Hopping Mad Democrats & Stupid Celebrities

Okay, let’s get a few things straight. 

1.) Just because Matt Damon played an intellectual about two decades ago doesn’t make him one in real life.  If indeed Matt was trying to use a past character of his to align with his behavior during his “infamous” remarks on Sarah Palin, he would have had to have played a sexist pig in one of his films.  Movie buffs out there can let me know; however, since the typical Matt Damon film makes me snore.  He wants to know if she knows about dinosaurs; distinct just as his successful acting days were, only dinosaurs are much more interesting.  So, the next time Matt wants to portray Palin as a “hockey mom” going straight to the White House, he might want to stop for a bit to learn enough about her to fill in the massive hole he left in the middle.

2.) Since when do people quote Lindsday Lohan when it comes to anyone serious?  This can only mean that US Magazine simply wanted a put a juicy gossip article about a drunken-immature “woman” and her comments on the most famous woman in the country right now.

So I propose we do this: Make a list of every stupid celebrity who tries to prove to Americans that they are deep-thinkers in the effort to promote their bias.  I have a few that I know are hopping mad at Republicans right now; especially since McCain took the lead in the polls.  Plus don’t forget the signs after the 2004 elections that displayed celebrities on billboards saying “Thanks guys, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Copy and paste the list as time progresses.  List the celebrity’s name and their action against either McCain or Palin:

  1. Lindsay Lohan (“Palin isn’t ready for the job.”) And Lindsay has never been ready to drive.
  2. The SNL Writing Team
  3. Barbra Streisand
  4. Matt Damon
  5. Madonna

I can’t wait to get George Clooney’s quote.  We need to send this entire list to the manufacturers after the election to make the same signs, and send a playbook of who you don’t want endorsing you to the DNC and the Obama camp.


3 thoughts on “Hopping Mad Democrats & Stupid Celebrities

  1. I might point out that in the aforementioned Matt Damon film, he was a math genius, not a true intellectual. The character was really a huge prick.

    And I’m not sure we’re going to hear much from Clooney about politics. I’ve noticed he’s said next to nothing publicly since his ill-fated “joke” that “Charlton Heston announced today that he has Alizheimer’s…again!” He was so soundly thrashed by America for that one I don’t think he’s likely to get too political again anytime soon.

  2. Oh Mel, I guarantee you he cannot resist.

    In fact, his offical Palin statement will be the “key” to his comeback.

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