Liberal Softballs

Katie Couric and Chris Matthews are experts at throwin’ ’em. 

I don’t typically watch Katie Couric.  I like my FOX and that’s usually the way it is.  But when she had Joe Biden on, it was like watching a bad train wreck: I couldn’t stand to watch, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away, either.  I caught a quote that a reader on Michelle Malkin’s site also caught, and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who picked up on it:

“When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the princes of greed.  He said, ‘look, here’s what happened…’.” 

I actually had to check my facts after that.  I thought to myself, “whoa, waitaminit…I thought the marked crashed in 1929.  Wasn’t FDR elected after that…?”  So I pulled out my mountain of history textbooks and found the entry on the big stock market crash.  HERBERT HOOVER was the president, the crash happened in 1929, and Roosevelt was elected because Hoover was seen, after this, as inept.  On top of all of this, television wasn’t invented until 1938.  So I was correct when I heard all this and scratched my head, and kudos to Malkin for posting it.  I know I’m not crazy.

Never again will I question my knowledge just because I hear a well-liked politician say something that contradicts it.

Moreover…is this really the guy Democrats want to elect as the Vice President?  If he’s the brains of the operation, I don’t even wanna know what Obama is!


10 thoughts on “Liberal Softballs

  1. This is what Biden is known for- gaffes.

    Obama needs to keep him on a tighter leash until the debates, at which point he has no control. During the VP debate, they’re going to want Biden to stick to talking points.

  2. During the VP debate, they’re going to want Biden to make so many mistakes that they dump him and get Hillary.

  3. Peter, don’t say that.

    I won’t report it on here officially but many pro-Hillary supporters and “insiders” are saying that around about October 5-7, Biden will withdraw for medical reasons, etc. Obama will then replace him with Hillary.

    I guess we’ll see.

  4. That would be extremely interesting given Bill’s recent interview saying that Hill didn’t really want to be VP.

    If Biden withdraws and Obama asks Hillary, she has the rare opportunity to reject the bid and watch Obama struggle in the wind (It’s already too close for comfort in the battleground states).

    He made a huge mistake not vetting her to begin with.

  5. I know that. But Hillary would have a chance to “be the star” again. Yet, she might – as you suggest – let him suffer and then re-run in 2012.

  6. “I know that. But Hillary would have a chance to “be the star” again. Yet, she might – as you suggest – let him suffer and then re-run in 2012.”

    Hmmn. Does she want to be VP and potentially have to wait 8 years to run for President again?

    If McCain wins the she may only have to wait four years depending on how well he does.

  7. The Obamas wouldn’t bail on Biden and ask Hillary–first, they can’t stand her, and second, they know that if they do they’ll face a country full of pissed-off people who will accuse him of playing both the race AND gender cards.

    And Hillary wouldn’t accept because she knows that if Obama is beaten, she has a better chance against McCain later on down the road. I think the Democratic party knows it, too.

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