I Didn’t SEE a 757, Therefore it Didn’t Crash

Here’s another theory about Flight 93: that it was actually shot down.  Several witnesses have said they saw a small white plane in the area just after the crash, and one even says she saw it about a minute before the crash.  Here’s Susan McElwain, another of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists’ “smoking guns”:

If you google her name, you’ll come up with nearly 100 webpages dedicated to her story as one of the single greatest pieces of evidence that 9/11 was a hoax.  The headlines and exerpts say pretty much the same thing: “Susan McElwain saw hard evidence that proved the government story wrong, and the government covered it up!”  McElwain is one person, and her story is often intertwined with other stories that claim Flight 93 never crashed in Shanksville.  What about all the other witnesses?

Eric Peterson and Lee Purbaugh were working at an auto shop that morning when they heard a loud, whistling whine and looked up to see the 757 passenger jet so close that, according to them, “you could count the rivets.”  The plane crashed so hard and so fast that the shock wave blew the windows out of a nearby farmhouse.  Both ran to the crash site and saw a huge burning crater surrounded by all kinds of debris–seat cushions, pieces of clothing, and parts of the plane (which, according to the conspiracy theorists, was never found.  Whoops!).

Tom Fritz was sitting on his porch a quarter mile from the crash site and said that the plane suddenly flipped and dropped “like a stone.”  Students at nearby Stony Creek High School said the crash made the whole campus shake violently.  Anna McBride watched the 757 flip, nosedive and crash through her kitchen window.  72-year-old John Walsh also raced to the crash site and saw the same debris and burning crater that other witnesses saw.  Viola Saylor, Joe Wilt, Karl Landis, Rick King, Bruce Grine–all reported the same things.

Most of them also reported seeing the white jet in the area.

Susan McElwain swears up and down that she didn’t see a 757.  She says that she saw a small white jet flying low, and later saw the gigantic fireball that was Flight 93 crashing.  The plane was small, white, with no discernable markings, was moving fast and making little noise.  The answer has been given so often that it astounds me that it’s been ignored.  Pilot Yates Gladwell was flying a Dassault Falcon 20 for VF Corp employees that day when he suddenly received the order to land the plane–no explanation, just go to the nearest airport and land.  As he was in a landing pattern near 3000 feet, he got another call: the FAA has lost a plane and you’re the closest.  Can you go look for it?

He did, and circled for some time.  At first he couldn’t see the plane, and was about to leave–then it crashed and he couldn’t miss it.  Gladwell was an important part of the inital disaster relief effort.  He helped direct workers to the site.

Did Susan McElwain make it up?  Did she really see what she claims?  One eyewitness to the Pentagon attack said he saw a helicopter disappear behind the walls immediately before the massive explosion, but no helicopter crashed or was involved in the explosion.  Depending on where you are in regards to the direction everything else is moving, what you see can play tricks on you.  It’s common for witness identification at trial to be sketchy, even if the witness swears that they know who they saw at the crime scene; that’s because often people don’t always realize what they saw.  There are times when I wish I had that problem.

At any rate, I am not for one second calling McElwain a liar.  She likely did see the low-flying white plane just like everyone else.  Where she was in relation to where everything else was makes all the difference, and that hasn’t been taken into account.  It’s the conspiracy theorists (Alex Jones and Dylan Avery, please take note) who take things like this and make them more than they really are.

But what about her assertion that the plane had a “military look?”  This was what she saw:

It might actually be easy to call this a military-style jet, especially if you don’t know much about military planes.  Saying “I know it was a military plane, it just had that look” doesn’t convince me.  And saying, “I haven’t been able to find a plane like that on the internet” doesn’t do it, either–there are so many different kinds of planes out there that you have to know aviation terminology to find what you saw. 

The problem here is that nobody, not even Susan McElwain, is willing to admit that they might very well be mistaken in their assumptions.  None of this is anywhere near as conclusive as the twoofers claim; in fact, it’s more damaging to the cause.  Next!


11 thoughts on “I Didn’t SEE a 757, Therefore it Didn’t Crash

  1. Calling people ‘twoofers’ for not agreeing with the official story is nothing short of sickening.

    It wasn’t shot down. It never crashed in Shanksville. Since when does a big plane crash into a field and leave no wreckage, no jet fuel, and no fire?

    We know several eyewitnesses, including an unidentified Vietnam veteran, heard a missile in Shanksville.

    Listen to Susan McElwain in this interview. She reports that she saw an unmarked white aircraft with no rivets and NO WINGS:


  2. 93 was supposed belly up when it flew over Lee Purbaugh’s head. How in the world was he unable to describe a 757 being belly up if it was 50ft over his head?

    And Simon is right, Susan said it was a UAV that flew just a few feet over her van. Kinda throws a monkey wrench in the official story.

  3. An “unidentified” Vietnam Veteran? That’s about as sound as saying “we know someone saw bigfoot.” Your arguments lack any and all logic. You swear that Flight 93 didn’t crash, and you swear that there was no wreckage, but IDENTIFIED WITNESSES have gone on record describing the debris they did see, including bits of clothing. Give me hard evidence, Simon, not hearsay.

    Noname, Lee Purbaugh was not unable to describe the plane, in fact he described it quite well. I’m not sure I understand your point. And Susan McElwain described a PLANE–right down to the tail section and the upturned ends of the wings. If her story’s changing, then you should question that. Watch the video again.

    Where did all the people on Flight 93 go? Were they sent to Guantanamo Bay? Drugged and given new identities with no recollection of who they really were? Oh, I got it–they were abducted by aliens!

    You guys are amusing at the very least.

  4. My question: Where are the people on the flight if it never crashed?

    Is the plane on some deserted island? Did the people tracking it on radar just see something on their screens that wasn’t Flight 93?

    Hmmm, I just wonder who is watching over those people that were killed on September 11. I have believed and do believe that God is looking over them now and since their plane crashed into the ground in 2001.

    I’m sure McElwain saw a plane, but she didn’t see Flight 93 crash.

  5. There was fire. The burned trees on the edge of the woods there burned. There was wreckage and sadly the remains of all on the plane were found and determined through DNA. The fantasy vision that many people have about that crash site isn’t at all what the police, fireman and volunteers found that day. Pieces f the plane were all over the place along with body parts. This day changed so many lives forever and to take away from the people who gave up their lives that day is an act of terrorism in itself.
    Many the terrorist are behind the twoofer movement. Think about it, these twoofer people attack the very heroes that stood in their way on September 11, 2001. makes you wonder what the truth about the troofer really is… hmmmm.

  6. Rick, you are completely right.

    What is the agenda that these people have that everything is the United States’ fault.

    They never say anything that makes you think they are a patriot – usually, it is always something against the country they live in.

    What a miserable life they must live!

  7. Yes, all of those planes were in the air. And the pilots of every single one of those craft have come forward, flight data in hand, to prove that there was NO conspiracy.

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