Hillary Supporters For Palin…More than just a Rumor!

Remember this woman?

Harriet Christian was made a celebrity overnight when she went to Florida to fight for every vote for Hillary Clinton and vowed “I’ve got news for all of you, McCain will be the next president of the United States!”

She wasn’t kidding.  Just three days ago, the following video was posted.  Neil Cavuto had Ms. Christian on to discuss Sarah Palin and the media’s portrayal of her over the last week. 

On top of this, the following websites are now in place:

Those are just a few.

Since Palin hit the scene last week, all of the Clinton-For-McCain websites are getting much more involved in making sure the media does not get away with sexist remarks and also encouraging McCain/Palin supporters to watch out for voter fraud.  Most Clinton supporters contend – as Harriet Christian once did – that going to the caucuses and to various polling sites gave Clinton supporters a frustrating experience all claiming that they could not even get a ticket.

Although my very handsome and wonderfully bright site-partner Philip sticks to his conservative guns and shows no sympathy for Hillary, I contend that something certainly went wrong with this process.  I believe the Clinton supporters and truly understand why they’re pissed off.

But what’s in question is the future of Hillary and the Democratic party as a whole?

1.) Hillary Clinton herself was responsible for many of the factual findings and bringing to light the relations of Barack Obama and Tony Rezko, along with his relations with Reverend Wright.  Suddenly now, the Obama campaign is passing these issues off as Republican-attacks.  Moreover; the liberal media’s creation of the Muslim myth was used; as we all know by now, as a means to set up a strawman to destroy it to a.) breathe life into Obama’s credibility and b.) distract from the real issues of his character such as Tony Rezko, Reverend Wright, and William Ayers.

2.) Now that Sarah Palin is winning the hearts of Americans, she will have four years to reform Washington along with McCain quite possibly making her our frontrunner in 2012.  This will make it more difficult for Hillary to defeat her because Sarah will have given us the results we know she will deliver on and the fact that having a woman as part of the Executive branch will have already been well-established.

In my opinion (and it’s safe to say this now), Democrats could have quite possibly had two full terms with Hillary Clinton if she had been their front-runner.  Hillary took Ohio which has been very crucial in the last few national elections. 

Just how many Democrats; who stabbed Hillary in the back months ago, are kicking themselves right now?


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