Are You Islamophobic?

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July 27, 2008 – Sunday


1:00 AM – Yes, I Am Islamophobic
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The Council on American-Islamic Relations, otherwise known as CAIR, has become widely known for throwing around the term “islamophobic” as widely as the gay community uses the word “homophobic.”  Any time a news story appears involving some wrong, real or perceived, against a Muslim anywhere in America, CAIR jumps on it with both feet crying “ISLAMOPHOBIA!!!”

Ashraf Al-Jailani was ordered to deport to Yemen in 1999 by a federal judge.  He didn’t.  In late 2002, he was arrested after his business credit card and contact info were found in the posession of another Al-Qaeda operative in Chicago.  He was arrested, and CAIR began it’s anti-islamophobe campaign, decrying the move as islamophobic.  They said it was a case of “living in America while Muslim.”  Al-Jailani had three children with an American woman, and he viciously abused all of them.  He gave up his case after CPS authorities took the kids, and he self-deported to Yemen.  As soon as he got there, CAIR and his idiot wife took up the cause of getting the kids back, and as soon as CPS did it, mom took the kids to see dad in Yemen (after swearing she wouldn’t).  Yemen wasn’t part of the Hague Convention on international kidnapping.  So when Al-Jailani took the kids and sent his wife back to the States, nothing could be done.  Sami, Amina, and Layla Al-Jailani will likely never be seen again.

If believing that Al-Jailani was an abusive man who should have been deported without his children makes me islamophobic, then yes, I am.

In 2006, Yaser Abdel Said suspected that his teenage daughters, Sarah and Amina, were dating American boys in the small Texas town where they’d been raised as Americans.  When he searched the girls’ cell phone records, he discovered that they were spending a lot of time talking to the same boys.  He tasked their brother with “escorting” them everywhere, and he forbade the girls from doing anything without their express permission.  Their mother went with them and their boyfriends to try to escape, but Said talked her into coming back.  Then he had mom talk the girls into coming back, too, even after threatening to kill them for refusing to obey his wishes for arranged marriage.  Last year, he took the girls out in his cab, shot them to death, and disappeared, probably back to his native Egypt.  CAIR and the Said family is lambasting the American public for calling it for what it is–a Muslim honor killing.  They say we’re just islamophobic.

If believing that Said did what he did because of his Muslim upbringing, just like 5,000 other men do every year to women in their family, makes me islamophobic–then yes, I am.

Mark Steyn, a Canadian pundit, just finished a massive court battle for supposed “hate speech.”  He had the audacity to speak his mind about the realities of Islam in pop culture; his books “America Alone” and “The New Criterion” called a spade a spade and pointed out that America is the only nation on the planet willing to fight back in the “age of Jihad.”  The Ontario Human Rights Commission filed a legal complaint about 22 articles Steyn had written related to his views on Islam.  Canada, which puts a limit on so-called hate speech, called Steyn before three different HRC tribunals.  One is still pending.  CAIR and others say Steyn is islamophobic.

If believing that one has the right to criticize Sharia law and Jihad makes you islamophobic…yes, I am.

Every day, rockets are fired into Israeli towns such as Ashkelon and Sderot from Palestinian (read: MUSLIM)-held Gaza.  Fighters from Hezbolla make strikes into Israeli territory where they beat, torture, kill and kidnap innocent Israelis.  A Palestinian gunman walked into a Jewish religious school and fired 500 rounds, killing eight and wounding scores.  The belief of all Muslims is that Israel doesn’t deserve the land she occupies and that the Jews should be forced into servitude.  Yesterday, a report said that there is a massive movement of weapons stockpiles into Palestinian neighborhoods that harbor Hezbollah terrorists despite the cease-fire.  Why?  Read the Qur’an–no Muslim is required to abide by any truce or agreement to non-Muslims.  I have a copy if you’d like to see it for yourself.

On September 11, 2001, 19 Muslim terrorists hijacked four American passenger airliners.  Two were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center; one was flown into the Pentagon; and the other crashed during a courageous fight in a field near Shanksville, PA when the passengers realized what their captors were doing and refused to let them win.  There is now a hole in the New York City skyline where the towers stood, and the buildings around them were destroyed when the towers finally gave way and collapsed.  Nearly 3,000 Americans died in the attack, and the final words of the hijackers were captured by air traffic controllers: “La illaha ill Allah, Muhammadur Rasul Allah.”  It’s known as Shahada, or the Muslim creed: there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.”

If believing that Israel has a right to defend herself from Islamic Jihad, Muslims want to see America destroyed, and 9/11 was merely a precursor to what they will do if given the opportunity, and if believing that the Hezbollah flag is a giant flashing neon sign that we should stop allowing Johnny Jihad to beat us half to death with our own rules is islamophobia…


29 thoughts on “Are You Islamophobic?

  1. It’s true, we are not allowed to touch the issue of Islam without backlash. For simply printing a comic strip making fun of Islam, people have been fired and jailed.

    Great Blog, terrible title

  2. Which title are you referring to? The gayconservative part? Or are you referring to the Islamophobic part in this particular post?

    If it’s the first – I’m sorry if you’re part of the crowd that believes all gays should be liberal.

    If it’s the second, the term was used in jest.

    Great comment, terrible ending.

  3. Did anyone else notice this…

    All of the examples cited actions devoid of religious afflication .

    It is wrong to abuse your children or murder them.

    What’s phobic about that?

    I would like someone from CAIR to explain to me how it is acceptable to murder your children because they liked people of the opposite sex. I’ve got an open mind. Explain to me how the world is a better place because people can do that.

  4. John in CA, the problem is that Sharia law allows for those things. That was part of the point. It’s worth pointing out that the UN, after a study on honor killings, suggested a “resolution” (because they’ve worked so well in the past, right?) that was to use “strong language meant to condemn” honor killings.

    The only nations voting against the resolution were the 22 known members of the UN whose countries observe Sharia.

  5. Speaking of the UN – my husband likes to say this when people talk about the UN “taking action”:

    “What are they gonna do? Come after me with their army?”

  6. The UN is a useless entity that erodes the sovereignty of all nations that abide by its almost unenforceable charter, resolutions, sanctions and the whatnot. The US would do well to just leave the UN. Perhaps then our wars would at the very least be declared.

    I do agree that islamofascism is a problem that requires great attention and a poster of self defense. Letters of Marque and Reprisal would seem to make more since, especially in the growing light of world diplomacy where the US is being painted as the ‘New Evil Empire’, something we should all be careful of attempting to fulfill those critics prophecies for we all know what has happened in modern history to those nations that have been painted as such, either defeated militarily or economically. The Letters combined with high rewards for the capture of terrorists would create an incentive for Americans to conduct these operations. The Letters would supplement U.S. government activity such as seeking out and eliminating the financial networks that terrorists use in addition to the capture and/or slaughter of such terrorists groups. I’m sure such entities as Black Water and the like would take up the charge and besides, private enterprise has always known to be more effective than a government.

    This would then ease the strain of our military forces being over extended. They then could be placed along the boarders for much needed boarder protection. Perhaps even building the fence our self rather than through expensive contractors, of course I still would lean towards the fact the contractors would be able to build in quicker and faster and of course more efficiently. Our Naval Battle groups would be freed up for coastal protection duty helping to ensure no rouge State is able to launch a scud missile EMP/Nuke attack from an offshore cargo ship.

    We are entering an age where the international community is oblivious to the dangers that rouge States will and do employ. Unfortunately, our foreign policies have done nothing but further alienate us within this international community. We have seen diplomacy break down and become stagnant in most cases, either we have been unwilling to talk or the other side has been unwilling to talk and in most cases, the international community butts in and make negotiations literally impossible.

    Yes, I am an islamophobic. I agree they are the greatest threat to this nations culture and civil defense. I think the greatest thing would be for this nation to ‘circle the wagons’ (Rebuild/Concentrate on Civil Defense). That reasoning is two fold for it also helps our poster for dealing with the future and troublesome China and if we leave, the islamic community would once again start shooting each other rather than shooting at our men and women.

    I know I find very little in friends here when I make that kind of statement, but yes, I am an islamophobic, I just don’t agree with the accepted methodology in defending the greatest nation on Gods Green Earth.

    Cheers my friends,
    I welcome debate

  7. Fortress America worked really well before the internet and so much internationalization.

    Kind of like moving to Montana in the 1800s.

    The problem is “they” don’t stay on their side of the fence and fight with each other, they come over here in huge numbers and pick off what “they” see as easy marks. Bringing everyone home isn’t going to change that.

  8. It’s not Islamaphobic it’s just seeing the truth. Like saying you think gay pride parades are counterproductive, it’s not homophobic it’s just your view on the world. While I can’t agree with a lot of what the “left-wing gay rights activists” do I don’t have to worry about them trying to kill me.

    Gay or strait they want us all dead.

  9. “John in CA, the problem is that Sharia law allows for those things. ”

    We don’t live under Sharia law in this country. Can’t these people read a map?

  10. “While I can’t agree with a lot of what the “left-wing gay rights activists” do I don’t have to worry about them trying to kill me. ”

    Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area like I do? It’s not easy being a gay conservative around here. But it is kind of fun being the conservative thorn in everyone’s side.

    You know what the real irony is? I am the embodiment of liberal inclusion, repsect, non-judgment, tolerance, and all of those other qualities liberal gays say they espouse.

    It’s amazing how some gay liberals lose their liberal goals when they run into someone like me who has a different view.

    It’s even more amazing how some of these so called Liberals are not so liberal after listening to what I have to say about certain things.

    For what it is worth, I have two close liberal friends and about a half dozen conservative gay friends. We all agree on what our nation should be. We disagree on how to make that happen.

  11. “The only nations voting against the resolution were the 22 known members of the UN whose countries observe Sharia.”

    I read an atricle in The Atlantic about being gay in Saudi Arabia. Under Sharia Law, social mixing of men and women is not allowed. Because of this the underground gay scene in Saudi Arabia is booming. Sharia law by default promotes this. In many ways it is easier to be gay in the Arab world than be straight. Yes they have to fly well under the radar and they do. But when a legal structure compels guys to hang with guys and forbids mixing of men and women, then what do you expect will happen?

  12. By that rationalization, porous boarders and ports is an acceptable risk? Heck, that is the first thing that should have been done, locking down the boarders and ports. Toughing and tightening immigration standards, especially for the Business Owner to ensure no illegals are working here.

    I’m thinking not in terms of ten years, think in terms of 100. You cant keep poking the bear without waking it up? China is now the 2nd biggest threat, but keep posturing the way we are and China won’t care how many nukes we have cuz they will know we are indefensible. They want the oil too… they are laughing at us as we spend ourselves into bankruptcy fighting a war were we kill one and enrage 10 more. There are Hundreds of thousands of Bin Ladens out there. Kill one and another one is right around the corner. Cut off one cell and a new cell emerges to take its place all in the mean time helping them with their recruitment endeavors.

    Over stretched military

    Economically beaten

    or what is referred to as ripe of a self implosion.

    We won’t suffer that, but our children will. We cannot afford the spending habits we have. We are about brook now, what will be of us in one hundred years? We have the technology to virtually lock down our boarders and coastal regions… unfortunately, the man power is stationed in other countries.

  13. No I don’t live in The Peoples Republic of San Fransisco and for that I am forever grateful, hell I wake up every day happy I don’t live in California.

    I think that the left-wing gay activists are very intolerant and that destroys any message they might have. They take being “gay” as a political platform not as what it is personal preference for sex. I have met some people that being gay is the only thing about them. It’s sad, can we just be people?

    So what is you favorite movie?

    “well because I’m gay….”

    Who is you favorite writer?

    “well because I am gay….”

    On your second post all I have to say is



    Wait not done yet…


    That’s funny.

  14. Ferg – even if we bring everyone home, our military will not end up policing the borders. Nor do they make a dent in the American born people who, searching for some kind of definition to their life that they have been denied by the morally relativistic upbringing the education system demands, turn to Islam.

    In the absence of an army (a traditional army, that is) coming across our borders, it is quite arguable whether the military is allowed to do anything at all legally. Shawmut would be far better informed about the legal situation in regards to this than I.

    Aside from the military aspect of it, the United States is globally connected. Unless we want people starving and under the totalitarian repression in North Korea, we cannot change that. And while so much good comes of it, much bad does, too.

    My honest opinion is that the biggest mistake we made in Iraq was not pressing the advantage when we had it. Look at the map – guess what is right in between Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh yeah, and you know Iran needed a diaper change in April 2006. Then we squandered that, our media bleated about defeat for five years, and Iran found some clean pants to go and build centrifuges in.

    I think the biggest part of our problem in America is that we give a crap at all what anyone else thinks of us. I find it the height of hilarious that the schools spend part of every school day encouraging kids to “find themselves” and “don’t worry about what other people think, do what makes you happy!”, and our country as a whole is constantly shaking about world opinion. Who cares? I’ve gotta say – I don’t.
    And I’m much happier that way.

  15. John in CA, it strikes me that just about everyone here is the very embodiment of true inclusion and openmindedness. This is the most civil discourse I’ve seen on this entry since I posted it on a local Arizona newspaper site.

    Airforcewife, you are exactly right–we care what other people think. Caring isn’t the problem, it’s that we care way too much. It’s like the point of the blog: I’m basically saying that, since condemning all criticism of Islam is considered bigotry, under those terms then I am islamophobic. I’m thumbing my nose at those who use that accusation to stop an argument they can’t win because they believe that I’ll be afraid of that title.

    When we cease to be afraid of bogus labels, it won’t work anymore.

  16. We have no right, even by the UN Charter which we are unfortunately bound to by treaty, to present the notion of Regime change… Its against the UN Charter and against international law.

    Back in 2002, I was one of you, a devout one of you. I thought, go get ’em boys! I thought the Republican party could do no wrong.

    I agree, the biggest advantage we had in Iraq was squandered by ineptness, not pressing if you will.

    At first we fought it like a war and won an overwhelming victory, thus the Mission Accomplished speech. Our mistake was when we attempted Nation Building or making the assumption that these 8th grade educated individuals could actually sustain a Constitutional Republic, that it would be ‘easy’ to set up. That should yet be another lesson. Only those citizens willing to fight for and take Liberty, Freedom or American values are ready to embrace a Republican government.

    What should have been done is control of the nation should have been turned over to the Bath Party in exchange for the condition of Saddam and his family’s exile.

    Then a prompt turn around with one finger pointing at Iran saying your next. Actually there diaper change was needed in 2003 when they asked the State Department for a sit down meeting with the President or his advisers… Yes they asked with no strings attached and we didn’t sit down.

    So much for the Monday Morning QBing.

    Legally and technically the military cannot assume boarder control duties, yer right. But, seems as though the constitution and the law of the land is ‘nothing but a G’Damn piece of paper’ according to Bush II, why not use them for boarder patrol? It would only be a minimal infraction in comparison. On that topic, the national guard purpose is for state defense only, not to be used in foreign wars, yet they are?

    In all actuality, I don’t think you would find one individual in this nation that would have a problem with military units on our boarders, except Left leaning Libertarians and the other Lefties ohhhhhhh and La Raza. Screw ’em!

    Your right again, yes we do give a crap, which brings up my original point, the international community will always undermine our soveriegnty when negotiating and its only gonna get worse as we live up to the ‘new evil empire’ stigma.

  17. Ferg – before anything else, I do have to comment on the “Mission Accomplished” sign. And I have to do it as a military family member, not in any rude way.

    Each time my husband has come home from a deployment his mission has been accomplished. I honestly think that the biggest part of the blunder with that sign is that the Bush Administration has always had crappy public relations people, and most of the country does not understand the military mindset about things.

    That ship’s mission was accomplished. Until the next mission came along. Of course more could be read into it, but there is nothing unusual in a sign like that at a homecoming even if the war is not over yet.

    About the constitution being used as toilet paper… That’s just silly. It reminds me of the people AFG and I used to run into at BBQs in Berkeley (we had friends there) who claimed that there were “files” on them and “people watching” them. C’mon. The fed gov’t doesn’t have the funds to pay teeming hordes of FBI Agents their 70K+ a year to follow some Ron Jeremy looking professor around writing down his every word and looking for ways to screw him over.

    The Constitution has come under far worse threats in our history than this – President Lincoln’s suspension of Habeas Corpus being a blinding example, the Alien and Sedition Acts, and the internment of AMCITs during WWII being just a few examples. At this point, the outcry about Constitutional Violations makes me yawn and roll my eyes. And that’s NOT GOOD. We should never be complacent about our Constitution, but this whole situation has been Chicken Little’d to death for me.

    The most egregious example of rights being violated recently to me are the Border Patrol agents being held in prison for doing their jobs and protecting us. That is just plain sickening.

    Oh – and I’m not a Republican. Up until we moved to a state where you don’t register your party when you register to vote (in 2007), I was a registered Democrat and I had been since I first registered to vote in 1992 when I was 18.

    There’s no party line for me to toe.

    Mel – I’m looking forward to more posts!

  18. Airforcewife,

    That wasn’t rude in the slightest… you debate with nobility, an uncommon aspect lately 🙂

    I gave a public speech on the horrors of atrocities against the constitution since its inception to current 2006, roughly one year ago at a Rally for the Flag here in NW Indiana at the ‘Cross Roads of America’ (Route 6 & US 41). We had roughly 200+ in attendance for this event last year. My grassroots organization is in the works of putting together another one for this Sept.

    My speech included aspects on the Alien & the Sedition Acts of 1798 in conjunction with comments on Lincoln’s Violation of Habeas Corpus. It outlines many of the faults or attacks against the constitution since its inception. I’d be more than happy to forward you a copy of it through Steve if you are so incline to read it.

    Do I think there is ‘Men in Black’ looking for me and taking down every word I write, thats just plain silliness, and I deal with a fair share of it being a Ron Pauler. I explain to those types that conspiracies are easily conjured and dangerous to the mindset of Liberty for if everything is preordained, then nothing we stand for is worth while in fighting. Liberty only belongs to the belligerent that claim.

    There are over 1 Million Americans on that Terrorist watch list including Ted Kennedy (although I may agree with him being on it). That means 1 in every 300 Americans are on that list. My Aunt is on that list (Nancy Pelosi Dem, so I may agree with that too). In jest, I may laugh at the individuals on it, but in all seriousness, when does it ever become alright to spy on your own citizens without a proper magistrate ensuring constitutional protections? What I’m about to say may somewhat be in jest too, but in all seriousness this shouldn’t a be a jest:

    We are quickly becoming Nazi Germany, and if we are not careful, we are setting up the potential for another Hitler. Naomi Wolf, who for the most part i do despise, wrote an incredible comparison on tyrannical governments and how they rise to power. Fascist America in 10 easy Steps. After publishing that book, she too ended up on the terrorist watch list.

    We give Government powers in all innocence, assuming, that those powers will be completely used for ‘good’. However and unfortunately, that is often not the case. Every American says its alright, it doesn’t affect me so ‘I don’t care’. There in lies the problem, for once it does affect you and you do care, its already too late.

    I believe firmly Ben Franklin was right on two accounts:

    1. After the signing of the Constitution he was asked by a lady, “So what did you give us?” and he replied, ” A Republic ma’am, if you can keep it.”

    2. Sacrifice a little Liberty for a Little security and you shall have neither and lose both.

    Do I believe that these citizens need to be investigated, yes… but we also need to do it in a constitutional manner. If they are not citizens, then they still deserve a magistrate to at the very least be informed as too why and what is going on. If we fail those principles we fail America.

    I’d always rather see 100 guilty persons go free than one innocent person spend one day behind bars. Habeas Corpus and our Liberties are in place to protect the innocent from malicious prosecution.

    Now that I am totally off topic. I will not make another reply, but do look forward to one more from Airforcewife 😉

  19. Aww, you’re sweet, Ferg. 🙂

    But feel free to reply! I mean, if Steve isn’t upset about bandwidth or anything…

    You might be surprised, but I agree with you about liberties being taken away and people not saying boo about it… Just not in relation to Terror Watch lists.

    As a homeschooling parent of four, I have nearly no rights with my children. Social Services, which has no oversight, can show up at my house with just a rumor someone called in and demand to investigate. Now, I can refuse to let them in my house, but should they decide to speak to my kids in a school environment, at one of their activities, etc. there is nothing I can do. And anything my children say can be used or twisted, requiring me to go to court and prove that my children are not abused. Meanwhile, my children are warehoused in foster care to “protect” them from me.

    It’s all for the children, right?

    And even if I “prove” that I’m a fit parent, it is on my record forever.

    There have been far more cases of parents having their families and rights violated in this way than cases of wrongful persecution for terrorist connections.

    I think we need to fix that problem first. I find it a far larger threat than someone putting me on a “watch list”.

  20. I think Constitutional rights stop when the person in questions hates the land that gives them.

  21. Sorry Steve but that’s not true you can hate it all you want but we still have laws against treason. So as long as you don’t do that you can be as big a douche as you want to be. Granted I don’t think we charge enough people with it but that is another debate.

    Yes they have taken many of our rights outlined in the Constitution and we do need to stop that and start making the government accountable for their actions. But most people are more worried about what their politicians can steal for them without regard to the Constitution so it isn’t just D.C.’s fault. I don’t have the answers and a civil war doesn’t sound like fun so what are we going to do about all of this?

  22. So let’s just stipulate that 3 men named Muhammed roll onto our land. They hate America and everything it stands for. They begin plots to blow up Americans in various areas. The NSA is contracted and stops them. They are taken to Gitmo and “tortured.”

    Now let’s assume that (as there are) men like that living here today because of our liberal immigration policies.

    Am I to assume that most Americans are going to lose more sleep at night about the loss of Constitutional rights of illegal aliens that hate us?

    Or should I assume they will have more concern for the Americans falling victim to their hatred?

  23. 1st off I’m sorry for posting again,


    So we just through out everything that has made America Great and the envy of the world for the last 232 years?

    I agree, we need to tighten the standards and perhaps tighten isn’t even a strong enough word. But, sacrificing everything America stands for and means is not a solution, its a damnation.

    1st Gulf war – Kuwait was invaded because of its slant drilling policies of which Saddam had pleaded with the useless UN to do something about of which they didn’t, so they invaded.

    US was asked directly whether or not they would have a problem with it, we said no.

    AH-HA! but of course we did and we go to war over it.

    At that time, Osama was essentially a US ally of sorts, all he wanted and every Arab in the middle east was for the US to arm the Saudis, our friends, to allow Arabs to take care of their own… we didn’t and now they’re pissed.

    Our foreign policies have caused and keep causing the problems. Instead of pouring water onto the fire, we always find a way of throwing coal instead. All we really needed to do was arm the Saudis and give them air support and that would have made everyone happy, but of course we didn’t.

    Sometimes I think we have passed the point of no return, and we more than likely have. So, I’m a chips all down or a chips all out type of guy.

    I do think we have created a catch 22, we are now damned, thanks to our foreign policies, and require a chips all down type of approach and that is the only reason I get behind McCain.

    Unfortunately, a chips all down approach may be a little too late. Personally, I think a chips all down at this point will break us economically and eventually make us near irrelevant in international politics.

    Do I worry about these individuals for i am islamophobic. But I also ask why are they so mad (and not angry for obvious reasons for angry would imply reasoning). When Regean, my favorite President pulled the troops out of Lebanon, he was quoted as saying we do not understand the irrationality of middle eastern politics. We were very close to an all out middle eastern conflict then too, but cooler heads prevailed, perhaps because the Evil Empire was lurking just around the corner.

    Personally, I would look for ways to defuse rather than enrage. I don’t care how tight the boarders or immigration are. There will be another 9-11 and then once again I will ask, what and why are they so mad? Could we have done anything to defuse the situation or at the very least, redirect their madness? The answer is yes, but unfortunately the opportunity was 17 years ago.

    Perhaps we are past the tipping point and perhaps me and others like me are wrong. But I do know that you cannot keep throwing coal on the fire and expect it to go out for we are dealing with irrational people with an irrational mindset.

  24. Ferg – what I agree with is that the United States perhaps made bad decisions in selecting its allies over the course of the last few decades. But in the history of the world, alliances have indeed switched. Allies have become enemies.

    What makes this country great is the people within it. Not the paper of documents with words on them. The people who celebrate Democracy and the difference of opinion. People who do not celebrate Democracy and the difference of opinion who want us slaughtered for not converting to their brand of Islam decry and denounce the “constitutional rights” handed to them regardless.

    So, we are left with two choices:

    1.) Say “screw you” to their constitutional rights (as illegal aliens by the way) in the hope to protect 300 million Americans that do respect the foundation in which it stands.

    2.) Say “screw us” by giving them the same rights they disagree with and just hope that they don’t prevail using those “rights” as part of their overall scheme to accomplish their mission.

    I am so glad Mel wrote this post. I implore everyone to take a day or two and study Islam, from the opening passage of the Quaran that decries other religions and warms Islamists to stay away from Jews and Christians in a friendly manner to its formation in 622AD to their own Crusades War they started 10 years later to their trouble-making with Europeans in 1100AD where they tried to take control of Jeruselum, etc. We have always been able to prevail because Christians always outnumbered them.

    And the way we had to fight them off in the past is being inhibited everytime someone wants to inhibit that in the name of “constitutional rights.”

    It’s not “throwing away” everything that makes this country great. It’s “preserving it.”

    And Ferg you can post as much as you want. Don’t ever apologize for conversation.

    I have the smartest commenters in the blogging planet ;-).

  25. “What makes this country great is the people within it. Not the paper of documents with words on them.”

    Steve, in most respects, I guess I do agree with you if it weren’t for China’s Constitution. China’s Constitution grants all the same civil liberty protections that our own does and in some circumstances, reads stronger than our own. Yet China is one of the most oppressed nations of the world.

    This is the problem. Liberty belongs to the belligerent or those who belligerently claim it. People like myself is why you and I are able to openly debate on this medium without fear of reprisal. Government, and i know you will agree, is like a big beast that takes and never gives back willingly. We the people keep redrawing that line, sacrificing a little more security for a little less liberty, hoping that when we redraw that line, that it will only be used against one class of person. But thats the lie enslaved citizens always fall for, for what is used against one person can be and will be used against all. Maybe not right away, but slowly but surely Big Government will, and at some point, some leader will try once again redraw that line.

    John F Kennedy, if I had to pick a Dem as a Favorite President it would be a toss up between him and Jackson, once said when a peaceful revolution fails a violent one is inevitable. I represent that peaceful revolution and pray it never becomes violent, but I know that day is coming closer when I see right before my eyes, people trading liberty for their Security.

  26. Wow. I’m glad I could stir up some thinking!

    I have to say, I’m glad to see some rational, civil discourse rather than the mudslinging and insult-hurling that’s so prevalent on other blogs. It’s quite refreshing.

    Trading liberty for security…sounds like a Sunday philosophy blog to me! 😉

  27. “Am I to assume that most Americans are going to lose more sleep at night about the loss of Constitutional rights of illegal aliens that hate us?”

    In that case no. I was talking about random people not people plotting terrorism. Illegal aliens have no constitutional rights. People here legally do. I was talking about hate not actions you can think what you want but if you act on it or try to your screwed.

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