Nazi America, Part II

I’m going to expand on an earlier blog I wrote about a year ago.  Back then, I wrote about Democrat shenanigans led by Nancy Pelosi that hijacked a fair vote to change the outcome that Miss Speaker didn’t like.  She was never called to answer for her heavy-handed tactics.  The same type of thing is still going on, but it’s only getting worse.

I saw a bumper sticker during my morning commute that said “Arrest…Impeach…Hand Over to the Hague.”  It refers to the view that George W Bush is guilty of war crimes and should be tried.  It’s very popular for the far-left liberal anti-war crowd to compare Bush to Adolf Hitler.  I can understand not being happy with the state of things; you can never make the entire populace happy.  But calling Bush the next Hitler has become so popular that I’m thoroughly nauseated.  I might be very irritated with the man, but he’s definitely NOT Hitler.

Liberals love the comparison for the same reason pro-illegal immigrants love the word racist: they think it’ll scare everyone into giving them what they want.  They complain that we’re losing our freedoms because of the Patriot Act.  I have a question for you…ever hear of a group called ACORN?

It’s an acronym for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.  Sounds harmless.  They say they’re the largest advocacy group for moderate and low-income families, but they’re also involved in voter registration.  For years, there have been accusations of voter fraud, and now the Justice Department is finally investigating with solid evidence of fraud.  ACORN was caught sending letters to people all over the country in a “voter registration drive.”  But the letters were sent to all kinds of people and they were worded in such a way that those who received the letters who were already registered voters believed they had lost their voting privelege.  Most recently, a group of seven ACORN volunteers were caught submitting fraudulent voter registration cards; four of this single group were caught submitting numerous cards for people who were already registered to vote (who had no idea they were being submitted again), and others were caught literally making up identities for illegal aliens.  It’s unknown how many fraud voter applications ACORN has submitted.  Barack Obama has funnelled thousands upon thousands of dollars to this organization.

It gets better.  A group called the American Issues Project has put out an ad pointing out the relationship between Obama and Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.  Ayers helped the Weathermen bomb a police statue in Philadelphia twice (it was rebuilt after the first bombing and they bombed it again within days), openly called for killing conservative politicians, started riots, and bombed the US Capitol building in 1972.  To avoid capture he hid until the statute of limitations ran out, then resurfaced as a college professor.  After 9/11, he told the New York Times of his crimes, “we didn’t do enough.”  AIP brought all of this out in a sixty-second ad.  Obama has written several strongly-worded letters demanding that the American Issues Project be investigated for the ad.  What for?  Every word is true.  AIP has done nothing more than exercise their First Amendment rights.  The problem is that the Democrats don’t want to face the truth.

Now, we have this–an ABC reporter being roughed up by police:

Hang on to your pants, ’cause this happened right here in the USA.  The reporter was outside an upper-crust hotel housing the high-dollar Democrats and their sponsors at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Talk about Nazism.  It is alive, but not where the liberals would have us all believe.


3 thoughts on “Nazi America, Part II

  1. Amen, !!! coming from a Ron Paul Republican…

    Note one, I have an impeach Pelosi Bumper sticker

    Note two, I’m also tired of the impeach Bush bumper stickers/slogan… it does my movement no good and actually impedes any progress or momentum we may have, I’m not happy with him either, what turned me first on to “Ron” was the fact that Bush has out spent every administration, minus military spending and adjusted for inflation (according to Mike Savage) within the 20th century. So I took the unnatural alternative, and have been happy ever since… But I’m an Unhappy Taxpayer (see , Steve, I invite comment on the blog section *cough *cough)

    Unfortunately, I do have a bit of a bone to pick… the patriot act does impede Liberties… for what you place on one class can be implied to all classes, period… meaning it may not affect you now directly, but it will affect you later or at least your future family.

    example: 2nd amendment… We now have to have “licenses” to carry “Guns”. This is due to the fact that after the Civil war, they came up with a solution to the “Negro” problem of them “legally” carrying a weapon, which was, only “licensed Negros” could carry a gun. Not after long, it was applied to us all for what you apply to one class, must be applied to us all.

    Even better example: The “license of Marriage” comes out of the civil war too. Before the civil war, only the church could “marry” a couple. The State had no say. But due to the fact that a Black man now could marry a white women, they had to come up with a license to ensure that the Black man or women (what ever the case may be) was worthy. Because of the Civil War, we are now all required permission by the “state” to marry…

    Thus the current problem we have with the marriage amendment for if it had been left alone and up to the churches, gay marriage would not be an issue for some churches do recognize gay marriage.

    I’m a straight man, but marriage is not a STATE issue, its an issue left up to the churches…

    We have all been deceived in the name of “for our protection”…

    The government will always say it is for our protection that they take away our Liberties… the story is and was the same in 1864 as it is today in 2008.

    So the ultimate question or elephant in the room is:

    Are our Liberties really worth more security? And…

    Do we really get more security for giving up our Liberties?…

    or Was ol’ Ben right… “Give up a little liberty for a little security and you shall have neither, and most assuredly lose both”

    The truth is that and history dictates.. you and I may not directly be affected now, but we may be affected within a descent time frame or assuredly our children will pay the price.

    The one thing that every Ron Pauler is now struggling with, including myself… McCain is not perfect, but voting Barr or whatnot assuredly nominates Obama.

    So to me and weighing everything…

    McCain stand for lot that i dislike, but he is the more prudent choice thus gets my reluctant endorsement. The only thing I prey for is that he doesn’t drastically disappoint me domestically…

    But I fear, no matter what he says during the next few month that…

    Immigrants will get their amnesty

    National Health Care will Become a Reality…

    And here’s the clincher, Iran will be invaded even tho we are militarily “thin” which would potentially unleash the nuclear genie (and why I think that, is another two or three paragraphs).

    However, back to topic… good … nah excellent post. The Dems are far more “Stalin” like than they will ever admit.

  2. “I’m a straight man, but marriage is not a STATE issue, its an issue left up to the churches…”

    I disagree. Marriage is a private contractual matter between two adults. That state has no buinsess in this matter and neither does any church, temple or mosque.

    As for Nazi America Part II, I completely agree. Liberals don’t believe in freedom unless their version of freedom is the law of the land. God help you if you disagree. I don’t mean to stereotype, but gay Liberals are the worst of the lot. I’ve taken more crap for being a gay Republican from gay folk then I have ever taken from anyone else.

  3. And don’t forget, oozing over the desks of congressmen – – The Fairness Doctrine. With that, we’ll never hear what’s being done.
    Liberals have no intention of preserving freedom. They advocate only for freedoms that they will control.
    Think of the advocacies they have trumpeted that have become standards.
    They have made legitimate histories into secrets and have shouded them in lies.
    Liberals LIE!
    Liberals want things their own way and they LIE!
    Liberals maintain draconian control higher education only to safeguard the truth as to the mess of lies they’ve made of it. Thus it shrouds their own fraud.

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