Clinton Supporters Going for McCain…

I think we can thank Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger from the bottom of our hearts.

This video is amazingly revealing of the passion and anger of Hillary supporters.  The woman – though a little over-the-top proclaims Obama as an “inadequate black male.”  She also proclaims McCain will be the next President.

The video speaks for itself. 


6 thoughts on “Clinton Supporters Going for McCain…

  1. We hard working white Americans better vote McCain because from what Rev. Pfleger has said if Obama is elected we white people will be put at the back of the bus because of something our great great grandfathers did.

  2. Regardless of who did it- Their own people sold them out. That we were party to it is secondary, IMO.

    But you’re right, we are in deep dog shit if we don’t vote for McCain. We’ll just have to hold our noses to do it.

  3. Just in a couple of weeks we should re-adjust our understanding of Welt-Politik. Tiny countries are not important, and in provincial terms, large states aren’t either; like Michigan and Florida.
    And if, the Senator from Illinois considers the Chief Ayatollah to be the leader of the Iranian regime, then George Soros would be the leader of Obama’s. (Barak and Mahmoud could go out and play on the swings.)

  4. I do not understand how the bilaws committee equated Obama with Uncommitted.

    Uncommitted is a legitimate ballot selection, not for Obama, but for UNCOMMITTED.

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