Convenient and Desperate: Media and Democrats on Palin

Wow!  Congratulations Sarah Palin for the best speech I have heard in a very long time. 

The tears of the audience members, the repeated standing ovations, the brilliant humor interjected towards Obama and Biden topped off with her incredible poise and comfort of the stage and microphone, Sarah Palin’s success with her first official speech has been appropriately measured.

Another way of measuring the success of her effectiveness is the measure of the immediate reactions of those not-so-happy with Palin’s wit and zeal.

1.) A former Clinton mouthpiece on Fox News stated that Palin was effective, gave a great speech, but minimized it by stating that it was because our expectations were low.  Well, he had to say something I suppose.

2.) Just minutes after, Steve Quinn of the Associated Press released this new article “revealing” that e-mails Palin had written in connection with the firing of a police office who used to be married to her sister had been released.  Yet, all the e-mails prove is that Palin was furious that a man with a gun who had threatened to kill their father had not had a thorough investigation.  Nowhere did the e-mails threaten anyone else’s positions.  But for some reason, they felt “pressured” to fire the officer.

Well, I have to say, Democrats are surely throwing a tantrum tonight.  Sarah Palin reached out tonight to the core of the Republican party; and most imporantly, to the core of America.

It’s going to be fun watching the media try and attack her.  Let’s track how many times we hear about Palin’s e-mails regarding the investigation of a police officer who threatened her father versus a sheisty land deal Obama struck with slumlord, Tony Rezko. 

As Palin stated, she isn’t going to Washington to please the media.  She’s going for the better of America.  So be prepared for more of this type of massive hype over nothing.


8 thoughts on “Convenient and Desperate: Media and Democrats on Palin

  1. Yep – I GET Sarah Palin. I get her motivations, I get her struggles, I get them and I live them.

    I’m so darn excited…

  2. Where has this woman been hiding for the past eight years? My God, forget McCain, make Palin the Presidential nominee! I would absolutely love to see her serve as VP and then win the Presidency. She’d be perfect.

    And as far as I can tell, if a cop behaves in a manner unbecoming a police officer – which it sounds to me like that’s exactly what the threats were – Palin and the rest of her family had every reason to complain about it. Where’s all that cop-bashing when you really need it? 😉

  3. Mel I don’t think she’s been hiding she is just out there doing her job and not popping off at the mouth to the media every five seconds to get exposure and to puff up her own ego like most politicians.

    Another thing, since McCain said he was only going to serve one term it looks like Palin might be the President in a couple of years.

    About the cop Mike Wooten:

    This is from the article “Is Wooten a good trooper?” from the Anchorage Daily News by Lisa Demer

    “Troopers eventually investigated 13 issues and found four in which Wooten violated policy or broke the law or both:

    • Wooten used a Taser on his stepson.

    • He illegally shot a moose.

    • He drank beer in his patrol car on one occasion.

    • He told others his father-in-law would “eat a f’ing lead bullet” if he helped his daughter get an attorney for the divorce. ”

    Sounds like he might have deserved to get fired.

  4. Letters thank you so much for those facts.

    Amazing the MSM is leaving these little details out. Aside from condescending a governor from Alaska, I don’t see why they shouldn’t respect reporting from Anchorage either, right?

  5. It is so hilarious to read so much praises about Sarah Palin on a website called “gayconservative”. Are you aware that your idol hates you? Do you know that Republican christian Conservatives are against “gay” relationships, not alone gay marriages. Seriously, is this website run by gays or is it a scam meant to make people believe that some gays love gay-haters?

  6. Bob,

    Thanks for your thoughtful input. This website is actually run by folks who are facing the real scam head on. The “scam” the Democrats have used for years in claiming possession of minorities like blacks and gays alike, doing virtually nothing more than any other American has done, and passing themselves off as mavericks and heroes.

    This site is run by three authors and various commenters that have identified this scam as a means to promote their idiotic economic and foreign policies onto us.

    Sarah Palin is against gay marriage but upheld a Bill in Alaska to give gays the same rights as married couples for health and death type of benefits. She said she would only support an amendment IN RESPONSE TO THE PEOPLE OF ALASKA. Thus; illustrating her point of putting the power back into the hands of the people, and not the government.

    Palin does not believe in making these decisions on her own based on her own opinions. She believes in listening to the people. A Democratic process is certainly one that frightens Democrats.

    Finally, we’re pretty good at exposing the “scam” of liberals who use the word “hate” to counter a woman who literally has the entire liberal party running like girls. Stick around and give us more, we’ll drag it out of you in a matter of seconds.

    That’s a guarantee.

    Come up with something substantial next time.

    Your “liberal concern” illustrates what “liberal concern” has always been. Nothing but a counter to better candidates.

  7. Bob not all Republicans are Christian and not all Christians hate gays. In fact most Christians do not hate gays since hating other people does go against the teaching of Christ. There is a difference between hating gays and not believing in gay marriage. At the risk of sounding like I’m preaching the Christian idea is to love the sinner and hate sin. If you believe that homosexuality is a sin that does not mean you hate homosexuals it only means that you disagree with there preferred sexuality and would like them to repent, stop and come to Christ. Now this might be a little annoying to people who are gay and don’t plan on not being gay any time soon but that isn’t hate it is simply a disagreement on life. Further more gay marriage is a small part of the conservative movement for or against. Most of the conservative ideals are economic and or related to personal and economic freedom. Most conservatives either support civil unions for homosexuals or don’t care enough about the issue to be against them. Hence the idea “I don’t care what you do just keep it out of my face”. However when you get into marriage that has a lot of religious under tones and that is where the disagreement comes in. Even if you take out religion there are still legitimate arguments against gay marriage. Such as the studies on child development that show that children raised with both a strong male and female role models are much more likely to be successful and well adjusted then those that are not. Granted we are talking about the ideal here and not what always happens but is still is something to consider. The theory is that with both a mother and father a child has a better understanding on how to relate to their own sex and the opposite sex having a role model for each to show him or her how a man or woman should be. Does this always work? No it doesn’t life isn’t perfect and neither are any of us.

    Really though wouldn’t it be a better would if we could divorce something as silly as sex from politics? At the risk of annoying the nice people who run this site being gay is a personal choice in you life not a political party. It doesn’t matter when it all comes down to it really but to many gay people I have met act like it is a political party or the only thing in their life. Have you ever heard the phrase from someone “Because I am gay I believe ______”. It could be politics it could be a movie review but does it really have any relevance? What I am trying to say is sometimes what hole you prefer doesn’t matter especially if you are talking about economic policy.

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