Vice-President Rice?

Inspired by my comment on Phil’s last post, I read the top 20 articles/web sites on the possibility of Rice as a running mate for John McCain.  The positives of Rice obviously are her age, her foreign policy experience, her intelligence, and her energy.  To negative; according to articles in the liberal news outlets state her immediate ties to Bush’s “failed” Iraq strategy.

Also on liberal-slam sites, liberals are having a hissy fit over it.  That’s a positive for me.  Many suspect her social policies are moderate including gay marriage, abortion, etc.  But her stance on fighting terrorism; in my opinion, would be the perfect add-in to the McCain ticket.

I stumbled upon this report with regard to the state of New York written in April.  Check it out.  It shows a McCain/Rice ticket winning in the state of New York over both a Clinton/Obama and a Obama/Clinton ticket.

The other choices fail.  I think it’d be interesting to have a Republican win in the state of New York. 

Share your likes, dislikes, and concerns.  Moreover; how do you see her as an eligible Presidential candidate in 2012?



16 thoughts on “Vice-President Rice?

  1. I don’t think she’ll accept the invitation, though. She really seems to want to chuck it all and get back to Stanford. I can see why!

    Actually, although this is tongue in cheek, I’m all for Mama McCain on the ticket somewhere. Talk about a pistol! Maybe she can be the Press Secretary.

  2. I don’t know. I tend to agree with the Fox News contributor that tends to think she will change if the inivtation actually materializes. But then again, I do feel sorry for her. She’s been in the Middle East more in the last eight years than her own house. She’s up every morning at 4:30 AM. She really needs to take a vacation when all is said and done.

    I really will miss her though. She’s a diamond.

  3. I like Rice much, but I’ll likely be voting for McCain regardless of his VP choice — unless it’s Huckster. Rice would be a bad choice because the Dem’s strategy is to paint McCain as Bush III, and Rice on the ticket would add to that portrait.

  4. Fine as she is, I believe she would be playing too much into the race-card issue that Obama is thriving on. Let’s leave that issue alone. The longer he’s stuck with it, the clearer the public will see his campaign for what it is. It is the only aspect of him that he cannot change and the only thing about him that is not made up. His lies about himself; law professor, homily absentee or snoozer. He can ditch his pastor, his radically criminal friends, his contempt for sweat and grit; all these things he can dispose of.
    It is only his blackness, which he had to go church to learn and thrhough that found a symbiosis with his pastor,that has given him the role he has.
    Actually, Condi, like Colin Powell, represents a greater assertion of a Black American rising in our society than the Illlinois Senator does.

  5. Shawmut – I completely agree with your final statement which is why I think she should be put forth in some way so Americans can get a new look on what “equality” really means.

    Mike – I am seeing the Bush derangement syndrome beginning to fade even earlier than the Reagan derangement syndrome began to dwindle. Moreover; there’s going to be an Oliver Stone film made about him very shortly called “W” which i’m anxious to see. They say it’s going to reflect on the Bush’s humanistic side spotlighting his soft sides and humor.

    That’s all the little darling Dems will need to see to turn their derangement elsewhere.

  6. Well, I will respond to the question you posed on my last post on your new post….lol. Or something like that.

    I think there is zero chance of Condi. And I’m not sure that would be his best choice. I think Condi has been very clear about her intentions in this regard, and I take her at her word.

    I’ve heard several names thrown around, and very few of them excite. Minnesota governor, Tim Pawlenty, Florida governor, Charlie Crist and South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford are the three most common. Sanford has issues with the SC GOP and Pawlenty is a not a strong conservative. Same with Crist.

    Romney isn’t going to happen – too much bad blood. And I’m not a huge Romney fan due to his recent conversions on many issues that I hold dear.

    I think this is an excellent chance for McCain to make a statement. Ideally, you would like to have a young, conservative governor. But there’s not much to choose from out there with the exception of Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal, who is too early in his first term to be torn away (watch out in 2012!).

    Indiana Rep. Mike Pence has been thrown around (a very little). I think Pence would be wonderful, but I wonder about 2 congressmen on the same ticket. And Pence is not widely known (only to political buffs and Indianans).

    McCain needs to make a splash with his VP pick. I just don’t know if that’s possible this election.

  7. Well, it better be! We need a good candidate to run for 2008 and since Romney was my first choice (aside from Hunter) he really owes us something of quality. I’m still not sold on McCain himself. It’s his VP that will wrap his package for me.

  8. Polls are showing that a McCain/Romney ticket would be a loser.

    I wouldn’t chose Condi either because she is too tied to Bush. The ticket would play right into the McSame as Bush crap that is being said from the liberals.

    I would stay away from all of the candidates (include Huckabee) and anyone tied to Bush.

    I like Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

  9. “The other choices fail. I think it’d be interesting to have a Republican win in the state of New York. ”

    I’ll go on record now assuming Obama is the Democrat’s nominee:

    McCain 532 electoral votes
    Obama 3 electoral votes

    The man won’t carry his home state of Illinois. You can’t win the Presidency on the votes of guilty wealthy white liberals and kooky young people who’d rather go to a Justin Timberlake concert on Election Day.

    Barak Obama is the Barry Goldwater nominee of our times.

  10. The VEEP candidate will have to be as articulate as John McCain isn’t and as Obama is.
    There is a lot about Obama that has to be presented in ways that Sean Hannity’s – bizzy-buzzy-pick-pick and Limbaugh’s broad blast declarations just won’t do.
    Romney has no coat-tails; think of the money he wasted on a ticket to no-where; in fact economically, he’s a mirage (more of a raider than a builder). The others of the campaign fell on their own accounts. Regional entries have serious qualifiers; Romney, Giuliani. Young blood? Perhaps Pawlenty. Issues candidates? All over the place.
    It is a dilemma, and, right now I don’t have a candidate.

  11. See, this is the part I don’t understand. Are we insinuating that Bush was a terrible President? Okay, perhaps. On two issues: spending and IMMIGRATION.

    And what is John McCain’s worst attribute? Well – next to McCain-Feingold that is. Why I do believe it was his support of Bush’s immigration policy. The same one endorsed by Teddy Kennedy.

    If you ask me, he’s already tied to Bush’s worst attribute (next to his outrageous spending). Condoleezza Rice is not Bush’s worst attribute. She’s nowhere near it. In fact, she’s one of the more well-liked members of his administration.

    I would say Condoleezza is smarter than Bush in many respects. Probably smarter than Cheney, certainly smarter than McCain, DEFINITELY smarter than Obama and Clinton combined.

    I do think though Phil is right (as well as the others who have remarked like AFW) that she is not interested in the job as of today. Though, what happens if it actually is presented to her.

    The woman has more middle-easterm foreign policy experience and hands-on experience dealing with middle-eastern leaders than McCain or any VP choice he is faced with.

    I’m still voting for Ameirca’s safety. That’s why she is an asset – a major one. And I’m terrified to see her leave Washington at all, so I suppose I’m clutching onto whatever I can to prevent America from saying a final goodbye to Condi Rice.

  12. I didn’t have an idea for a running mate earlier… And today I discovered that LTC Allen West is running for Congress in Florida.

    I remember his story from early in OIE, and as I read through his site I have to say I actually felt inspired for once in this election cycle.

    Amazing guy, and just what we need I think. Not that it will happen, but I have my hopes for elections to come.

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