Moonbat Alert!

Ahhh, so if my regulars will scroll down to my post about Shannyn Moore, you will see an interesting comment from a moonbat calling herself “Kelly.”

Then, when you head to Shannyn’s blog, you see that she calls herself “Martha” with the same reply.

Obviously “Kelly” doesn’t understand that we have an option to obtain the e-mail address.  That with a google search reveals quite a bit:

Check out the following page:

Turns out “Kelly” is “Kelly Walters” and her name appears just under Shannyn’s.  Yes, Kelly works for Shannyn and in an e-mail which you can see at that link, you will see a bulk piece of spam being sent around on Sarah Palin with sources of such fair-and-balanced reports as “” and “crooksandliars.”

To think, Shannyn’s email sent to me – which I posted for all to see – claims she’s “independent.”  I scanned the sources in the e-mail for “Fox News” but there doesn’t seem to be one.  😉


Being that I smacked “Kelly” around with a few facts or two, I don’t think we’ll be hearing from her anymore.

I wonder what Alaskans would think to know people like this are among them.  Why don’t these two just move to San Francisco?


10 thoughts on “Moonbat Alert!

  1. “Why don’t these two just move to San Francisco?”


    Some people can’t stand competition. There would be too much of that in San Francisco.

    If you want to leave America without leaving America then go to San Francisco. San Francisco is a theme park without the gates.

  2. Hey, I sent you an email and didn’t hear back from you. I guess you didn’t really want to discuss issues, just labels. I have been on Fox News and am on a conservative tv show here in Anchorage every week. Even though people here don’t agree on politics, we know we are more than our politics, and wouldn’t have the nastiness to tell people where to move. That’s rich.
    You know, Texas protested Alaska becoming a state because they didn’t want to change their state song.

  3. I posted your e-mail in an act of fairness.

    Hey, call it a glitch in google searches. When it comes to your name, and of “Kelly” the connections are just too apparent to me.

    Let it be clear. We can discuss on here. I don’t portray myself as an independent for the sake of sounding like I am on middle-ground.

    I am a conservative American. I like Sarah Palin’s style. I like her results….

    “Kelly” came on completely mis-characterizing Palin’s role in the 2006 Veto. When she vetoed a bill denying domestic partners of state employees rights to benefits.

    I’m sorry if I mischaracterized you. But if you really are an independent, I can’t see how you don’t have the objectivity to consider the facts of Troopergate which involve Palin filing an ethics complaint against herself, her requesting an investigation months ago, and Hollis French finally getting around to it while simultaneously making partisan and immature statements to the media about an “October surprise.”

    I cannot believe someone that immature would be allowed to conduct an “investigation.”

    I also cannot believe how anyone with a level head could not see how them wanting to move forward with this using full-force now, during a campaign, is not a political move at its worst.

    I welcome any additional readings or news appearances I might miss.

    And, by the way, appearing on Fox just means more people will see you. But liberals are on Fox all the time.

    I’m just sorry this is the way liberals have decided to constructively handle Sarah Palin.

  4. I really don’t see how Shannyn appearing on MSNBC is that much different from the MKH or Malkin appearing on O’Reilly or Hannity’s shows on Fox.

    Just because Fox repeats the “fair and balanced” line ad nauseam doesn’t necessarily make it true, ya know.

  5. It precisely means that.

    I’m tired of this liberal myth as well – so we may as well cover it.

    Every show, morning, noon, and night, offers both full opinions on Fox. The reason liberals hate Fox is because it allows an uncensored voice for conservatives. But the uncensored liberal voice is right along with it.

    Finally, O’Reilly was very fair to Obama. More people watch O’Reilly to Olbermann. Moreover; Olbermann never has counter opinions on his show – and Bill’s has brought in viewers.

    Olbermann does not even get at his primetime slot what Cavuto gets at 4pm.

  6. Well that’s the rub. It’s ALL opinion. Not “we report, you decide”. More like, “we serve the kool-aid, you drink”. Nevermind the fact that the Bush White House has been sending them talking points all this time (at least according to McClellan).

    Fox also likes to float ideas out there under cover of the question mark. Obama’s “terrorist fist jab?”. Is is so-and-so “anti-American?” Put a question on it, and you can plant just about anything in the minds of the viewers without repercussions. They’re not saying those things, after all, they’re just asking.

  7. That’s another liberal myth. If Fox weren’t reporting the news, the commentators wouldn’t have anything to “decide.”

    Yes they report news, they do the same thing any network would do. However; they allow the news to be reported then people comment on it after hearing the reports.

    Again the Fox bias is a liberal myth. There’s no truth to it whatsoever.

    It’s just one of those things that get repeated so many times that people start to believe it.

  8. ChenZhen, those of us who religiously watch FOX instead of CNN or MSNBC think exactly the same way about the rest of the mainstream media. I’ve said it before myself: a liberal’s way out of an argument they can’t win is to claim racism or extreme bias. That’s the only thing libs can come up with against FOX.

    I’ve yet to see any solid evidence of said claims. Liberals just don’t like the fact that FOX won’t toe the liberal line like the rest of the kool-aid-serving MSM.

  9. You guys might have noticed that I included a link up there to back up my argument, but anyway…

    Here’s another one. John Stewart noticed the question mark thing too. lol My point is, even when they’re “reporting” the news, they’re injecting opinion and/or their own spin.

    I was watching Fox & Friends this morning, a show that is almost 100% opinion, and I was trying to figure out who the liberal was. Kilmeade? I dunno. Not a lot of news there, and I noticed that they’re talking points mirrored a Malkin post almost verbatim.

    When, you’re on the right, it would make sense that you’d view Fox as “in the middle” and everthing else as liberal. I get a kick out of the fact that O’Reilly says “far left” so often. It’s like everything is on the “far left” with him. When you’re far enough to the right, things on the left would seem far, sure.

  10. I’ve also heard O’Reilly talk about the far right. There is one, and it is just as loony as the far left.

    And I’ve watched Today and GMA…same as Fox & Friends, mostly opinion. Every news organization has one of those shows in the morning. Don’t think that Couric and Gibson aren’t just as biased as you say the Fox guys are.

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