Is the MSM Warming Up to Hillary?

I suspect that the Associated Press and the editors of the NY Times are finally starting to pay attention to the few “kind-of-smart” liberals that hang out at Fox News.  This isn’t to say that really anyone has been paying attention to Keith Olbermann or anyone at MSNBC anyway, but when you strip away Olbermann’s insanity factor, he sort of does just come out and say what the MSM is always thinking.  Thus explaining why Ann Coulter gets all the attacks as opposed to him – that and the fact that people actually buy Coulter’s books.

In any case, I am switching my stance on Fox News because if there is any month that we can be angry at them – it’s this one.  Of course, Hannity is correct when he reminds people night after night of how un-eloquent and un-ladylike Michelle Obama is, how strange it is that a Presidential Candidate can be so unpatriotic to his country while holding friendships with a racist pastor and a liberal terrorist known for blowing up government buildings.  Even the NY Times has refrained from commenting on these to detract that “evildoers” over at Fox.

The “kind-of-smart” Democrats mentioned have been on with Hannity and are starting to slowly come out of their “love for Obama” phase after Obama has already won a majority of the delegates thus far. 

1.) Hillary has more experience, puts her hand on her heart for the national anthem, and doesn’t hang out with racist pastors and liberal terrorists.  (though she does hang out with “phony pastors!”)  No of course she isn’t a real American.  But unlike Obama, she at least acknowledges the importance of pretending for electoral purposes.

2.) Hillary appeals to more voters across the board.

3.) Hillary has indeed won in ALL of the major swing states historically proven to be needed to actually win the White House.

Now – finally after all the months of Obama -slurping, the media seems to be coming around to the “evil” Fox.  Yet, Fox really has bitten off its own hand.  Not that I particularly care for McCain that is.  But McCain actually could have defeated Obama.  In fact, there was no doubt in my mind that McCain would have.  I was just waiting to see who his VP was going to be.

This article published today warns Democrats “McCain Leads Obama in Two Battlegrounds” virtually admitting that Democrats need Hillary as their front-runner to have a chance in vital states like Ohio.

Other articles note Clinton for wanting to pursue Florida and Michigan and explain the importance of her doing so.

Virtually the last month promised Hillary a big loss.  I think now that the MSM is actually starting to listen to Fox, that may wind up changing faster than we can imagine.



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