Hinting at Controlled Demolition

Loose Change is, by far, the undisputed leader of all twoofer theories.  It has been released and re-released three times.  In its “Final Cut,” they supposedly tie up all the loose ends and make their point perfectly.  Yeah, right.  Here’s part of their scenery about the twin towers:

This is about midway through the “film,” the section where they talk about the Twin Towers.  Dylan Avery, the writer, director and narrator, brings up “a witness” who saw “brief light sources” emitting from inside the building between floors 10 and 15.  Apparently there were about six of these flashes, accompanied by a “crackling” sound, before the South Tower collapsed.  First of all, who is this witness?  Did you talk to him?  Has he gone on record, or did you just get this from a news report?  Either way, if this was seen, it’s not proof of what you’re getting at–controlled demolition.

Then he brings up an audio recording made in a neighboring building.  The recording caught TWO explosions, not just one.  Then he goes on to a maintenance worker named Willie Rodriguez, who was in the sublevels of the North Tower when it was hit.  That has to be pretty solid, right?  I mean, he was there, wasn’t he?

That doesn’t mean his perspective is the Gospel truth.

Willie describes explosions happening all over the tower, an Aramark employee with burned skin hanging from his arms from a fireball that came from the elevator, all the while saying, “nobody has ever given me an explanation for all the explosions I heard that day.”  Avery immediately latches onto this and points out the lobby windows and marble panels being destroyed by the fireball that came down the elevator shafts.  He then says that the shafts were hermetically sealed.  His point is that it would have been impossible for the fire to travel down the shafts.

Maybe if it was just a fire, doofus, but there’s one glaring problem with this theory: A PLANE HIT THE BUILDING.  This opened a giant gaping hole and tore into the elevator shafts.

Then Avery does something absolutely vile.  He shows footage taken by somebody else of firefighters who survived talking about what they saw and heard.  Avery, from all we can tell, didn’t talk to these guys.  He likely didn’t ask to use their words.  He cuts and pastes the word “explosion” being used over and over.  He plays snippets–not whole recordings, just what he wants us to hear–of the radio transmissions of firefighters in the towers.  What’s absolutely infuriating to me is that Avery then plays a transmission from Chief Palmer, who wanted to put the fire out (naturally…it’s what firefighters do).  He goes on to say that if the 78th floor was such an inferno, Palmer wouldn’t have been able to get that far–or believed he could put it out.

Didja get that from all that firefighter training, Avery?  Oh, wait…you haven’t had any.

What Avery doesn’t know is that Palmer’s team wasn’t the only one up there.  That would be an absolutely silly idea.  He might have only seen two “isolated pockets of fire” from his view, but that’s where he was sent.  His job was to contain a certain area, and that’s what he was attempting to do.  They would have been working in coordination with other crews at other points set by the commanders on the ground.

Aside from this, Firefighter Louie Caccioli (along with other firefighters that twoofers have misquoted) have spoken out about how angry they are at being used for these ridiculous notions.  In fact, they have come out after the release of Loose Change to say that if there hadn’t been the sound of explosions (considering the trauma to the building, the dry fibers that were very flammable, and the way a fire can travel in compartments in a building that size), something would have been very wrong.  THEN you would’ve had cause to believe something was up.

I’ll move on tomorrow with the next clip.  So far, the twoofers are striking out.


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