a black man (or any man) had me in an incident where they were to hold a gun on me, I’d immediately stop and freeze as should be the natural response of anyone.

    So, basically what it all boils down to is the technicality of whether or not the detectives correctly identitfied themselves properly taken into account that they were in plain clothes. Their testimony is they did! Why would you automatically assume that they were lying?

    As for the “long history” of excessive force: First, a detailed comparison between black men and white men has never been conducted with this regard. The difference lies in the fact if the same thing were to happen to a white person, we have no Al Sharptons to run around screaming “victim” about it, nor do we want one. If three white men acted the same, this story would have indeed been brushed over in the media because most reasonable people out there understand that up until Bell’s final moments of life, he ALWAYS had a choice.

    He had a choice to not sell crack-cocaine.

    He had a choice not to hang around gun-toting criminals that yell out “yo, get me my gun!”

    He had a choice to freeze after the police office identified himself as NYPD. Rather, he drunkenly sped off in his car, violently crashed into a police vehicle, and endangered the lives of OTHER innocent people regardless of their race.

    Sean Bell’s choice, as an American, was never taken from him.

    Finally, you are the one who made the proclamation that anyone would not stop their car because a “BLACK MAN” was holding a gun “yelling.” I find that racist. If the black man was intentionally trying to shoot, he would have pulled the trigger at the club in the parking lot.

    They knew what he was. Plain and simple. It gives them no right to put themselves above the law.

  8. “Also, would you if a black man walked up next to your car brandishing a weapon, sit there and wait to see what was next? Don’t lie because you would drive off. ”

    The Black Sentinel

    I’ll answer your question. This is what I think I (not you, not someone else) would do and why.

    If any person period (man, woman, black, white, Latino, Asian, mixed race, young, old, middle aged, cute, ugly, or whatever) did that to me, then this is what I’d probably do.

    First, I’d probably say, “What the hell?”

    Then I’d probably freeze in terror. How long I would freeze I don’t know.

    Would I drive off at a high rate of speed? I don’t know. I’ve never had any person do what you described to me. But if that did happen, the only thing I’d be concerned about is the gun.

    Here is why I believe what I believe.

    Ten years ago it was late at night. I got off the BART train at Daly City, CA and walked back to my car. I’ve done this before. But, this night was different from other nights. There was a recent spate of car jackings going on at that BART station. This was on my mind.

    I got into my car. I noticed a young white male sitting at the bus stop in the parking lot. This was not unusual. Any person sitting at the bus stop was not unusual even at night. The busses were still running.

    I put my car into reverse and he started running towards my car. I thought he might be a car jacker. I froze.

    He ran by my car. I looked out the rear view mirror and noticed a car pulling up to him and stopping. He got in that car and hugged the driver. The driver looked like she might be his mom. They drove off.

    What scared me then and probably now was someone running towards my car during a time when there was a problem with car jacking. I did not care who the person was. All I remember is someone running towards my car. He happened to be white.

    So, there you have it Black Sentinal.

  9. “Rather than suing the NYPD, Bell’s family should bring a civil suit against Joseph Guzman and may want to raise the rest of their children to avoid selling crack-cocaine and hanging around gun-toting criminals.”

    That happens on Fantasy Island but it doesn’t happen in the U.S. anymore.

    Personal responsibility? Forget it. All your troubles are the fault of someone else. Your troubles are never your fault. The Devil always makes you do it.

    Sue the real responsible party? Well…only if that person has money. In this nation, you go after the deepest pockets you can find. The facts be damned. It’s all about money. The truth doesn’t matter.

    Finally, Sean Bell was tragically shot on the eve of his wedding day. Does this mean it wouldn’t be so bad if he were shot the day before a root canal? Does this mean his fiancee really really loved him a lot but his parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents only loved him a little?

    All in all I say don’t blow smoke up my ass or pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Right now it’s very smoky around here and my leg is soaking wet.

  10. “All in all I say don’t blow smoke up my ass or pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Right now it’s very smoky around here and my leg is soaking wet.”

    Stupid me, I forget one last thing.

    Sean Bell was shot 50 times.

    To paraphrase Archie Bunker, “Would you all feel better if he was pushed out of a window?”

    This Bell Case is yet another screaming example of a nation gone crazy.

    I yearn for the day when people focused on the details and not the blaring headlines and media tailored sound bytes.

    Can someone book me a one way ticket to Fantasy Island? Tattoo might be on the short side but the man has style and personality ya know.

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