A Nail Through the Obama Campaign’s Heart?

If it’s true, it should send shockwaves through the country, particularly those who were undecided in battleground states.  The New York Post has printed an article claiming that while Senator Barack Obama was visiting Iraq, demanding General Petraeus for a solid withdrawal timetable, he was going behind everyone’s back and asking the Iraqi government to hold off on negotiations for a US troop pullout.  I don’t always agree with or believe the New York Post, but they’re still a member of the Associated Press and they’re quoting a credible Iraqi official.

According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama pressed the Iraqis to cease all negotiations with the Bush Administration for a troop pullout, telling them that US Congress should be involved in the deal.  Verbatim, the Post quotes him saying, “he asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington.”  He went on to say that Obama had said “it was in the interests of both sides not to have an agreement negotiated by the Bush Administration in its ‘state of weakness and political confusion’.”

This after Obama, here in the good ol’ USA, has lambasted George W. Bush for NOT having our troops out of Iraq already.  That’s aside from the aforementioned visit to Iraq–the same one where Barry O refused to visit wounded troops in Landstuhl because he wouldn’t be allowed to bring the media with him into the hospital.

It’s a strong accusation to make, announcing to the public that a Presidential candidate is deliberately attempting to sabotage the safety of our troops for his own gain.  But it’s equally strong to accuse a well-founded news organization of making up quotes and attributing them to real people, which you would have to do with the Post.  They may twist quotes on occasion, but there are some things that are nearly impossible to take out of context.

What this means, once again, is that Barack Obama was making public demands at home that he knew his constituency wanted to hear, and turning around and trying to play the game to make it look better for him in Iraq, where he thought nobody would rat him out (or that nobody would believe him).  He did this potentially at the cost of the safety of our loved ones, something I take very, very personally.  This could prove him to be every ounce the spineless weasel he’s accused everyone else of being.

Paging Lindsay Lohan…you still thing Obama’s the freakin’ messiah?  What about you, Matt Damon?  Chevy Chase?  Candace Bergen?  Hell-ooooo…?


24 thoughts on “A Nail Through the Obama Campaign’s Heart?

  1. Let’s see if the media runs with this. Right now it’s all about Wall Street “greed” and the financial meltdown taking place. The meltdown could grab headlines for the next two weeks. Not good.

  2. I just heard about this today,and I’m sure the media will call it a”baseless rumor”.If it’s mentioned at all.

  3. And that is what you call playing politics with peoples lives. You want to pull them out but you want to keep them in harms way long enough to score political points! If it is true that is sick! FUCKING SICK!!!

    Sorry about the vulgarity but there isn’t a better way to say it. You can agree or disagree with whether of not the troops should be pulled out and when. That is fine, but this is wrong. Politicians might be scum but this is low even for them.

  4. Yeah well this is a SERIOUS issue. Sure, Barack could have sugar-coated it by saying that he meant to say to avoid working any further with the Bush administration.

    But this is apparent sickness.

    And to think liberals were disgusted when they found out Sarah Palin had her own tanning bed.

  5. I know it’s serious I have family over there hence the anger.

    Obama is trying to conduct his own foreign policy when he isn’t even president I don’t know if he could get arrested for that but there might be laws that would force him out of office for this. If he does get elected and this is how he is going to conduct business while in office it is going to be a very bad thing.

  6. I found this site by accident. I do think it’s sad that politics can be so devisive. I tend to vote independent. I have voted in the past six elections and I have never voted for the winning president. I do think the media sucks more than the politics. I can say I have heard very little about John McCain since Sarah came on the campaign. That scares me a bit. I mean I want to know what McCain is really about. He seems to be making headway with independents which is impressive. I hear the word Maverick, but I think they’ve worn that word out. I really wish he could have been in charge the past 8 years instead of George Bush. McCain really caught my attention in 1990, but I am not certain why the conservatives went for Bush in the end.
    Politics in America is funny business, it’s like you can never say what you feel in your heart, you have to play the games. I want a leader, and leadership is about the ability to lead, to energize this country’s citizens. I had hoped Obabma might be that man, but he has fallen short in the past few months. Or, if he hasn’t, the media has painted it that way. My biggest concern is that people do not vote for him because he is black or because they believe he is a Muslim. Americans can be so petty about race, gener and sexual orientation. The thing that will make this race close until the end is that both candidates have long-term senators on the ticket. If Washington is so broken, why hasn’t anyone said so in the past 20 years? Foreign Oil dependence isn’t new. I would risk my place in office to stand up and say this is screwed up, if we don’t do something to fix it, I am resigning. That would wake up the media, and yes, you’d probably walk away with only a couple days of opportunites to speak the truth, but at least you could say you walked away a true leader, a man of character. And I believe your constituents at home would respect you in the end.

  7. Good for Sarah for having her own tanning bed. I wish I had one. I bet Nancy Pelosi has one too. We just won’t hear about it because she’s got a D in front of her name.

    I hope that this takes the spotlight but I highly doubt it will.

  8. Tim, you’re very thoughtful. When I started this blog a few years back, I did it for the opportunity to meet people with different perspectives in the hope of learning from others and have been blessed to meet many of the regular folks you see on here including my two site partners, Phil and Mel.

    I’ll admit it, Phil has been trying to convert me for months on McCain. I was part of the Ann Coulter crowd that was all set to vote for Hillary. Yes I was angry at McCain for McCain-Feingold and for his stance on immigration.

    I was guilty of the mud-slinging and frankly enjoyed it. But as special interests continue to dissuade administration officials and majority leaders in both the Senate and the House means that this country will literally be a series of back-and-forths depending which one has the power.

    What Sarah Palin has done (and this is why you’re beginning to hear more about her than McCain) has re-instilled in MANY Americans that there are Washington outsiders that do put the will of the people first. She is a prime example with her work as Governor.

    Suddenly, the flame-throwing tactics don’t seem to interest me anymore. While crazy leftists will always be fun to watch go crazy – like all of Hollywood for example – I see our country two steps away from victory in Iraq and two steps away from our own crumble economically.

    I trust Palin – based on her experience and her regard for Alaskans – that she will regard me that same way as an American.

    I’ve switched my position on oil as well. I do believe this is a capitalist society but I do also recognize when oil companies are taking advantage of our needs.

    Here’s what I think should happen:

    Windfall tax on big oil profit (and windfall tax on the wages of Hollywood celebrities wouldn’t be a bad idea either) if tax is absolutely necessary. Not average Americans and business owners that gross $250K on business returns. How is this going to affect those employees making $50K per year and their chances for continued employment, raises, etc.?

    I really feel like Palin and McCain can work with all people of all political persuasions. But frankly since liberals have lost for the last eight years, it really has become an issue of them just winning for the sake of winning rather than picking people with good hearts and backbones to stand up to usual politics.

    Thanks for your comments!


  9. Steve- we’re going to have to disagree here: Windfall tax on big oil profit (and windfall tax on the wages of Hollywood celebrities wouldn’t be a bad idea either) if tax is absolutely necessary. Not average Americans and business owners that gross $250K on business returns. How is this going to affect those employees making $50K per year and their chances for continued employment, raises, etc.?

    The problem is, that the average joe is who pays the taxes on the corporations. Go look up the definition of windfall (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121780636275808495.html). The oil company has to spend millions of dollars a day to make what, 8 cents/gallon of refined gasoline? I’d hardly call that a windfall. There are too many government controls in place as it is (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122117603688025815.html) and that’s part of the problem. Pardon me, but the Libertarian in me just stepped up to this soap box…

  10. All corporate profits belong to the stockholders. No such thing as a windfall profit when the owners of that windfall profit see the value of the stocks they own fall. Now if the corporate profits are announced and the stock value doubles or triples or more, there might be an argument there. Oil stocks are considered energy stocks, and then considered a relatively safe investment, so many retirees and union groups have these stocks. The stock value falls, then you are mostly hurting the elderly. And if a windfall profit tax is assessed upon the corporation, it will be passed on to the consumers. So the stocks fall, and the prices you pay go up. A lose-lose situation.

  11. Letters, I can only speak for myself here, but I echo your sentiment. You can’t offend me, I’m a former corrections officer famous for my creative cursing abilities. Forget making a sailor blush; I can make a sailor FAINT. I’ve made more than a few convicted murderers’ jaws drop. I’m very controlled as an investigator, even more controlled as a blogger.

    Peter, Sarah Palin has managed to find a way to tax oil companies in Alaska so that the scenario you describe doesn’t happen. I have a real hard time feeling any grief for these companies when I can barely afford to get to work every day and they’re posting record profits every quarter.

  12. “I can make a sailor FAINT”

    That I would like to see, and I take the “You can’t offend me” as a challenge.

    Seriously though I did look over some of the news on it and other things and I think that if it is true Obama could get tried under the Logan Act. I’m not saying it will stick but it does sound like he violated the law there.

  13. I have to know WHY there is no investigation of this issue. WHY is the current administration not looking into this? I know the reason, but is there NOTHING that is serious enough to wake these people up about Obama?

    A sidenote for Steve:
    “Windfall tax on big oil profit (and windfall tax on the wages of Hollywood celebrities wouldn’t be a bad idea either) if tax is absolutely necessary. Not average Americans and business owners…” It doesn’t matter who you tax in the food chain, it always comes down to the consumer: me and you. (Corporations don’t ever “pay” taxes, those taxes are just factored into the cost of their product or service, which we pay for.) That is the first thing I’ve ever disagreed with you on 🙂 LOVE this blog!

  14. Jenny,

    Thanks for that. As I stated, I now support windfall tax (only if tax is nescessary) on big oil and Hollywood celebrities. I know many of my conservative pioneers will disagree with that and am prepared to here other perspectives.

    But, as Palin pointed out, politics just goes hand-in-hand with energy usage. Some at the top – will use every opportunity to keep eye on their own bottom line.

    First and foremost is to allow the pipelines in Alaska to begin to take form, then begin drilling, then start using resources to develop cleaner energy.

    Jenny, Jennifer, and Peter H: as a full time tax guy, yes the shareholders pay taxes on dividends. But what you do not realize is that C Corporations first pay tax on their profits and that same income tax is taxed twice at the individual level at dividends. So, the windfall tax would serve as a corporate expense; to my understanding of reading the proposals, before dividends are distributed and taxed.

    The people I’m worried about are the owners of S Corporations. To qualify as an S Corporation, there must be less than 100 shareholders. The S Corporation is the most famous corporation across this great land and it represents mainly single member shareholder companies. The types that have gross receipts from $100K to about $4M usually. S Corporations are not double-taxes like C Corporations and public companies are. However, the profit is passed through to the shareholder by way of K1 and tax is paid on it only once on their personal returns.

    Those are the taxpayers that Obama will hurt. If their Adjusted Gross Income reaches $250K in any given year they are subject to almost half of their gross income being withheld for tax after the Obama 39% rate along with social security tax and state and local income taxes.

    How are these people supposed to be expected to hand out raises to their small-town loyal employees that stick with these small companies?

    If there is a choice and it seems to me that somebody is going to have to pay here – windfall (excise) tax on big oil companies AND Hollywood celebrities who want these small business owners picking up the same tax rate as they get after making a whopping $20M a movie and put the power back onto the side of the people.

    Call it Palin-fever, but for the first time I see a major chance for economic reform and I’m absolutely thrilled about it.

  15. “Windfall tax on big oil profit (and windfall tax on the wages of Hollywood celebrities wouldn’t be a bad idea either) if tax is absolutely necessary. ”


    Define windfall. I have a business owner client who has a net profit margin of 50%. His company doesn’t pull in billions in revenues. His gross revenues don’t exceed $250K per year.

    I have another client who pulls in millions in gross revenue. His company has a net profit rate of 15%.

    Which one is making the windfall?

  16. “You can’t offend me, I’m a former corrections officer famous for my creative cursing abilities. Forget making a sailor blush; I can make a sailor FAINT. ”

    We must meet and do lunch :-). I’ll buy. Creative cursing abilities…there has to be a game show in that somewhere.

  17. “Thanks for that. As I stated, I now support windfall tax (only if tax is nescessary) on big oil and Hollywood celebrities. I know many of my conservative pioneers will disagree with that and am prepared to here other perspectives.’

    What about spending cuts? Our government does too much already. It needs to do less. By doing less people assume personal responsibility. By doing more people assume less responsibility.

    Four years ago I met a friend for brunch. After we got done eating we went for a walk. I noticed a nice new apartment complex. I asked my friend, “That place looks nice. I wonder if it has vacancies?”

    He told me, ‘That place is a low income section 8 building. You can’t live there. You earn too much money.”

    So I thought if I had dropped out of high school, got a woman pregant and had her pop out 2 or 3 kids and busted my butt flipping burgers because that is the only job I could get, then bingo, I’d get myself a nice new apartment for almost no rent.

    Instead I concluded, why bother? Why work hard? Why achieve? You can get the same things as those who work hard by not working hard.

    I am not saying poor people should live in rat infested slums in bad neighborhoods with bad schools. What I am saying is there should be a limit on how much help someone gets for making bad choices. A new apartment in the heart of a nice downtown is too much.

  18. John, I can only sum up my feelings on the issue of big oil and Hollywood in the following explanation:

    First, when oil prices drop – and we notice when they do – it is by a mere 10 cents. But when they fly up, they go up 20 cents. I just out gas in my car at 4.15 a gallon. In two weeks, the price will be 4.05 and we will all rush to the pumps to fill up. Then two weeks after that it will go up to 4.25. Then it will fall to 4.15, then it will go up to 4.35. And so on, and so on.

    Hollywood celebrities like Clooney and Madonna and Whoopi and Matt are raking in so much money that tax hikes hardly affect them, yet they want to foist the same tax rates onto the business folks YOU are describing John. A windfall and excise tax on these outrageous earnings is what should happen. As a consumer, I am sick of it. As a business owner whose family pays their own health insurance, taxes, and retirement plans, I am sick of it.

    You are right, windfall tax on people who make $250K or the Obama hike to 39% is ridiculous. As I stated, these folks – like my clients and yours as well, are responsible for jobs. Here’s one example.

    One client of mine grosses $3M a year. This is an S Corporation. They employ 10 people and these folks are loyal men and women who have worked for my client for 20 years+. Through company growth, those employees now have health benefits, good salaries stemming from $60k to $125K each, and are achieving security.

    The wife of the owner and I talk politics for fun. Under Obama’s plan though, their profit will be taxed at 50% literally. Plus social security tax’s cap will be removed as Obama as expressed desire to do.

    Bottom line: this is going to affect THEIR bottom line where some people will have to take demotions, lose benefits, or their jobs altogether.

    I do books for; and prepare, over 100 corporations tax returns.

    You and I agree on them.

    But, I am sorry – and maybe I need a fierce attitude adjustment – but I am sick of gas prices where they are and where they are going and I’m tired of idiot celebrities in Hollywood whose perceptions of life are so altered that they really think that election time is just another time to promote their hasbeen careers.

  19. You need no attitude adjustment, Steve. I’m not paying as much as you do for gas but it still stings when I have to fill up my truck. Back in ’05, when I bought it, I could fill up for less than half what I’m paying now and had more money in my savings accounts. Now I’m living hand-to-mouth.

    Those celebs have no worries. I just don’t go see their movies anymore. I will, however, go see “An American Carol” on October 3!

  20. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?? An all-out “Drill Here, Drill Now”-style demand for Windfall Profit Taxes on the entire membership of the Screen Actors Guild! Can’t you just imagine: protests in front of The Ivy… senate hearings… namedropping “Big Hollywood” at every opportunity… if nothing else, it would make a fabulous parody! 🙂

  21. I cannot actually believe there is a single gay in the US who would vote the McCain/Palin ticket. Yet here’s an entire website dedicated to – denial? Fear? You have heard that Ms. Palin thinks all gays need to be saved from Satan and need to be cured? Is this website for real????

  22. Wilson, there are other websites that claim Obama is a terrorist with the capabilities to blow us all up. We call that kind of rhetoric “garbage.”

    And until you’re willing to give me a list of Democratic achievements with regard to the gay community, please keep yours somewhere else and refrain from typical liberal anger when “minority” Americans aren’t as stupid as you are for allowing Democrats to bait them for their electoral pleasure without “turning back the waters and healing the planet.” (Palin, 2008)

    Christians and Palin really couldn’t care less about what causes homosexuality…and while I’ll never sit around waiting for a minister to preach on it as if it were godly behavior, it just might happen before one Palin-detractor can face one major issue of this day and let us know just exactly what Nobama is going to do to better for this country and its real problems.

  23. Steve-

    Former Financial Advisor here, so I understand the accounting aspect of things. But really, a windfall? If you want to do that to oil companies, do it to Google.

    The problem isn’t that oil companies make too much- it’s that demand is outpacing supply.

    1. Because we need to be drilling domestically.
    2. Because we need more refining capability (but we haven’t built a refinery in going on 40 years).
    3. Because we have all these STUPID boutique blend fuels – something close to 30 of them, and they change from summer to winter depending upon what part of the country you’re in (thank you Environmentalist Whackos!).

    We can’t punish the oil companies for doing what they do. We could convince a lot of folks to lobby congress to allow us to drill here, drill now and have these stupid politicians actually do something the people want for a damn change.

    Ok. I might have woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

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