The Race Factor

Race has apparently crept into the Dem race for the presidential nomination.  That’s old news by now.  But I wanted to comment on the phenomenon now because the articles keep coming in along with the TV analysis, etc.  The conservative media – especially Limbaugh – have had a field day with this one.  Rightfully so.

After analyzing the MSM for years, a conservative would be led to believe that such charged rhetoric would probably be found only in the GOP.  After all, we have our sad, sorry history, right?  The Willie Horton ordeal that became an issue in the Dukakis/Bush election was as racist as they come.  It had nothing to do with Dukakis’ record in regards to crime issues.  It had everything to do with the fact that Horton was black.  Or how about the Dem use of James Byrd against GW Bush?  Though the rhetoric emanated from the left, it was obviously the GOP’s fault that a black man was killed by white folk.  And GW was directly responsible as Texas governor because he failed to support hate crime legislation.  Nevermind that 2 of the 3 perpetrators were sentenced to death under non-hate crime laws.

Now we come to Obama and Hillary.  I have now been won over to the theory that Hillary’s prolonged presence in the Democrat nomination process has nothing to with her believing that she can win.  Rumor has it that she knows she cannot win.  Her presence has everything to do with her attempts to mortally wound Obama to such an extent that he cannot defeat McCain in the general election.  McCain might well be a one-term president due to his age.  That would put everything in play again for 2012.  And Hillary wants to secure her spot in that contest.  It’s not a conspiracy theory.  It’s just consistent with the way that the Clintons operate.  It’s a very Shermanesque “scorched earth” strategy.

Now charges of race-baiting have been lobbed against her highness and King Bubba.  Hillary’s references to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and her assertions that she has been stronger with the white Democrat constituency have left many libs and party leaders crying foul.  Sherman Frederick of the Las Vegas Review-Journal voices such sentiments.

When Hillary strategists say they are winning the “working class,” they don’t mean they are winning working people with a household income of, say, less than $50,000. All the exit polls show quite clearly that lower middle-class people who work split between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Clinton. The difference is generally skin color. Hillary wins the lion’s share of the “working-class” white Democrats. And, sadly, as Hillary’s campaign has become meaner and more to the point, that margin has become bigger.

I hate to join the ranks of GOP Hillary aplogists, but I will.  As Limbaugh and others have observed, how is this fact racist?  Obama is pulling in over 90% of the black vote. Are we supposed to ignore this tidbit of trivia?  So what?  Obama pulls in blacks, and Hillary attract whites.  But the liberal mindset does not acknowledge this as a double standard.  Rather, liberals are mired in self-guilt over slavery and past discrimantion. They consider such logical rationale as taboo.

Perhaps that mindset will be the undoing of Democrats in 2008.  Democrats and liberals are so afraid of the race issue that they are willing to allow an unqualified, radical person like Obama to carry their party’s banner in this election.  The Dems are so terrified of alienating one base (blacks) that they will forsake another base (working-class whites.)  But alienating blacks is only one part of the equation.  The Democrats finally have a viable, black candidate.  And they draw from the guilt in order to rationalize electing a candidate that many (deep down) know cannot win the election.  It’s an exercise in suicidal tendencies.

There has been a lot of talk concerning “buyer’s remorse” when it comes to Obama.  The Rev. Wright, Obama’s association with Bill Ayers, his involvement with Tony Rezko and other questions have shown that Obama is a risky, unvetted candidate.  Yet, the Dem masses vote for him, and superdelegates continue to move his way.

I have no reason to believe that Barack cannot be sunk by his past associations and his radical leftist ideology.  He does not transcend race or ideological divides.  His rhetoric does not match his background.  The question is – will John McCain acknowledge these very serious issues?  Or will he give Obama a free pass?  White guilt is for the liberals.  If McCain gives in to those tendencies and fails to acknowledge Obama’s serious flaws, then he is truly one of “them.”



4 thoughts on “The Race Factor

  1. It will be interesting to see if McCain will “play nice” by whatever definition of “nice” the media commands. He prides himself on being above rough-and-tumble politics; however, he also has a temper that resemble’s Bill Clinton’s. It’s going to be interesting.

  2. I’m torn. I want to see politics in DC return to “statesmanship.” I want to see people playing nice. But that’s not the game today.

    If McCain plays nice, he’ll be toast. Obama, Dean and co. will not play nice. These F-ers are determined to seize the presidency. McCain better not come to the table without weapons.

    My guess is that John will mainly let the 527s hit Obama so he can stay above the fray. If that doesn’t work, I think McCain will abandon the “nice” bullshit. He is an hornery dude. And his entire life has led up to this moment. He won’t be denied.

    If he backs away for the sake of being “nice,” I’d be shocked. He can be as mean as anyone – like you noted, Mike. I have a feeling McCain can hold his own. This is his last chance. And he needs to dispense with all the niceties. Obama is a radical, elitist, untested sham. He’s too easy as a target. McCain can be evil when he wants. Anybody with McCain’s demeanor won’t sit by and let his dream die.

  3. I’m with you 100% on the McCain reliance on the 527s, Philip.

    And everything else you say, really.

    Also, I’ve had a few conversations with conservatives I know that had little whispered side comments like this, “Never in my life did I think I’d see the day when my thought would be – Well, you know, Hillary wouldn’t be TOO bad…”

  4. Well you already know my opinion as I posted it regarding McCain’s minor concern over Obama’s friendship with the Weatherman.

    I (like my Annie) will be voting basically for whomever his Vice-President will be at this point because that’s who we will have to beef-up for a run in 2012.

    Incidentally, who is your guess? Polls have Romney, Condi Rice among the top three. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a successful black woman smarter than both McCain and Obama on a Republican ticket. The “race” loving Democrats can then begin their campaign on what an “Uncle Tom” she is.

    Also – assuming he would not pick her, I’d really going to miss her in years to come. She was an excellent Secretary of State and I will miss her briefings with the liberal Congress.

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