Making Sense of the Phelps

I try not to make it a point to discuss things that seem silly.  I did comment on this horrid crowd of people at one time, but I always make it a point to thoroughly investigate and read up on people that make me very sick – which explains my dislike of Obama incidentally.  So, I read some articles, watched an entire documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church where they allowed a man to come in and spend a few days with them.  He got to know the entire family and other than the picket scenes where they go, they turned out to be a normal interacting family that were courteous to him.

They lost my interest though after a few things:  1.) When asked a series of questions, Fred Phelps (the originator) was condescending and rude, avoided answering questions, and basically told the fella he was doomed for hell.  2.) The fact he was so unlike them, yet, it was okay to bring him in sort of proved to me that this was a crusade of folks looking for media attention – and searching it out every chance they get.

Finally, tonight I stumbled upon three videos.  The first was a parody of “We Are the World” where the Phelps re-wrote the words to the same melody and re-titled it “God Hates the World.”

In the video – they depict everyone from Jerry Falwell, to the US Military, to President Bush as people doomed for hell.  What I found interesting was the comment sections where extremist atheist types commented on why Christianity is bad and why God is a crock.

It all began to make sense of why the popularity of these lunatics has increased so much.  Two things are served.  First, the apparent starving media whores they are – in search of their own riches – will do ANYTHING for attention.  Second, it gives the irreligious basis for denouncing religion and Christianity as a whole.  While Shirley Phelps-Roper remarks about “fags eating feces” it seems they are licking the behinds of the atheists and vice-versa.  (Sort of like Democrats in Congress that love for blacks and gays to continue feeling like victims to prey on both communities for votes.)

That, plus the fact that Christ died for all sins.  Can you imagine the poor Lord (according to the gospel of the Westboro Baptist Church) having these folks as His eternal company?  Talk about wrath!

Moving ahead, there was one final 2-part video that caught my attention of a street evangelist who called the Westboro Baptist Church over one of their latest websites entitled “God Hates Ireland!”  The fella was Irish and apparently had a bone to pick with Fred Phelps’ granddaughter, Sarah.  You can tell by her jumpiness that he gave her a biblical run for her money. 

In ending, he makes an excellent point.  If God had this “wrath” as they proclaim, why would He selectively destroy one person, slowly, at a time?  Could he just wipe all the “bad people” out at once?

Part of their rationale explains that soldiers in Iraq are dying solely because of God’s wrath on America particularly for accepting homosexuality.  This doesn’t make sense on the basis that we lost 600,000 in the Civil War, 300,000 in WW2, and 60,000 in Vietnam.  We now know the war in Iraq is being won, the terrorists are running for cover, Iraq’s army is stronger than ever, violence has dropped massively to the point where even the media has stopped writing about the war since there is barely anything negative to report.

Everything accomplished by our great military, at the cost of 3,000 greatest Americans, and comparing this to the numbers of Americans lost in previous wars, wouldn’t this mean that God must be in a pretty good mood now?

They’re attention whores and liberals love them because it allows them to denounce Christianity.  Beware of future conversations with liberals as they use this in their arsenal of irreligious arguments. 


6 thoughts on “Making Sense of the Phelps

  1. I think you nailed it Steve. These nuts are just attention whores. Their eagerness to put on a dramatic show on TV or radio or wherever gives me pause. Their audacity and mindless gibberish makes me wonder how much of this is an act.

    Watching them hearkens back to the Jerry Springer Show. These folks are nutty white trash with no shame.

  2. Watching them hearkens back to the Jerry Springer Show. These folks are nutty white trash with no shame.

    These morons are beyond just nutty, slutty white trash. I would put them on par with Charles Manson.

    But they do provide one good laugh from the historical record:

    In 1988, Al Gore courted the support of liberal activist Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. In appreciation for Phelps’ help and support of Gore, Phelps was provided tickets to the inauguration of President Clinton in 1992 and 1996.

    Another fine liberal! Yessiree!

  3. As a Catholic I have some theological disagreements with Karl. However, I wholeheartedly applaud his efforts to bring the basic Gospel message to others and this call to try and reach Westboro. Bravo Zulu, Karl.

    I find it extremely arrogant and blasphemous of Sarah to try and trump the Gospel of Christ with the words of Jeremiah. Inspired and holy this OT book is, but it doesn’t negate the Gospel. This great prophet would be horrified to find someone doing this. Also, that Sarah cited Noah and his family as an analogy to Westboro is not only laughable, but shows quite clearly how much of an anti-Christian cult this Phelps clan is. They have excised the love from the Gospel and are trying to outdo the Pharisees in living the Law and calling others to do the same. Of course, their own fruits show this as well.

  4. When the Phelps cult came to Reno, they got a bit more than they bargained for. Bad weather, uncooperative crowds, and police apathy.

    What they didn’t get was We took that.

    Ran by people not only questionably political folks, some are even (gasp) gay!

    We run this as a politically free/message free/bullshit free kind of place. We’ve even stepped away from touting ourselves as an anti-Westboro site, because, what point would that be? They speak volumes of themselves.

    We celebrate our small town, as Nevada traditionally is, 50/50 on the whole red-blue thing. Which suits us just fine.

    It’s not much, but they aren’t going to tread on Reno.

    – GR

  5. I’ve found, in reading up on these folks, that they haven’t learned to separate out the Old Testament from the New, and living under The Law from living under Grace. I find it ironic that they say it isn’t their job to judge, yet that is EXACTLY what they do.

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