More Race and Hypocrisy

While we’re dealing with race and hypocrites, let’s turn to one of my favorite subjects and one of my favorite writers.  Jeff Jacoby, of the Boston Globe, broaches the hypocrisy rampant in the West’s response to the events in Zimbabwe.

In less than two weeks, the people of Zimbabwe will vote in the farcical presidential runoff election.  As I’ve stated before, the runoff is unnecessary as MDC candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai defeated Zimbabwe’s dictator with at least 60% of the vote – that is before Mugabe and his minions changed the results to force the follow-up election.

There’s probably no need to recount the reasons that Mugabe needs to go.  But in case you were comatose or just sleeping, Jacoby sums it up rather nicely when pointing to Mugabe’s paranoia about humanitarian aid agencies –

Mugabe claimed, preposterously, that the humanitarian agencies were trying “to cripple Zimbabwe’s economy” and bring about “illegal regime change.”

Actually, it his own demented and dictatorial misrule that has destroyed the country, turning what was once a prosperous land into the world’s most rapidly collapsing economy. And it is his determination to cling to power by any means – including starving and terrorizing voters who support a change in government – that has filled Zimbabwe not just with hunger and sickness but with savagery and bloodshed as well.

The runoff now seems to be hopeless for the MDC as Mugabe and his ZANU-PF loyalists have terrorized the voters and stifled (or tortured and killed) the opposition.

“ZANU-PF and its allies have . . . established torture camps and organized abusive ‘re-education’ meetings around the country to compel MDC supporters into voting for Mugabe,” the report says. Hundreds of voters have been flogged with sticks, whips, bicycle chains, and metal bars. In one “re-education” meeting May 5, “ZANU-PF officials and ‘war veterans’ beat six men to death and tortured another 70 men and women, including a 76-year-old woman publicly thrashed in front of assembled villagers.”

In other meetings, military officers have threatened to kill anyone who votes for the opposition. “Each villager would be given a bullet to hold in their hands. Then a soldier would say, ‘If you vote for MDC in the presidential runoff election, you have seen the bullets, we have enough for each one of you, so beware.’ “

So, what is the international community (specifically the West) doing about all this?  Precisely the same thing they did about Saddam Hussein and his murderous regime for decades – nothing.  Oh sure – there have been the obligatory condemnations and petty sanctions.  But, just as they were willing to turn a blind eye to Saddam’s rape rooms and the millions killed in the Rwandan and Darfur genocides, the world has refused to do anything substantial about the tragedy in Zimbabwe.

Why not?  Well, Jacoby says it best –

But why do the rest of us do nothing? Why is the free world so indifferent to the enormities committed by Mugabe and his bullies? Where are the demonstrations outside Zimbabwe’s embassies? Where are the international boycotts, the UN resolutions, the presidential and papal condemnations? Where is the International Criminal Court indictment of Mugabe for his long career of murder, torture, and other crimes against humanity?

Let us be honest: If the people of Zimbabwe were being terrorized by a white despot – if it were a white ruling party whose goons were beating them and burning their homes – the whole world would be aroused on their behalf. Surely they deserve no less just because their oppressor is black.

Touche, Mr. Jacoby.  The prosecution rests its case.  How sad and vile.



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