Arizona DPS Officer Puts a Little Chlorine in the Gene Pool

First of all, thanks be to Steve and Phil for inviting me to join them…I’ve been reading the blog for a while, and I always enjoy the entries.  What’s different here is that even when folks don’t agree I rarely see the same type of name-calling that comes with a lot of other blogs.  I see more people here who are capable of agreeing to disagree than I see anywhere.  Who knew that a couple of politically-conservative gay men could really live out the openmindedness that the gay community can’t serve?

Sundays I usually post something philosophical, something that doesn’t have much to do with any one news story or incident in particular.  The rest of the week I’ll post as I see something that grabs my attention.  Without further ado, here’s my first offering.  I will get deeper into politics in the next few days.

News buzzed across the wires today of a crime that is deserving of entry for an honorable mention in the Darwin Awards.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone, does something stupid once in a while.  There is a certain sect of society, however, that is so stupid that one can only hope that when they do something dangerous, nobody else is around to be affected by consequences of said stupidity. 

At an Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS, or state troopers) office in Phoenix, 12 police officers were getting ready for a training session when a civilian walked in and announced that the liquor store across the street was being robbed.  No kidding.  Azcentral has the initial report:

The officers went to see about it and the perp turned the gun on the cops.  Of course, the cops shot him.  There’s no word yet on the guy’s condition other than his wounds are life-threatening.

That DPS office is a little conspicuous.  There are signs outside proclaiming exactly what it is, and there are cop cars all over the place.  There can only be two reasons for somebody to be unforgivably dumb enough to rob any business near a police station: 1) he has an IQ of two (when it requires at least a rating of 3 to grunt), or 2) he has a death wish.

Armed robbery across the street from a police station.  Classic.


3 thoughts on “Arizona DPS Officer Puts a Little Chlorine in the Gene Pool

  1. Hey, Mel! I hadn’t heard about that one. Funny. And true that most criminals operate on a dim bulb. I’m actually glad that most aren’t as smart as they seem in the movies.

  2. Oh, Hollywood would have us believe that all criminals are just tortured souls, that we made them what they are, and what they’re doing now is payback for some wrong committed against them.

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