Pakistan vs. NY Times….

Well, last I checked, both were supposed to be pro-American.

But in this recent article, Pakistan denounces the NY Times article claiming that Pakistan was responsible for the suicide bombing which happened this month at the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

In other news; the NY Times and ABC News reports that Pakistan is also helping the Taliban along the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Finally; let’s not forget Phil’s post a few weeks ago questioning whether or not Pakistan was “A False Ally?”

It’s hard for me to discern; honestly, which one really is to and not to be trusted.

Pakistan or the NY Times?


2 thoughts on “Pakistan vs. NY Times….

  1. (This is the profile I have to use while I’m at work…)

    I never believed that Pakistan was our ally. Not once. I don’t believe Saudi Arabia is truly our ally, either. I refuse to believe that those two nations ever truly wished to align themselves with America, because they continue to harbor terrorist cells and the financiers of those cells.

    It does not surprise me in the least that a nation that is run by Sharia law is helping the Taliban. It shouldn’t shock a living soul.

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