Sarah Palin Making Democrats Work

Which is what I love to see!  After all, a former-Democrat recently said to me:

“The Democrats have gone from the party that supports the working man to the party that represents the man who has to work!”

After all the smear articles written today (and boy they are getting more and more desperate by the minute), it seems as if the US Weekly proved to help Palin after we got to hear her for the first real time last night.

Want proof?  Today, Obama’s campaign has earned $10M not even an entire day after her speech. 

Sarahccuda has them running scared!


2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Making Democrats Work

  1. I can smell fear in the air…

    The race is on and its going to get ugly. No matter what they dig up on her she is still going to come out of it a hero. Look at George Bush in 2004. He was so polarizing that you either loved him or you hated him. Well thats exactly the kind of candidate that is needed to win a race. The more others hate Palin the more I love her. And I’m not alone in this. We would never have won with McCain alone. He is tepid and she’s cranking up the heat!!!

  2. And well they should be! They know this is turning into a losing battle.

    Don’t get me wrong…B. Hussein Obama definitely has a shot, and the thought of him being our next C in C scares the ever-lovin’ bejeezus outta me. But I think that they’ve committed political suicide by remaining linked with Bill Ayers. That crap doeson’t go away.

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