I’m in a mood.  I had to call a potential fraud victim a few hours ago, and this man was unbelievable.  He didn’t speak English, and when I called, he said (well, more like yelled), “speak eh-spaneesh?”  To which I replied, “un poquito,” which means “a little.”  I then said, “necessita un traductor?” asking him if he needed a translator.  He had the audacity to yell, “no!  You speak eh-spaneesh, you learn, you call me back!”  And he hung up.  So I called the other phone we had for him; same thing, different wording.  “I just talk wid you, no?  Don’ call back unless you speak eh-spaneesh!”

With what’s going on right now, I have no patience for this kind of crap.  I have no tolerance whatsoever for people who wish to foist their lives on America and try to force us to become like them.  First, they want to be allowed to come and go as they please without being required to declare themselves or what they intend to do.  Then they want us to give them public assistance when they can’t find work.  Then they want us to give them a visit with their country’s consulate when they’re convicted of a crime.  They want us to let them open bank accounts, have credit cards, get mortgages, and pay for their kids’ educations all while we try to take care of our own families.  To boot, they want ME to learn to speak THEIR LANGUAGE in MY OWN FRIGGIN’ COUNTRY.

Ain’t doin’ it. 

Okay…time for a little lesson.  This is AMERICA.  You wanna come here?  Great!  Obey the law, ask permission, get a visa and a green card, and become a contributing member of our society.  You don’t get scholarships or discounted tuition just for being in “the minority.”  You don’t get public assistance without a social security number.  And if we catch you stealing someone else’s, we will not give a damn when you break both legs trying to jump the fence after we deport your sorry ass!

If you feel no compunction to follow our laws and live by the rules, then we will feel none to give you what you want.  When our economy is a wreck and fully ONE THIRD OF THE BAD LOANS ARE KNOWN TO BELONG TO ILLEGALS THAT WE CAN’T TRACK DOWN, people just like you, we’re not going to feel any sympathy for your frustration when you can’t communicate.  We sure as hell won’t feel any sorrow when some bleeding-heart reporter from the Arizona Republic writes about your problems as if we should care!

So if you don’t like our rules, you don’t want to obey the laws, and you have no desire to become an American…

GET THE #@$* OUT!!!


10 thoughts on “GET THE #@$* OUT!

  1. “no! You speak eh-spaneesh, you learn, you call me back!”

    I would have replied. Deal! You pay for my Spanish lessons. I am glad to learn a new language on someone else’s dime.

  2. Evidently he’s aready the Obama presidency when we should learn Spanish.
    Speaking of whom: He didn’t seem to have much in language skills on his Euro-Tour.
    How many citizenships and passports does he and his family have? I wonder.
    As I said before, we know so little about him.

  3. John, if I didn’t think I’d have gotten in trouble for it, I’d have said exactly that. But I’d have thrown in, “hey, I pay for your kids’ education, you pay for mine!”

    There’s a belief, actually, that Obama wasn’t really born here. Since his father wasn’t a citizen, it wouldn’t surprise me.

    The big thing that irks me about McCain is that he wants to provide a “path to citizenship” for these illegals and they’re part of the problem in our economy!

  4. The hope that McCain has expressed that we can close the borders from our illegal boarders and then deal with the illegal situation is a safer bet than anything I’ve heard from the O’Man.
    On O’Man’s citizenship, I’m just interested in knowing if, just if, he has renounced any other citizenship he, or his family, may have received through paternity. The country (Well, that element I refer to as “Americana” seems to accept that he’s a citizen of the Ayres/Dorne Soviet, but what else.

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