Coulter Loves Palin–Co

“I think we may have another Reagan now” Ann declares.

She then jokes:

“A guy running a radio shack has more experience than B. Hussein Obama.”

I know Phil; but this interview and watching her and Kudlow beat this liberal down really makes it all worth it.


8 thoughts on “Coulter Loves Palin

  1. It’s very strange because I do not understand the whole gay thing, yet I am struck by your saying, “I also noticed that coming out as a Republican in my community is far more dramatic than coming out as a gay man to the rest of the world. ”
    I have wondered if “being a Republican” isn’t what being black was in segregated America. Where I live, I’d sooner come out as anything than a Republican. I only discuss my political views with true and reliable friends for I encounter a great deal of prejudice.
    Your comment: ” Needless to say, the contempt I have received has transformed from something that made me nervous and uncomfortable to something I am most proud of,” is very inspiring. I’ve been wondering if I should “come out.”
    In my field of work being a Democrat is just assumed, which is an extremely narrow-minded and arrogant assumption I think.
    I’m in an entertainment field.
    So, anyway, maybe I should be more brave?
    I said that I don’t understand the gay thing, and well I don’t. But I guess that’s the whole point of accepting people isn’t it? That you do not have to agree, nor do you have to understand, but still one can accept that one’s fellow human beings simple “are.”
    Thanks for posting your story in the sidebar. Sure gives me some things to ponder.

  2. Ann Coulter is the biggest non-sequitur around. Even legitimate Republicans distance themselves her illogical rantings.

  3. Ann’s New Friend,

    Thank you very much. And you are correct, it’s not necessary for any of us to fully understand anything. I certainly don’t understand being a woman. I don’t understand being straight (seriously) because while I understand it took a sperm and an egg to create me, it’s just never been my preference. Your comments are always more than welcome.

    Valerie, I think Ann made a good point in the video about Palin’s Reaganesque affect. She also made a good case for executive experience (mayor and governor) over legislative experience (Senator) for being President or vice-President. Her Democratic counterpart was the one who said that a “guy who owns a radio shack” has executive experience trying to diminish her point.

    Ann jokingly replied “a guy running a radio shack” has more experience than Obama.

    You’re right, she’s controversial and not everyone agrees with her, but I do believe her comments are thought out well and she makes good arguments most of the time.

  4. Coultergeist is a dispensationalist, coultist warmongering MANIAC and should be removed from political discourse by whatever means necessary (except of course, illegal means). What she says is dangerous to people, to logic, indeed to life on earth. Were she to have her way, Iran would be obliterated by nukes, and the entire world would come under the dominion of her evangelical delusion via militaristic force. Anyone who publishes or believes anything this maniac says is nothing short of KKK, Nazi, or blackshirt militia. She is crazy as a loon. Don’t be fooled by the blond hair. The rightist sleaze use anything they can find to sponsor more gratuitous illegal war, whether it be religion, blond hair, pretty faces, leggs on FOX, whatever it takes., For them the war was never meant to end, They LOVE WAR.

  5. “Anyone who publishes or believes anything this maniac says is nothing short of KKK, Nazi, or blackshirt militia.”

    Well, considering she debuted and was promoted on MSNBC, you might have a point.

    And we’re thrilled the war is basically wrapped up, but we’ll kick ass again if we must.

  6. For them the war was never meant to end, They LOVE WAR.

    Sure I do. I’ll tell my hubby that the next time he leaves for deployment.

  7. “I have wondered if “being a Republican” isn’t what being black was in segregated America. ”

    Ann’s New Friend

    I would not go that far. But among gay folk I know, I’ve been called an Uncle Tom for being a gay Republican.

    What too many of my fellow gay brothers and sisters do not understand is why I am a Republican. I believe in freedom and personal responsibility. The Republican Party better reflects those values even with a spotty record on gay rights.

  8. “For them the war was never meant to end, They LOVE WAR.”

    Yep. They sure do. A member of my parish is on tour number 3 of Iraq. He just loves being away from his wife and two very young sons. He just loves and loves watching them grow up over an infrequent high speed internet webcam setup. Why he jumps for joy at this.

    Who wouldn’t want to watch their son take his first steps over a grainy internet connection. Count me in!!! His wife? Oh she is so ecstatic she is at a loss for words. She loves being a quasi single mother of two young sons and one pre-teen.

    O.K. sarcasm over. This man in my parish and his wife understand better than others the concept of Duty. Her husband as a reserve member has a duty to fulfill and she does her part too. It’s not easy for them. It never is.

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