Obama: Testing the Waters of Patriotism

Yes, here we are in the middle of probably the most important conflict of our generation.

Yes, our awesome troops are proud of what they are doing.  Yes, they are succeeding. 

I guess Obama has paid attention to the news lately – which means that he can at least read.  I’m sure he’s realizing that violence is at record lows in Iraq.  He’s realized the success and acknowledges the oil contracts we are bidding for now and what these can possibly mean to our economy.  Money, money, money – hey then we can invent new taxes!

Obama says Iraq trip can refine his policy

Right, after eight years of Bush getting harangued on a daily basis, Barack Obama does two things:

First, he actually admits he supports domestic spying (something even Alan Colmes is angry about).  Second, he slowly starts to “refine” his war position.

Oh sure, after all the work has been done by Bush and Rice, Democrats will try to find some way to take credit for the success this war brings, or will attempt sadly to begin a pathetic backtrack of their eight years of blatant idiocy and this time, they didn’t even have to run a phony war-hero to do it.

Hopefully when this begins, we will know better.  Start looking for the signs real soon.

Take this article as #1.  I can’t wait to hear Code Pink’s response to this incidentally.


Apparently Code Pink and the rest found out – yes, less than three hours after reading the first article above – we get a new “unchanged” Barack.

Thanks Barack, and thank Code Pink along with the crazy Koz kids and the moonbats from over at Air America radio that still believe the war was evil.  Silly me to think that Democrats (the elected ones) could ever claim credit for Iraq’s success.  

Obama Wades Into Controversy With Iraq Comments


7 thoughts on “Obama: Testing the Waters of Patriotism

  1. At least he can read? Hello! Harvard…
    He supports the compromise FISA bill as the only way to move forward. Isn’t that what you’d want a leader to do? Work and compromise with both sides to get the best deal you can for the sake of the country?
    He’s always said that he would listen to the military leaders on the ground in Iraq.
    The Right has tried to paint Barack as some kind of ultra-liberal. In fact, now you guys are having a hard time trying to attack him because he’s such a centrist.

  2. Haha “such a centrist” who has denounced every vote for ANY of Bush’s terror policies, war-funding, going to war, etc. as a failure and a reason to NOT vote for Hillary. How short is your memory?

    He wants to double capital gains tax. He wants windfall taxes on oil profits….he wants to raise the cap on social security tax.

    He keeps friends with Bill Ayers and amazingly denounces Trinity Church RIGHT BEFORE the end of the primary.

    Someone’s coming to a realization, Kurt but it’s not me.

    Moreover; when half of Congress is insane you do what it right for the country. You don’t attempt being a “centrist” to carelessly pass though legislation. What good is that unless the legislation is effective?

    Half of Congress managed to continue voting against withdrawing troops and Barack reminds us everyday that he was against it from day one.

    Now he wants to “refine” for a few minutes before jumping right back into the arms of the crazy anti-war left.

    Watch him answer the anti-war protestors in months to come after the Iraq oil contracts are up and running. I suppose your answer to his hyprocisy then is that he always felt that way because he was a “centrist” unfairly pegged as an anti-war, anti-American, robbing-of-the-hardworker-to-give-to-the-lazy-folks liberal.

    By the way, if you aren’t going to use schools like Harvard and Yale to talk up your current Commander in Chief which has successfully kept you safe for the last seven years while you stood by and watched him called “stupid” and “inept” on a daily basis, please don’t try and pretend that those same type of schools hold relevance to this flip-flopper.

    Thanks. 🙂

  3. KURT, well we Republicans now proclaim that John McCain “refined” his position on Iraq by proposing the surge, which is now a success.

    I am glad, KURT, that you and Obama now recognize that McCain was correct since he “refined” his position.

    Good job!

  4. Here Kurt,

    Ask your messiah to redefine this…or does 550 tons of yellow cake mean Saddam was simply into baking?


    The Right has tried to paint Barack as some kind of ultra-liberal. In fact, now you guys are having a hard time trying to attack him because he’s such a centrist.

    The same centrist that voted to veto the partial birth abortion bill? Good grief! At least stick by your guns if you think your boy’s good. Obama makes Teddy Kennedy look like a centrist.

  5. “At least he can read? Hello! Harvard…
    He supports the compromise FISA bill as the only way to move forward. Isn’t that what you’d want a leader to do? ”


    Elected officials change their minds on issues quite often.

    What they should not do is run for a party nomination saying one thing and once that nomination is locked up start flip flopping on issues.

    Obama said our troops out in 16 months if he is elected. Now he says he need to go to Iraq and talk it over with our commanders on the ground. Excuse me? That shows me one of two awful things.

    First, his 16 month prediction has no foundation.

    Second, it has foundation but he has decided to maybe flip flop on this.


    Now Right thing 41% Should have stayed out 55%”


    Apparently Republicans fail to realize that they overwhelming majority of Americans(and the world) still oppose this “brilliant” war lol.

  7. Tom,

    Right! Cite a poll from a website entitled “Support our troops – bring them home!”

    Liberals pretend as if their sole purpose is to “care for the troops” – as if that was their number one concern.

    First, any poll taken consists of up to 1,000 people who also know that it’s possible to get the wrong answer.

    Second – opinion polls don’t dictate what generals and commander in chiefs know.

    Third – even your elected officials (the ones not reading the moonbat anti-war websites) are beginning to flip-flop on the issue.

    Now that the war is being won, there really will be very little left for liberals to say other than to harp about civilian casualties.

    Well, sure – continue to pretend that it’s the troops you care about – because “losing the war” which was liberals number one desire is not going to happen.

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