Where Does He Stand?

I can’t believe McCain actually had the balls to put this on his website.  I wonder if this will make it to TV ads.  This is brilliant.  Watch Obama waffle his way around the issue of Iraq.  This stuff is deadly if McCain uses it correctly beyond his friggin’ website.


This dude is a talking head for someone.  He has no convictions and nothing to stand on.  This is the biggest joke I have ever seen.  I want to know who is propping up Obama’s campaign and who is the force behind him.  He is a face who can read a teleprompter well.  I want to know who is feeding him the bullshit he spouts.


2 thoughts on “Where Does He Stand?

  1. You’re right on track, Philip. I’ve been chasing that same question; Who makes up the collective of Obama. It’ more than Soros and ACORN. And beyond that, look at the how some of the saner Democrats defer to his inevitablity.
    There’s what were once called the “Silent Majority” and the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”.
    Hell, I feel like a ‘conspironut’, but there’s definiitely a ‘furtive majority’ at work here.
    At 67 years, I thought I had witnessed absurdities, maybe even been a participant, but this is beyond all nightmares.

  2. Now I’m not a McCain fan, but that is pure genius . He should pay for it to be broken up into 45 sec ads, with a to be continued at the end of everyone and run them in prime time during September starting off every ad with the question, “Will the Real Obama please stand up?”

    He also needs ads attacking his Health care plan and his Economic plan… and i hope McCain would come back around to the illegal immigration situation and study what Ike did for a measure of success.

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