Huffington: Strong “Right to Privacy” Advocate

I gotta say, them Democrats are as principled as they can get, aren’t they?

In the case of abortion, it’s amazing how concerned they are with made-up “right to privacy” laws by convoluting the 14th Amendment.

But all this hullaballoo over McCain’s vote cast in 2000 really has me concerned.  Hairy-Anna Bluffington herself “spilled the beans” in proclaiming on her blog that McCain did not vote for Bush in 2000.

What’s this?  No more phony “right to privacy” laws?  Is Arianna re-writing the laws of importance on protecting the privacy of someone who kills their unborn?

Thanks Arianna for respecting McCain’s “right to privacy!”


4 thoughts on “Huffington: Strong “Right to Privacy” Advocate

  1. Cindy McCain stated on The Today Show this week she and her hsuband did vote for George W. Bush. I don’t know how they prove that anymore than Arianna Huffington can prove to the contrary.

    Aren’t those secret ballots pesky things?

  2. I know. It’s just funny to watch libs make asses out of themselves.

    Somehow nobody will remember it though.

  3. The abortion right to privacy decision was where I learned that wonderful word “penumbra”. I have never had to use it anywhere else. Which is probably good, because I roll my eyes so hard when I say it that they come close to popping out of my head.

    But yeah – the right to privacy that the HuffPo folk talk about only applies to their little pet issues.

  4. Everything is “relative” for the libs. They don’t understand double standards (see my latest post). It’s all a big joke.

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