A “Troopergate” Question for Liberals

You know, it pisses me off that Alaskans have to pay for such an idiotic investigation.  To me, it’s common sense.  Let’s observe the facts of the LIBERAL scenario:

1.) Alaskan State Trooper; Mike Wooten, divorced Palin’s sister.  (This is the liberal version so I am skipping the horrid details of his behavior).

2.) Governor Sarah Palin put pressure on Walt Monegan to fire Wooten.

3.) Monegan refused so Palin fired him.

So, here is my question for liberals (or for any of my fun commenters who like to make fun of liberals and their idiocy). 

Given the fact that a new commissioner was hired and Mike Wooten is STILL EMPLOYED AS AN ALASKAN STATE TROOPER, why does the new commissioner still have his job?  Shouldn’t his first task have been to have fired Wooten?

Could it just be that Monegan is trying to earn some extra fame now because his inability to control a budget has squashed his manly ego?

This idiocy has gotten so bad, that Andrew Sullivan is now questioning the hiring of the replacement for Monegan.  He rattles on about religious extremism in a very “extreme” way to such a degree that he and Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church could easily go bowling together and concur.  This type of extremism is no different than the other, they just represent different sides.  He then ends his piece saying the police chief is “a known sexual harasser.” 

Sullivan of course refused to provide proof to his allegation so I did a little digging myself and in an article written in the Anchorage Daily News on July 16, 2008, Chuck Kopp not only denies the allegations, but Palin denied knowing anything about the allegation, AND the article also mentions that no official charges or trials had been issued on the incident.  Apparently, Chuck Kopp being a Christian is enough for Sullivan and his journalistic integrity to throw out the all-American “innocent until proven guilty” that liberals seem to have no problem understanding in the case of Arab terrorists.

But; of course, in the world of Palin-bashers who deny common sense, facts, and logic – this is not only conclusive “proof” that Kopp was a “known sexual harasser” but it’s also a reason to connect Christians with inappropriate sexual behavior.  Sullivan clearly killed two religious birds with one irreligious stone.

Any gay man who cries out “religious fanaticism” needs a good class in “anti-extremism.”  And my experience lets me in on the fact that they also turn out to be the most bitter queens known to man. 

Where’s the logic, people?


10 thoughts on “A “Troopergate” Question for Liberals

  1. Given the fact that a new commissioner was hired and Mike Wooten is STILL EMPLOYED AS AN ALASKAN STATE TROOPER, why does the new commissioner still have his job?

    I’m guessing that having one firing investigated is enough, and Palin got the message that it would get worse if she repeated her behavior.

    You are aware, I’m sure, that the Alaska legislature is controlled by Republicans, and that they voted for the investigation of one of their own.

    Nothing says, “I’m innocent,” like an army of DC lawyers parachuting into Juneau, and suddenly stonewalling the investigation you agreed to cooperate with.

  2. The problem with your argument is that the trooper was disciplined already and the case was closed. Then Governer Palin went back after the fact to in fact fire him and thus discipline him again after he was already disciplined already, which is double jeopardy. That is why she fired the guy who wouldn’t do it, and this is why he wouldn’t do it. Stop being a knee jerk Conservative just for the shock value of being a Gay Republican and try being a free thinker and a good American. Trust me, the conservatives and this lady Mrs. Palin, do not like you and have no use for you or others who don’t have their “values” and the major peddlers of conservative hate, Limbaugh and Hannity are damn poor examples for you or anyone to follow. Would you want your families kids to be raised to be agents of intolerance? Face it, conservatism is the next Whig party, and it will be gone due to it’s failure to serve the best interests of the American People.

  3. Neither one of you answer the question:

    There are two commissioners, the blowhard that used to work there, and the new one:

    One got fired, the other seems to be keeping his job with no problem. The differential element is not firing Mike Wooten, because Mike Wooten is still a cop in Alaska.

    And when Palin asked to MOVE him from that position to another, he chose to leave state service altogether.

    Simply, this man was inadequate and mis-managed a budget, the e-mails released are proof that he was consistently asking for millions of dollars extra over and over again. He was very inadequate and it was her duty to respond to it.

    Actually, repack did try answering it somewhat, but it does not get to the heart of it.

  4. Repack, also I’d like you to consider that Wooten is still employed. That’s a stunning fact here, don’t you think?

  5. Mooseburger, I take serious offense to any of us being told we’re Gay Conservatives merely for “shock value.” I get more hatred from the gay community for being politically conservative by far than I do from fellow conservatives for being gay. If you’ll notice, a good portion of our regulars are straight conservative people. What YOU can’t handle is the reality that Steve brought up–most liberals think they can do no wrong and can’t stand to be told to think as openly as they suggest others should.

    I have to point something out here…first of all, Palin was disliked by several of her own “kind” in Alaska because she genuinely wanted to change the political landscape, and suddenly it wasn’t going to be so easy to get the things they wanted anymore. That’s what this is about.

    That said…any cop who threatens to kill any person, on duty or off, is showing extremely poor judgement and is proving that he should not be a police officer. That’s what Wooten supposedly did. If it’s true, he should have been stripped of his badge and gun immediately. Instead, he was given a slap on the wrist. Where’s all that anti-cop sentiment when you need it?

  6. Good point Mel, if Palin’s father would have been Rodney King or Sean Bell, liberals would be so infuritated and seething in anger over the fact that he STILL HAS HIS JOB.

    But instead, damn that corrupt Palin!

  7. I’ll just repeat that the country knows more about Gov. Palin and Alaskan politics in a month than we do about Baraque (my nuance – sort of international, doncha think?) Hussein Obama in over a year.
    As to Chicago politics: it hasn’t changed since before the great community bartender, Al Capone.
    He kept them boozed up and even provided soup kitchens while waiting for speakeasies to open.

  8. Your commentary regarding the troopergate investigation is right on spot. The obvious question is if the guy was fired for not getting rid of the trooper then why is the trooper still there? Also Monegan said he was “pressured” to fire Wooten, but never “told” to fire him. Considering the FACT that as governor she had the right to fire Monegan this entire investigation is totally unwarranted. Just like the Alberto Gonzales inqisition a couple years ago. There should be an independent investigation into the amount of tax payer money wasted on phony liberal political lynchings.

  9. There is one basic fact that is still in play and always in play: Walt Monegan was in an At Will job that could be terminated for no reason at any time. Such is the nature of politically appointed state positions.

    Gov. Palin was within her right as Governor to remove Monegan. She never needed a reason. He served at her will.

    Conde Rice is doing a great job as Secretary of State. The current and next President are under no obligation to retain her. This is just like the Monegan job but at the Federal level.

    Smart people who take these At Will positions know what they are getting in to. They know the risks and rewards. A high school buddy of mine was a county deputy D.A. for four years. When the new D.A. was elected, he and other deputy D.A.’s were let go. They served at the will of the presiding D.A and they knew this. Such was the nature of the job.

  10. “Would you want your families kids to be raised to be agents of intolerance? ”


    I catch more crap for being a Gay Republican from gay people and liberal minded straight people than I have ever caught from conservative people.

    Intolerance? I get it from all sides.

    But, I do agree, I don’t want the next generation or my nephew being raised in an intolerant society. So how about you liberals doing your part and try to be more tolerant?

    Your wondeful liberal hands across America love fest is only for people who agree with you. You all don’t want all the colors of the world in your rainbow coalition then or now.

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