NBC Helps, Obama still the Loser

The McCain campaign has issued a statement to NBC over the reporting of a rumor passed off by the Obama camp which implies that McCain had heard the questions put forth to Barack Obama at the presidential forum held at the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.

This of course was a really bad way of explaining why McCain had better answers to the questions than Barack Obama.

The McCain campaign has requested a meeting with the President of NBC and of course NBC claims no bias and stands by their reporters.

I sort of thought the idea of a presidential race was to demonstrate your opponent’s inability to be prepared.  If all Obama’s people are going to do is make excuses every time McCain is prepared, they are in for a pathetic ride – especially in a year where the election should have been handed to the Democrats.

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing…

1.) Losing to John McCain

2.) Making a pathetic excuse for McCain’s better answers

3.) Having NBC back you up on top of it all and basically report to America that Obama wasn’t prepared.

You be the judge.


14 thoughts on “NBC Helps, Obama still the Loser

  1. I’m sorry, I can’t respond to this post logically because the entire premise is utterly ILLOGICAL.

  2. Sorry if you don’t understand – or perhaps just don’t like what it says, maybe?

    But let’s explain quickly…..1.) NBC aided Obama’s camp by reporting the false allegation which displays their “help” to the Obama camp. 2.) Obama lost.

    Seems pretty simple to me. Maybe you just shouldn’t attempt to read anything at 2:52 AM?

  3. Maybe it isnt’ an illogical argument, maybe that feeling is what happens when cognitive dissonance sets in.

    I watched this forum. I was worried going in. I got even more worried when Obama spoke to Pastor Warren like they were in a living room just talking about things and life. I actually thought he did really well. I thought he did much better than he usually does without a teleprompter and prepared remarks.

    And I was sure, SURE that McCain would pull out that horrible giggle he has and would appear stiff and distant.

    Then McCain took each question and knocked it out of the park. He didn’t have “nuance”, he had facts. He had more facts than each question asked for. He related stories about his time as a POW that brought tears to people’s eyes.

    His big problem, I thought, was his overuse of the term “my friends”, which was getting on my last nerve.

    The only way Obama could have looked worse was if McCain had gone first.

    Don’t be a sore loser, the Obama campaign’s whiny snit makes them – and HIM by extension – look like petulant teenagers.

  4. I understand your logic. Obama had nothing to win here. Evangelical Christians tend to sway hard for the Republicans. Some do vote Democrat and some will this November. So Obama was road kill before this got going.

    But, one can turn a loss into a win by smearing the opponent. Implying the deck was stacked makes the loss look like win because the game was “rigged”. That will work for the general public because the general public doesn’t look for the details.

  5. “I watched this forum. I was worried going in.”


    Really? This forum was aimed at Evangelicals. They tend to vote Republican. I don’t see that changing this time around.

    Maybe you were worried McCain would come off as lame and Evangelicals will choose to stay home on Election day? That’s a bona fide worry.

  6. Well, we are talking about the same news media that stood by Adnan Hajj (the Reuters photographer who doctored some photos and passed off older ones as current to make Hamas and Hezbollah look like the victims) even after his “work” was proven to be faked. They also stood by Tom Brokaw after he patently refused to really research the documents he was using to try to discredit President Bush.

    Do we expect anything better from the Obamedia?

  7. John in CA – Obama can talk to religious folk in a way that most Democrats can’t. He’s very comfortable discussing his religion, and saying the words “Jesus Christ.”

    McCain is not and was not on Saturday.

    But because Obama is very charismatic and appealing and is willing to talk about Jesus, I don’t think that the traditional leaning of evangelicals is necessarily applicable. Also, EVERYONE was watching, not just evangelicals. I was worried about the broader appeal of McCain to those with the TV tuned to CNN or FOX.

  8. To discuss something philosophical or theological may be above “O Man’s” pay grade. But he was there to answer a question, and, of course, he didn’t. So with the maximum number of words allowed, he said nothing. Again.
    Now, considering his base-line supporters; socialists, concupiscient and anti-American left, and post-adolescent anarchists, they most likely looked upon this as only a side show to appease distant, very distant relatives, and he has nothing lose.
    A funny notion crossed my sights recently. It is reported that millitary donations to “O Man” has exceeded McCain’s. Could anyone have spread some bundled cash to be redistributed as a propaganda ploy?
    Remember Gore’s Buddhist nuns?
    Ahh, fuggedibout it. I’m just aging.

  9. Wow….I had not heard about the military donations, Shawmut. I’ll be looking into that now that you have sparked my interest.

    You’re such a smart fella.

  10. Shawmut, the donations reported are larger than McCains, but not large on the whole. The military seems to largely be sitting this donation cycle out.

    Obama does have some support among younger military – he’s young and good looking after all. I think he’ll get more military vote than Kerry did. After all, Obama is not a traitor to those he served with, even if he never served.

  11. Good point, AFW. I just suggest a possibility. “O Man” has quite a few funny-money people in his crowd.
    More important, I hope they allow their ballots to be counted – this time.

  12. I feel that Obama’s use of the words “JEsus Christ” and his strong faith might be what keeps him from getting elected. I myself was kind of offended, being a non-christian, to the fact that there is to be a seperation of church and state and bringing in his religious views could upset alot of people. Including the ones that wanted to take the word “GOD” out of the pledge of allegence. I understand that ones religion helps make up part of who they are, but there is a line, I like McCain because he might be a Christian, but he don’t advertize it he talks about the real issues, and he strikes me as the type of guy that just might use a cuss word once in awhile, which is real, human, and just like 95% of this country.

  13. Crystal, thank you sincerely for that. Nice to hear from people like yourself who are supposed to be hating me and wanting me to be discriminated against. (Only if you ask Barney Frank).

    We look forward to getting to know you and your perspective.

    Steve Flesher

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