My Pups

For those of you who don’t remember, the birth of my puppies was an amazing story.  Here is the link to my post the day after for reference.  It still ranks as one of the most incredible experiences in my life.

The pics above are the two lucky ones we have kept.  And they are my world.  Bishop is the one on top, and Brodie is the handsome little boy below (he’s getting neutered on Friday – ugh).  Bishop was a late-comer.  We had originally intended to keep another pup, Daphne.  She was Patrick’s favorite originally – then fate happened.  Bishop got bit on the paw by a non-venomous snake.  Her paw was swollen double its original size.  I took her to the vet and got her on antibiotics to prevent infection and soaked her paw in epsom salt every night for 2 weeks.

Bishop slept with us away from the other pups during her recovery and won our hearts.  Patrick and I loved Daphne, but Bishop had been trying to show us for a long time that she belonged in our home.  I always thought she was needy.  She jumped in my lap and tried to lick me all the time – even when I wasn’t really in the mood.  But she was persistent in showing me her affection.  I’m ashamed – now that I understand. That first night after the snake bite, I soaked her paw and we wrapped it.  She climbed into bed beside me and snuggled into the countour of my body.  She didn’t leave all night.  And when I woke, she looked up at me with those deep brown eyes and gave me kisses.  I was in love.

Daphne went to an incredible, loving home with a good friend of mine.  And we are starting to build on our family with Brodie and Bishop.  I guess I’m a freak.  I probably won’t ever have a child, but my pups are my babies and my best friends.  The total, unconditional love that a dog can give is the reason that dogs are truly “man’s best friend.”


4 thoughts on “My Pups

  1. Good looking pups! Now that my black labs are nearing the end (13 yrs old and the female has cancer), makes me yearn for the past.

    I think about a 5-7 year old lab is the most perfect example of the best of friends.

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