Liberal Stupidity: Day Laborer’s Rights

I had to momentarily get off-topic (and sign in from a work computer, not usual for me) for something that has absolutely blown my mind.  I cannot believe what I’ve just read.  Make sure you put your drink down before you read this, folks.

According to Michelle Malkin, the Los Angeles City Council has voted unanimously to approve a law that would require home improvement stores to supply new shade, water, restrooms and trash cans for–get this–illegal day laborers who loiter outside looking for work from customers.

Say WHAT?!?

Toldja.  You shoulda put that coffee down first.

According to Bernard Parks, who introduced the law, the major home-improvement retailers are somehow responsible for “attracting” the laborers who stand outside in the heat looking for work, and thus are responsible for taking care of them.  And it’s the stores that are responsible for obtaining permits and paying for the new additions to the stores.  The news says that thousands of day laborers gave a standing ovation when the measure passed.

Of course they would.  Illegal pride, right?  Nobody’s illegal.  We shouldn’t have the right to kick ’em out for sneaking into our country, committing all sorts of crimes (including child rape, like the one in San Diego last year by one of these jewels of society) and sucking our public resources dry. 

You know what?  I’ll pull my own damn weeds.  The Democrat nitwits who wrote, pushed and passed this garbage can wallow in their own problems.  I like what Michelle said about it:

“Jamiel Shaw was unavailable for comment.”  Google that name.


5 thoughts on “Liberal Stupidity: Day Laborer’s Rights

  1. Do I think this is riduculous? Absoeffinglutely (to G-rate, Big from SATC).

    HOWEVER- if we would start cracking down on employers that hire the loitering illegals, then we wouldn’t have them loitering.

    I’ve recently moved from Texas to South Dakota where there isn’t a big population of illegals, and they don’t understand how ridiculous it is in those states with masses of illegals.

    The whole thing makes my blood boil.

  2. When loitering becomes defined by qualifying terms, we have only oursleves to blame.
    An assault and Battery “Hate Crime” is an A&B. Loitering is Loitering. Is Breaking and Entering to be only unlawful entry or (as in Massachusetts) Auto-Theft is “Unauthorized Use”?
    Surely, if only terrorism was cited as such in the 60’s, then Wm Kunstler would have been successful in defending the criminals the likes of Berrigan, Dorne, etc, as political expressionsists.
    A nation of laws not men has been relegated to a nosh-pit with regard for neither.
    It may just be that in supporting our local (very local) sherifs might be the only way we’ll have safety.
    (Of course, in the Massachusetts Caliphate sheriffs only keep jail keys without authority beyond that. Their motto “Peace and Quiet Beats Law and Order”.)
    Good tag, Mel.

  3. Hmmn. I was born here. I work and pay my taxes. I got pulled over because the tail lights on my car were not working. I was issued a fix it ticket and I fixed the problem.

    Meanwhile, dozens of men gather at The Home Depot store less than a half mile away from where I live. Do they get cited for loitering? No. Do they get told to move on? No. Day after day and week after week they are there.

    If the police officer wanted to be nice, he would have told me what was wrong and sent me on my way. Why should he do that? I live alone. How do I know my tailights out? Nobody told me other than the police officer. I did not intentionally do what I did. These people who loiter at The Home Depot store choose to do this. They know it is wrong. Their are signs in English and Spanish that say No Loitering. My fix it ticket set me back $10. I guess it doesn’t pay to be an American.

  4. This is typical California lunacy gone wild. I suppose if Home Depot calls the police and tells them to run these loiters off their property then they will get immediate action?

    Here in CA if you rent a storefront business along with the parking lot, you can’t run off anyone who uses your store to solicit charity donations or petition signatures. Never mind you are paying rent for the building and the parking lot. The fact these people may annoy your customers and these customers may choose to shop somewhere else does not matter.

  5. Liberals wussietard whinning about kids and guns i mean i saw one version of WIND IN THE WILLOWS where RAT had a gun stuck in his belt THE BETTER TO BLOW AWAY A WEASEL WITH BLAM,BLAM DEAD WEASEL

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