Madonna, Typical Democrat

I suppose Madonna is part of the majority of Democrats who believe that comparing Republican Senators to Hitler is all it takes to be an effective party-supporter.  But living up to the standards of the party in her private life, never!

This article talks about Madonna’s crew that are accompanying her on her music tour.  The near 250 person crew are complaining and a lot are threatening to walk as they are sick of being hauled from city to city on over-crowded flights and being forced to stay in less-than-acceptable hotels.  Madonna; on the other hand, flies with her husband and children from stop-to-stop on a private jet.

First, doesn’t Madonna know that her wealth should be temporarily re-distributed to offer her crew members the same LUXURIOUS accomdations that she stays in?  Madonna’s behavior really does resemble the myth of Republicans spewed by Democrats on a daily basis.  The rich get richer, while the poor get stepped on!

Second, doesn’t Madonna know what her private jet is doing to our Earth?  For someone who celebrated Al Gore winning the Oscar, she seems to continue the celebration by flying around in as many private planes and sucking up just as much energy as Gore does.

These Democrats, such a principled party.  Comparing McCain to Hitler may very well be the best contribution this bubblehead could do for Democrats.


9 thoughts on “Madonna, Typical Democrat

  1. The more I read about Madona, the more I wish she would just retire and go away. When are we as a society going to realize that celebrities are not as informed as they pretend to be. They’re extremely spoiled brats that have to concept of real life struggles.

    Great blog!!! I just stumbled upon your site today…

  2. LOL. Yet another example of one set of rules for me and one set of different rules for everyone else. This as Ann Coulter pointed out is the essential Liberal thought process.

    Speaking of liberals, I nearly fainted when Barak Obama said Sarah Pahlin’s family is off limits especially her children!!! I was thinking to myself each of the following thoughts:

    1. Barak Obama has respect and class. His statement is correct. Sarah Pahlin is running for office. Her children are not.


    2. What skeleton is lurking in Obama’s closet about his family that he doesn’t want let out? I know this question assumes the negative. But, Obama’s history of the Rev. Wright and Mr. Ayers has me questioning his true motivation.

    Finally, the rich get richer…umm…they don’t sit on their backsides and watch the money roll in. They work. They make themselves get richer. They take risks like starting new businesses or investing in new businesses. These are real risks with real money.

    Where I come from, the rich were respected because the rich created jobs. Because a rich person took a risk many decades ago, I had a job in college that helped me pay for college. That is something to respect. I was paid fair market value for my job too. I was free to find a better job if I wanted to. This was work not slavery.

  3. “- while Madonna stayed in an £11,000-a-night castle after her recent show in Nice, France. ”

    The above is from the linked article.

    11,000 British pounds is over $15,000 US dollars I think. You can feed a lot of hungry people with $15,000 per night. That $15,000 per night would buy a lot of paper, pencils and crayons for needy school children. The list is endless.

    I know if I spent $15,000 per night on a hotel room I’d have to donate $15,000 per night to charity just so I could sleep at night!!!

  4. How can you not love Madonna? I have been so fascinated with her since I was in my early teens! She changes and swings to the tune of each progressing song and era with such ease…It’s Great! I got my floor tickets for her concert here in Boston last week (and I didn’t think it was a bad price? $250 for Floor?) from in case anyone else is looking to see her! I have now seen her in person four times…She was awesome each time!!! I hope she continues to tour for years to come but I always dread the day she stops…

    Madonna forever! – Sarah

  5. “Madonna forever! – Sarah”

    I’ve seen Madonna in concert. It was worth every penny. I enjoyed it immensely.

    Madonna the live singer is great. Madonna the poltical commentator is not. Call me boorish and stuck up but I don’t pay her to espouse political agendas. I pay her to make great music. I no more pay her to spout political views than I pay Ann Coulter to sing.

  6. i love madonna, i love gays, i love democrats! not all gays love madonna. not all democrats love madonna. hardly any republicans love gays. not all democrats love gays. madonna doesn’t love all democrats. madonna doesn’t love all gays…etc.

    madonna is not a god, she is not personally responsible for the welfare of the world, but her opinion about the dictator-like attiutude of some republicans is her right as a citizen. who are you to say that she should be saintly, because she is a successful entertainer? who are you to say she shouldn’t have an opinion about politics? who are you, really? if you had even a small fraction of the work ethic she does, you wouldn’t be bloggin’ this nonsense. she creates jobs. she pays her taxes. she is creating wealth in and for this country, not outsourcing to India or wherever (like most corps.) what more should she be required to do to have her own opinion? not be famous?

  7. Like Al Gore, her opinion is fine. Just don’t expect people in Kansas to put solar panels on their roofs and buy low-voltage lightbulbs when you’re parading around in a private jet.

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