Just How High Is Our Fuel?

I picked this article up from Ann Coulter’s Web Site.

It sites some interesting facts and even declares “Gas is Cheap!”

Turns out on an adjusted inflation rate, we are only paying just a few cents more than we would have been paying in 1922.

Moreover; it points out that compared to Starbucks and Beer (and I am sure cigarettes, too) that gasoline is virtually the cheapest thing around right now.


4 thoughts on “Just How High Is Our Fuel?

  1. “Don’t try and confuse me with the facts. I want cheaper gas!”

    The best solution for higher gas prices is higher gas prices.

    If people drive fuel efficient cars, then demand for gasoline will fall along with the price of gasoline.

    When the price of any commodity rises, people search out alternative commodities to replace the higher priced commodity.

    Let free market capitalism work here. It will work and it will work well.

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