Saying Hi

Just wanted to let everyone that Brodie and I got moved into our a new place today.  It’s not a house, but it’s a beautiful apartment overlooking a golf course here in Fort Worth.  And it’s 2 bedroom so I have my office all set up. I still have some work to do.  All the furniture is being delivered tomorrow, and there will be more boxes to unpack.  Fortunately, I’m not doing it alone.

I appreciate all the kind words and thoughts.  I should be up and running again soon.  I’ve been dying to blog on this Georgia/Russia thing.  I may be late when I finally do, but I’ll have some choice words for Mr. Putin and Mother Russia.  Until then, take care.  Keep up the great work, Mel and Steve.  Love ya all!


8 thoughts on “Saying Hi

  1. Yeah well, I’m the only one that loves Philip since I am the only one who knows his name only has one “L”.

    Spell it wrong again and we’ll kick your ass.


    Love everybody, and Happy Sunday!

  2. I know his name only has one “l”! My FINGERS have the issue with it.

    I’ll tell you what, Philip, you can call me airrforcewife. Or perhaps airforcewwife. Whichever you prefer. 🙂

  3. Ya got us thar! And it was spelled out in front of us.
    I guess the lesson is broader than that and a call for some humility;
    When, before a nation, however accurately things are explained and – spelled out, – we just go along.
    Alert, alert, fellow conservatives; this little lesson in being the average mensch could be worth a lot.

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