Thatcherism: The Perfect Cure for Obamamania

In response to the topic of Mel’s latest political rant, Obama gave a speech today with his usual solution: “tax, tax, tax.”

In hearing this, I couldn’t help but pull up this old interview posted on youtube that featured Thatcher interviewed by a journalist who supported big union and big tax.

See guys, liberalism has always been around and it’s been defeated before.

P.S. If the video does not play correctly, click here.


2 thoughts on “Thatcherism: The Perfect Cure for Obamamania

  1. I would rather have the Thatcherism any day than the Bidenism.

    In “The Reagan Diaries”, page 507, just three days after he gave his “Tear down this wall speech,” Reagan wrote in his diary the following:

    “Some talk about Sen. Biden—now cand. for Pres. I saw him on CNN last night speaking to the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard U. He’s smooth but pure demogog—out to save Am. from the Reagan Doctrine.”

    I was looking in the Diaries just to see what he wrote on the day he gave the Berlin speech and just at a glance I saw the word “Biden”.

    He’s still out to save Am. from the Reagan Doctrine, but Reagan has a far greater legacy in death than Biden will ever have.

    McCain/Palin 2008!!!!


  2. The “Iron Lady” has more guts and passion than any of our worthless politicians.

    I think Palin is the new politician just as Thatcher kicked ass in London.

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