Bear In The Backyard

This isn’t good folks.  Russia is back.  No one should kid themselves.  And Putin is making a full-fledged attempt to interfere in Western Hemisphere affairs via his strengthening of ties with Venezuelan madman, Hugo Chavez. 

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowed Thursday to make relations with Latin America a top foreign policy priority, a pledge backed by the first Russian naval deployment to the Caribbean since the Cold War.

Putin greeted Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, on his second trip to Russia in just over two months, with offers to discuss further arms sales to Venezuela and possibly helping it to develop nuclear energy.

This hearkens back to the days of missles in Cuba or Soviet support of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.  And this is yet another reason to vote for McCain.  The Kremlin despises McCain because John sees Putin and his minions for exactly who they are – despots bent on usurping the US at every turn.  The Russians have designated themselves as a foil to the US.  The action in Georgia was clear evidence of that.

The very scary part of this is the part about nuclear energy.  Is anybody ready to see Hugo Chavez with nukes?  This has got to be stopped now.  Time to invoke the Monroe Doctrine again.

I’ll never understand what GW saw in Putin.  I love GW for so many things, but I think he must have been chewing mushrooms when he and Putin hung out at Crawford.  My hope is that the next President will have the fortitude to do what has not been done over the past eight years and put Putin in his place.


One thought on “Bear In The Backyard

  1. The Russians are idiots. With all of their oil and sky high oil prices, they should be focusing on exploiting that wealth.

    Hugo Chavez is a moron. Two weeks ago I was watching a TV show about American doctors who go to poor countries and perform plastic surgery on kids for free.

    One of the countries the doctors went to was Venezuela. With all of the oil wealth that nation has, American doctors should not be needed to perform free operations.

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